BLOG idol

Are YOU up for a challenge?

Ready to stand out from the clutter of blogs and be one 3 winners of BLOG idol as Jim becomes Simon and Em becomes Sharon or the other way around perhaps, only at weekends!

Can you take the rough with the smooth here at GO! Smell the flowers and join our 17 founders from 10 countries at the start of something unique? Post the content of your choice here, promote what you do, build a network, inspire others and learn from the other flowers here whilst enjoying it along the way.

As our garden grows & develops we’ve 3 founders to find as our global search begins for lively, thick skinned yet motivational bloggers with a sense of humour / humor and the ability to make people think, inspire them and challenge the norms. It is the thorny issues that we grow and learn from here at GO! Smell the flowers not just the petals and the pretty stuff.

There is room for both here and we’re opening our doors in the hunt for the 3 final founders and it could be YOU!Move over X Factor, Pop idol, Simon & Sharon – welcome to the first ever BLOG idol, courtesy of flowers founder, creative wizard and author Mike French! Here we GO! :-


If you liked what you saw then feel free to fave it over on youtube and get this climbing the ranks of youtube

Interested? What you need to do:

First dig around then post your answers to the following questions in the comments section OF THIS LINK by Tuesday 18th March 2008:

1) Describe yourself in less than 20 words.
2) Details of your blogs URL and why you bother.
3) Why GO! Smell the flowers appeals to you.
4) What you can bring to the community.
5) What you’d like from the community.

So, post your comments at THIS LINK to be considered for the final round.The top 5 will be given flowers access to post 1 blog entry of their choice which will then be planted in the garden, commented on, questioned and discussed.

Here is the BLOG idol trailer one more time! You may find clues as to what we’re looking 8-) for here:-


Get through that as one of the best 3 then you’ll be awarded your founders badge and our founders document so you can see where we’re headed with this unique community at GO! Smell the flowers.

Any questions?

Feel free to contact us here at GO! Smell the flowers about all things BLOG idol and good luck! GO! for it!

Just submit your answers over in the comments section of this link by Tuesday March 18th!

Post comments @ coffee!


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