From smelling the flowers to smelling the coffee

Back in 2005 Emma, my partner at the time & I decided to shake up our rat-race driven lives, take off & enjoy the world. We scribbled down a few of the place we wanted to see, a few of the things we wanted to do and made our way through our bucket list.

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We started  a one page website showing a few photo highlights from our travels that turned into a blog, sharing our thoughts, experiences & ideas.

GO! Smell the Flowers was the result & a community of like minded, though often contrary & challenging, people developed. We co-wrote a book of our travels & the whole blog experience, and after 2,500 posts & 45,000 comments  a thriving online environment was growing & evolving with the different views & opinions we all shared.


Then back in June 2009, we had a sudden jolt to the system – a real wake up call. The site & content was held to ransom by a partner & co-developer who was involved in delivering online flowers to people all over the world.

After several weeks, many sleepless nights & online & radio appeals the site & content was returned, but the saga of potentially losing the site had changed my outlook & that of the online community. Largely helped by social networks Facebook & twitter with a hardcore  cluster of 20 people helped question the way in which the site and over 3 years of content was taken away and held for $50,ooo ransom.

A big thanks to John deykin and the team at the Saturday extra show for permtting me 45 minutes of airtime to tell the story so far.


This was a huge wake up call – something stronger was being sniffed and it wasn’t flowers.

Thankfully a couple of years earlier, a father-of-2 friend on mine regularly read GO! Smell the flowers and emailed me one line saying:

‘GO! Smell the flowers?  GO! Smell the coffee more like – you need to wake up!’

With that I bought grabbed the domain name and saved it for a rainy day.

The rainy day came earlier than expected and August 2009 was the perfect time to shift the community content of GO! Smell  the flowers and bringing it to the next level at GO! Smell the coffee.

The questioning, challenging & inspirational sentiment of the site remains & continues with Go Smell the Coffee – but hopefully is suffused throughout with healthy shots of reality. GO! Smell the Flowers will still continue,  but will be dedicated to the ideas, thoughts & developments on the eponymous book that we wrote during this part of our lives.


As the book GO! Smell the flowers is in the process of being picked up by an agent  / publisher as this site has become the online communty that stemmed from flowers. In the meantime, please feel free to get stuck in, share your thoughts, vent your frustrations & whatever you fancy here at Go Smell the Coffee.

Life moves on.

Things change.

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So, GO! Smell the coffee – Life really is too short not to!

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Jim Wheat : Dubai 2009 & beyond……

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