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GO! Have a baby with your Grandson, Granny?

Posted on May 1st, 2010 by Jim

I awoke to SkyNews this morning reporting how a grandmother has shocked her friends and family after revealing she is having a baby with her own grandson. Pearl Carter, 72, says she has never been happier after beginning an incestuous relationship with her 26-year-old grandchild Phil Bailey.

Granny & Grandson The incestuous couple are 46 years apart (picture: New Idea magazine)

The pensioner, from Indiana, US, is using her pension to pay a surrogate mother so they can have a child, reports New Zealand’s New Idea magazine.

She said: “I’m not interested in anyone else’s opinion. I am in love with Phil and he’s in love with me.

“Soon I’ll be holding my son or daughter in my arms and Phil will be the proud dad.”

Maybe they just want to be ‘forever young’ ?

YouTube Preview Image

“I never in a million years thought at 72 I’d be ‘pregnant’ and in love with my grandson.

“I make no apologies and I believe God’s given me a second chance.”

So, I ask you  for your comments here please while I take her out to the bingo – she loves it she does! Let them get on with it or punish them for what would some see as a crime? Do tell….

GO! Stop the aggression…

Posted on April 17th, 2010 by Jim

Who can tolerate this kinds of abuse? I mean from the ladies perspective – not the Irish. I do wonder how anyone can tolerate this in their life but often some don’t have any choice. Or do they?


What can be done to ‘help’ the victim here and when you looked at the image did you assume the ‘attacker’ was a man? Comments welcomed!

Go! Call the Side Kick Hot Line

Posted on April 17th, 2009 by Blue Collar Goddess

There’s always so much to jump up and down about.
Point at.

::: whisper about :::

Most of you regular folk are aware that I’m a “Spiritual Life Coach”.  At least that’s what I call myself.  It’s a bit more credible than “I work for a psychic hot-line” which seems to translate to something a notch above “900 sex line” based on the response I’ve been getting from the general public.  It’s a good thing I don’t hang with them.  The General Public.

This last month for ten hours a day — approx. seven hours of solid phone time daily — I’ve commiserated with people who usually have serious questions; because they don’t trust their own intuition or more correctly, they don’t want to accept responsibility for their choices and/or they are seeking permission to move forward to pursue some goal.  Most of the time this seems to be about getting laid.  Read the rest of this entry »

Go! Live, While you are Alive

Posted on April 3rd, 2009 by Mark in Peru

Buenas noches from Peru!

As you may have read in my forum post, I am in the midst of a life-changing healing process. I have been suffering from a horrendous skin condition for the last 4 years that drove me to the brink of suicide. Out of sheer desperation I moved to the Amazon jungle in Peru to work with some shamans.

YouTube Preview Image

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Go! Spread the Love

Posted on March 31st, 2009 by A/C

Hi from Oz!

Over the years, I have observed many, many forms of human behaviour and although I do not possess the necessary degrees which accompany those who claim to have an understand of human behaviours, I do think it has given me an interesting way to understand why people do what it is they do.

elizabeth_taylor_and_richard_burton_in_cleopatraOne of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) emotion within humanity is Love. Yes I hear you ‘oh its a soppy post’, Well not really.

Love can and does influence every day every moment of our lives, awake or asleep, at home at work, our very thoughts are influenced in one way another by love. It influences the very reason we do many of the things we do, if not for our own survival then for the survival of those we love, to make their lives easier, to give them what we can, to make allow them to achieve their full potential. All these things are because of love.

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Is this the ultimate motivational speech?

Posted on March 12th, 2009 by Jim

Well is it?

YouTube Preview Image

Let me know and while you’re at it post your favourite motivational speech here in comments – all you need to do is find the youtube clip, paste it and inset the letter v after the http – that rhymes, you know. Cheers!

Go Learn from the Children

Posted on January 9th, 2009 by A/C

A few days ago, I read something which I found to be one of the most beautiful, innocent and just gorgeous things I have read in a very long time.
The pair identified as Mika and Anna-Lena “are very much in love and decided to get married in Africa where it is warm, taking with them as a witness Anna-Lena’s little sister.

Now this in itself, is nothing new nor very inspiring I guess except for one main thing,
Mika and Anna-Lena are only 6 and 7 years old, Anna’s Little sister is 5 years old.
The Story goes like this..

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GO! See My Favorite Christmas Gift!!

Posted on December 11th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless

YouTube Preview Image

Hi, flower smellers! I’m loving the holiday weather from sunny Southern California.  Christmas came a little early this year because last week I received my first Christmas gift.  Better yet, I was told to open it and it was…

“This Tree Needs You” which is a replica of the sad looking tree in “A Charlie Brown Christmas”  shown in the clip at the beginning of this post.  I am sure this will be my favorite gift.  The special always makes me cry and I love the symbolism of the tree.  Linus’s states, “I never thought it was such a bad little tree. It’s not bad at all, really. Maybe it just needs a little love.”

My therapist tells me, I need a lot of love because I didn’t get that growing up and was told that I was bad.  People who are “difficult” or “prickly,”  just need a lot of love and acceptance too.  Underneath the “prickliness” is usually a lot of hurt. 

I always think that each and every person no matter how defended they are as that tree that just needs a little love.  Granted some need a lot more to become full and beautiful and some won’t accept it.  But, a little love goes a long way no matter what the response.  This Christmas I wish for everyone to receive a little more love and acceptance to grow in beauty

I also challenge you to show love to someone new in a different way.

What are some of your ideas in how to show a little love?

What have you done in the past to show a little love?

Or are you one that needs a little love and why…try to dig deep?

Go! Learn the Lessons from my Late Father

Posted on December 3rd, 2008 by god

my father in his prime

Arvind here remembering his father on the first anniversary of his passing away.

Amazingly, it is a year already since he passed away and I remember the incredible support I had a year ago from the Flowers Community. You can read more here at:-

Go! Smell the Flowers with your Father!

So firstly I wish to thank everybody once again for all your support during what was a very challenging time and year. During this time, I have learnt a number of lessons and have written about them on at length on my own blog at:-

The First Year of my Life without my Father

I can summarise my seven lessons as below:-

1. We are all one family

2. People are incredibly kind – they share your grief and are there for you.

3. Keep your cool during and after the grieving period

4. Memories of our loved ones live on in us and around us

5. Your loved ones are at peace

6. Life goes on

7. Appreciate your loved ones now in their lifetime.

So during this time of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah, it is my request that you go and spend some valuable time with your loved ones. Do contact your family and friends. Visit/call/email/text them whatever works for you – just do something.

What will you do and with whom?

And how will you apply my seven lessons in your life?

GO! Open your Heart!

Posted on November 24th, 2008 by god

Arvind here with a really heart warming story about more and more people in the UK choosing to give birth to Down Syndrome babies:-

Many parents opting to keep Down’s babies

I am really pleased to learn that nowadays people are much more accepting and aware of the needs of Down’s Syndrome babies. In my life I have met many people with Down’s Syndrome and I also have a first cousin who is the most loving and lovable person I know.

The best thing for me is that even when a couple know that their baby has been tested positively for Down’s Syndrome before birth, they are choosing to have the baby anyway and bestowing it with all their love and caring.

Who wants “designer babies” anyway?!

When my cousin was born just over 20 years ago, there was a lot less awareness, understanding and even acceptance about Down’s Syndrome. I once even had a visit from a neighbour who was going around from door to door raising a petition against a council run home on our street for Down’s Syndrome people. I was simply lost for words as to what to tell her and where to go. But thankfully, most of the rest of our community was very supportive and it was great to see a number of adult Down’s Syndrome people able to live “normal” lives together.

A few years ago, I was at a musical festival in Hyde Park and star billing was for this amazing musical band called “Heart n Soul” whose members all had Down’s Syndrome. It was a really moving moment and quite a few people around me were visibly moved.

It is good to be human and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

Many years ago, at a wedding party in India, I saw a little Down’s Syndrome boy dancing on the floor, splendidly resplendent in a dinner jacket and bow tie. He was a better dancer than me any day, and I later found out that he had won a number of national awards for his dancing and music, in competitions for “normal” children.

I went up to him, chatted and made friends, and asked him to show me how I could dance like him. A few minutes later his mother came to me with tears in her eyes and said how much she appreciated me talking to her son, as most people just ignored him.

Maybe this was also a cultural thing, being in India, but whatever it was, to me it seemed the natural thing to go up and chat to him. I was drawn to him and just followed my natural feelings.

So many times we all hide our true human feelings and we do not allow ourselves to be vulnerable.

What is the most heart warming thing or act of kindness you have experienced yourself?

Indeed, what is the kindest thing you have ever done yourself?

And in this week of thanksgiving, what will YOU do to open your heart?

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