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A Flower heads to the OSHO retreat, Pune.

Posted on September 21st, 2008 by Jim

After 5 days planning the next 2 years for the GO! Smell the flowers community with Flora 2000 here in Mumbai, India I headed out of the town and over the green hills to Pune to check out the OSHO meditation resort. Time to gather my thoughts, mind map, deep breathing and stuff like that at least for 1 day before I report back to you on the exciting direction this community will take.

People all over the world head to the OSHO retreat to ‘find themselves’ and I’ll share with you how it goes as I’m booked in for 24 hours. So, rather than pitching up all zenned-up it was quite the opposite and here’s why as I share with you what happened in my longest blog entry ever:

Four hours into the car journey from Mumbai (‘We’re getting very, very close Mr Jim – 2 minutes’, insisted the driver who kept stopping to ask for directions) I stopped off for a quick sandwich and a much needed toilet break. I’d crossed my legs long enough and had to go just in case we were way off course. No chance of finding myself if we couldn’t get to the right place, or was there? OHM.

‘I’ll be 2 minutes’ I pointed – Humph – I’ll show him 2 minutes with my British sense of time keeping.

In the packed sandwich shop there was no way I could wait form my food AND wait for the toilet. Something had to give, if you will. As I handed over my rupees for the food so were the keys for the customer toilet.

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