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Success versus failure, flower? I’m redundant!

Posted on February 7th, 2009 by Jim

Hi flower people!

Jim here in Dubai having just been made redundant. No pay off, no notice and that is the way it is. That’s what smelling the flowers is all about though, right? Overcoming adversity….

‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’
                                                                                          – Winston Churchill

It could be worse – I could be dead:
YouTube Preview Image

So we dust down and get back in the race, right?

Comments welcome and DO watch the Al Pacino clip above as I regroup and come to terms with cracking on.

GO! Tend to the Thorns in Your Garden!

Posted on November 25th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless


In the United States,  we are beginning the holiday.  I started thinking (run, she is thinking again!) about all the people that we “have to go see.” (Well, the “have to” is another post)  How many of you like every person that you work, visit, or interact with including family.  No one, if they were honest, would have been able to answer, “everyone.” 


There comes the dilemma.  What do you do with aunt Sally who continues to call you her “sweet baboo” and you are 46 and not six anymore (not that you liked it then either).  Or sister Lucy who complains all the time or needs to be in charge.  Or Charles who just isn’t exciting to talk with.  The neighbor who talks about all the wonderful things that he has done in his life, but doesn’t listen to anyone else.  Your brother the minister and philosopher, who is a wonderful person, but eventually talks above everyones head.

Help, what do I do…?

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Flowers at OSHO, Pune – Day 5 – Multiversity time

Posted on September 27th, 2008 by Jim

Before I share another maroon robed meditation session first up is my first OSHO Multiversity course I attended which revealed even more about this place. I’d recommend a cup of tea as this article is my largest yet at GO! Smell the flowers at 2,669 words. It needs sharing as the plot thickens as I am intent on writing a true account of my experience here, good, bad, indifferent or no-mind as OSHO might say.

Down at the Zorba the Buddha cafe I devoured my papaya, herbal tea and paratha breakfast alone, probably not as zenned up as the others due to me watching 3 Sopranos episodes cooked up in my room the previous night. So be it, I wasn’t down with the kids – or in the moment with them. As I sat back and watched I noticed symbols of western life that I assumed would be either banned or inappropriate – Mobile phones, ipods and even a lap top – all of which I’d brought with me of course but left in my room. Whatever would OSHO say? Here he is preaching about the flowering of love……

YouTube Preview Image

He mentions flowers! Time to get to class – I’d signed up for……..

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Go! Feed a starving artist!

Posted on September 27th, 2008 by god

artist or rich?

Arvind here, getting back in the swing of things at Flowers.

A recurring topic I come across in my work is this theme of whether one can enjoy their true vocation and become rich at the same time.

For example, do artists always have to struggle or can they make it “big time”? Do they struggle because they are lazy and mediocre?

Looking at the wider picture, is it really possible for us to enjoy what we do and become wealthy through doing that?

With the current turmoil in the financial markets, should we all be revisiting how we gauge success and not just base it on our material things? What does success mean for you?

When you started out in your career or business, did YOU set out to enjoy what you do or did you want to make a lot of money? Or did you compromise your dreams along the way?

A lot of questions. Do share…

Go! Smell The New Computer!

Posted on July 20th, 2008 by taylorblue

So, yes, finally I am in the modern world now. I finally bought a laptop computer!

In January, I was in a car accident. We finally got the settlement for the injuries I sustained in the accident. So, with part of the money I decided to get a laptop. I used to sit in this dark corner of our dining room and I was so sick of not being able to watch TV and do my work.

How exciting is that, I have never been able to go out and buy something without worrying about how much money it is so I was so excited to buy this one. I am super impressed at how fast it runs…which brings me to one of the disadvantages. A lot of the things I used everyday from my huge file of pictures is on my other computer. BUT, I am too lazy to turn that old one on because it take literally 20 minutes before I can even get on the internet after it turns on.

It’s great to take my work with me, because I already work 14 hours a day at least and 7 days a week. What have I got myself into?

What do you like about new things you buy?

Go get the shizzy. The lowdown. The faqs.

Posted on July 13th, 2008 by Blue Collar Goddess

Cuyahoga Falls Italian Festival

(I am somewhere in the above picture — taken last night at the Italian Festival in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio)

With the blessing of J&E, I’m going to repost the letter I sent them this morning:
This Blue Collar Goddess doesn’t have the time to write on her own blog, let alone anyone else’s.

My recent divorce, move from California, enrolling two students for University, keeping an eye on a High School Senior and a shiny new Corporate Job with a giant Corporation leaves me just enough time in the evenings to make a round on Face Book — and call it quits for my internet time.
When I applied for the job at The Giant Corporation, it was a 50/50 shot in the dark for me, and to my surprise they actually hired yours truly here.
I spend 14 hours a week in my vehicle just getting to and from the gig, and nine hours there.  If not more.  Usually more.
At my age [update: 43] starting at entry level gigs in Corporate Monsters can mean only one of two things.  I am very stupid.
I am very ambitious. 
They wouldn’t have hired me in their marketing dept. if I was stupid.  They smelled “ambition” on me and reeled me in.
I have six to nine months to prove myself before they bump me up into the next level.  The sky is the limit.
Because my ex husband is a douche bag and I am on my own, I must “pay attention” while also paying bills.  Those bills do pile up.
Alas, I must take a hiatus from the jobs that don’t pay — one of those being a frequent poster on GSTF.
This is not a resignation, mind you, so don’t put me on the compost pile, you can put me out to the North 40!  The Pasture!  However, I’ll leave it up to you to make the final call on whether or not you wish to keep my badge up.  I cannot contribute frequently, or on a set schedule.  Believe me, I had no idea that I would EVER work for The Giant Corporation at the Corporate Level and do what I’m doing now.  It just never made sense to me until I panicked and realized that I couldn’t pay my bills on good intentions, fuzzy ideals and a lack of steady income. 
That being said, I was pondering over the possibility that you should gather up a posse and start a weekly column called, “Go Ask The Aussie Cynic”. 
Sort of like an advice column similar to that of Ann Landers or Dear Abby, but with a twist.  I’d come around for THAT, for sure.
Cheers back atcha,
Your Blue Collar Goddess
Yes.  I did call my soon to be fourth ex-husband a douche bag.  Yes, he really is.  Five months into the marriage, I realized I’d made the biggest mistake of MY LIFE — and I gotta tell ya, I’ve made some doozies so that statement doesn’t come with a small amount of exclamation points.
*long pause for effect*

Movin’ along, J & E made a recommendation that I toss out to y’all a heads up regarding ideas for “Flower Smelling” time management strategies whilst enduring that 14 hour weekly trip. 
I was considering investing in some audio CD’s to learn a foreign language, any other suggestions?

Part of the culture in my new place o’werk is an overwhelming sense of goodwill among all employees, the Flower Smelling happens in every corner.  It’s the biggest, baddest (good/bad, not bad/bad) most amazing group of folks I’ve ever had the excellent fortune to associate with.
My brain feels like it’s going to explode each night when I battle the traffic jams all the way home, however, I think it’s worth it.
So, now you have the shizzy.  The lowdown AND the faqs. 
I didn’t abandon you, I won’t abandon you, but forgive me for hanging out in the pasture and not the garden proper.
I just don’t have the time to whine as much as I once did. 
That’s a good thing, right?
So let’s clarify all the above:
  • ==>I went to the Italian Festival in Cuyahoga Falls last night. 
  • ==>I am behind the camera (I took the picture!)
  • ==>My soon to be fourth ex-husband is a douche bag.  (okay okay okay, I’ll define it a step further and give you a single example: the man is trying to take back the vehicle that he GAVE me when we were married … IDIOT!)
  • ==>Just moved from California to Ohio.
  • ==>I have three nearly groan up (pun intended) children who are more time consuming than when they were in freakin’ diapers.
  • ==>I have a shiny new kick ass job.
  • ==>Aussie Cynic should have a column in the forum called “Ask Aussie Cynic” so I can ask her lot’s of advice needed type questions.  You too!  In fact, I’ll be a guest commentor from time to time!  (my brand o’ knowledge and what not, eh?)
  • ==>I apologize for going awol.
  • ==>Bullet points make up half my work day.

Go Smell the Work!

Posted on July 6th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

My last work related post did so well, I figured I’d continue in this vein.  Freelancing for me has been an incredible experience.  I actually started freelancing before graduating college, so I’ve never actually had a proper office job, just working from home.  Of course, that means I’m not making money hand over fist but I don’t have to get up at six o’ clock in the morning or pay lots of money for a closet full of suits either!

At least I’m not wearing this to work every day!

On the plus side, I haven’t stopped learning since I started working.  It’s always a new experience and every new client or project teaches me a new skill.  Like right now I’m working on some simple slideshow videos for one client and this is a whole new area for me, but they are really simple, nothing at all like Mike’s work. :) I’m learning about audio software, the process of planning out a video, making slides and even just timing the audio with the image properly.  It’s all going to be distributed across the web, so maybe I’ll get to post one for you guys in a month or so.

What do you love the most and hate the most about your career choices?

Go Smell the Ton of Bricks

Posted on June 24th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

I just finished up a long and tedious project for one of my clients.  All I can say is wooooooohooooooo!  It’s like a ton of brinks off my shoulders, a feeling I can unfortnently say I’ve had before as a freelancer. 

I’m inserting this tomato because I like how red it is and honestly couldn’t find a good picture mimicking a ton of bricks!

Everyone’s had some kind of project whether it just be the dreaded math homework from their school days to the more involved hassle of life on the job that’s been like a heavy weight on their shoulders.  What’s the last project you had that just took forever to finish?

GO Smell The Useless Invention

Posted on June 1st, 2008 by taylorblue

Last week my kids and I trekked up to the north end of the city. It usually takes almost two hours with public transit to get there. But, while I was there in the north I saw an article on useless inventions that I had to share.

1. Black coloured highlighters (I can use them on the things I want to forget!)
2. Waterproof tea bags (What??)
3. Glow in the dark sunglasses (if it’s dark why do I need them?)
4. Fake faux pearl jewelry (it better not turn my skin green!)
5. Double-sided playing cards (how will I count cards then?)
6. Inflatable dartboard (it would make the game that more interesting!)
7. Checkered paint (at least you wouldn’t have to measure out the squares!)
8. Silent alarm clock (great excuse for the boss…I didn’t hear my alarm clock…and you wouldn’t be lying!)
9. CD rewinder (uh sure???)
10. Impact-activated parachute (I’m sure it’s too late for a parachute if you already have impacted the ground!)

What are some useless inventions that you know of?

Post comments @ coffee!


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