Go! Smell the Coffee Go! Smell the Coffee

Foreword by The Peases

A dream start to getting published…

As Jim & Em were writing up their travel journals they won a competition in a national Magazine that paired them up with their mentors Barbara and Allan Pease. Not only did they give them plenty of advice on writing, editing and publishing the couple also agreed to foreword their first book, GO! Smell the flowers.

They’ve followed their priceless advice as GO! Smell the flowers the book blossomed into a finished product ready to take the world by storm! This experience has given them a great start to GO! find a suitable publisher to help us wake the world up to smelling the flowers – a task they’re pressing on with from the summer of 2008.

Meet the Peases…

Allan Pease has been known internationally as ‘Mr. Body Language’ since his definitive book with that title became a multi-million seller and the communication bible for organisations worldwide.

His keynote addresses, books, videos and audio programs, TV shows and advice on personal image are sought after by everyone from business executives and Prime Ministers, to TV presenters, Royalty and rock stars. His sales and communication systems have grown companies from one man bands to multi-nationals.

Watch Allan on Australian T.V revealing his secrets of success!

Barbara Pease is CEO of the Pease’s immensely successful company Pease International Pty Ltd which produces videos, training courses and seminars for businesses and governments world-wide. She is the co-author of the No.1 best-selling books

‘Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps’

‘Why Men Don’t Have a Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes!’

The Peases GO! Smell the Flowers Foreword….

Agreeing to write in the ‘His n Her’ style that Jim & Em designed for GO! Smell the flowers here is the final foreword as written by Allan & Barbara:


Our first contact with Jim & Emma came when a magazine approached us to give advice to two aspiring young authors and become their long-distance mentors. Despite our hectic schedule with worldwide speaking engagements and book PR tours, plu a busy family life, we agreed to share what we had learned on the rocky road to writing a bestseller.

Embarking on writing a book is one thing but to do a ‘his n hers’ version of the same story is another. Jim & Emma have sucessfully managed this while combining a wonderful love story into a journey of self discovery and a fantastic example of the law of attraction.


After setting the British tabloids on fire with our study into women’s difficulties with reverse parking we started on our own journey of the ‘his n her’ differences. Our own humouress insights into relationships between men and women will give readers a useful insight into the love story that Jim & Emma have written.


GO! Smell the flowers is both thought provoking and entertaining whilsts capturing the zest for life these remarkable people have. Having recovered from cancer while continuing my world tour and writing 14 best selling books – over 20 million copies in 140 countries – I’m a person who has smelt many flowers. My survival and success came from deciding what I wanted from my life and making a step-by-step plan of action and following through on my goals. Whether you are successful or floating around like a ship without a rudder GO! Smell the flowers will provide help and inspiration to make it happen.


GO! Smell the flowers is a well-timed breath of fresh air in a time when countless people are questioning their own existence. It has been a wonderful experience being Jim & Emma’s long-distance mentors as they inspire countless others around the world.

Look no further and as Jim & Emma say, “GO! Smell the flowers, while you still can.”


‘The team at Pease International wish Jim & Em the greatest of success with GO! Smell the flowers’