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Go! Face the Fear

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 by Emma



For my post this week, I have decided to share something very personal in the hope that it will either help or inspire a few others.  When I answered my profile questions, ‘When did you last cry?‘ was an easy answer for me.  That morning, I discovered something very wrong with my right breast. A lump.  Every woman’s nightmare. 

I knew that I had to do something about it and for a split second considered ignoring it and hoping that it would go away. Two days ago I went to the doctor, who immediately gave me a mammogram and a sonogram to find out what was going on.

Lying there on the bed during the sonogram I could not take my eyes off the screen and so I saw, not one, but two dark masses very clearly.

Today, I should get the results and know (and hope in my heart) that they could be benign cysts.  But the last few weeks of not knowing made me think.  The mind can be a cruel thing when you do not know.

During the two weeks, my mind ran riot and thought about all the things I would do, haven’t yet done and may not ever do.  So I will be living my life rather differently from now on, doing the things I want to do rather than those things I feel I ‘should’ or ‘have to’ do.

When I saw the two dark areas on the screen, I felt all the uncertainly vanish to be replaced by calm.  Strange I know, but for me, the worst fear is not knowing.  Now I can do something about it.

What is your worst fear and how are you going to face it? What are you avoiding?

Life really is too short; we never know just what is around the corner.

Smell the highest stunt bike trick ever!

Posted on February 24th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai – talk about a leap of faith? Here it is, Vegas style:

YouTube Preview Image

Would you trust a motorbike and / or yourself so much?

Do share any leaps of faith you’ve taken recently, Cheers and hold tight, the louder you shout, the faster we GO!

GO! Smell the Flower Blossom Out of Abuse!

Posted on January 12th, 2009 by Clinically Clueless

Hey there, flower smellers!! Do you have running thoughts or dialogue in your head sometimes especially with making a decision?  Well, that is exactly what this Southern Californian has regarding this post. “How much do I tell about myself?  Will it turn people off?  Is it appropriate?  What if it makes people stop reading my posts?  Is it necessary?  What if I say too much?  Will people be repulsed?” “Will I be taken seriously?”  And, on and on…what a headache.

I knew the day would come when I would actually divulge a little more of myself and not just refer to things or write them in the comment sections.  It is scary for me to be honest even though my blog is all about my past, healing and recovery.  The reason I remain anonymous is because I do not want my family to know what has happened or what is currently going on with me.

Girl, just get on with it…. Read the rest of this entry »

GO! Snuggle up in Peace!

Posted on December 30th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless

Hello flower people from Southern California!!  I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.  I wanted to share with you one of those just in case gifts that I got to keep.  It is a “PEACE” blanket that is fairly large to wrap up in unless you are our State Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It is 50″ x 60,” so I am quite comfortable.  I love the idea of snuggling in a blanket of peace…doesn’t it make you want to take a nap?

I love what the blanket states because it has to do with personal responsibility for making peace with yourself and then with others in practical ways.  For me, the phrase, “Peace begins with me” stood out the most.  I believe that you need to have peace within which includes obtaining it by giving to others.  But, it has to start by me taking action, so “peace begins with me.” 

First, GO! Read the blanket.

So, flower people what phrase stands out for you and why?

Peace to All,  CC

Go Be Inspired! Meet Eliezer Sobel the 99th Monkey @ GSTF!

Posted on December 17th, 2008 by A/C

Well it’s that time of year, carols playing at every turn, sales, shopping frenzies, screaming kids, toys, toys and then more toys and just when you think it can’t get any worse, there are 15 million Santas, one in every shop, street and café you venture into. Do you need any reminding that it’s Christmas?

Then when the presents are set under the tree, the children are tucked up in bed and you’re sitting with a glass of your favourite alcoholic beverage, attempting to relax, the thought enters your head: “There has to be more to life than this?”
Vague recollections of past thoughts and questions, the wall you have placed between yourself and your inner self is melting away, as you begin to relax and take time to think.
So many of us seem to be in a state of Limbo, as if waiting for a lightning bolt to strike us and enlighten us, some miraculous event to lift us into a higher level of understanding or enlightenment and give some meaning to our lives or even move us into a new one. Whether it is a total shift in lifestyle, consciousness, health, or just a total change in our thoughts, most of us do crave some form of spiritual nourishment. Some way to put meaning into our reason for being..

Eliezer Sobel

A few weeks ago I was privileged to be introduced to a rather interesting man. An author, musician, artist and retreat leader, he has been on a 30-year journey in search of enlightenment in whatever form it takes, culminating (but not concluding) in the writing of his latest work: The 99th Monkey: A Spiritual Journalist’s Misadventures with Gurus, Messiahs, Sex, Psychedelics and Other Consciousness-Raising Experiments.

I am referring to the fascinating Eliezer Sobel. His story begins some 30 years ago, when as a young man Eliezer embarked on a search as so many of us did, but unlike many of us, did not end with a few classes in meditation and contemplating our navels, but continued on a most fascinating journey of experiences, people, lifestyles and events, which I am sure you would agree has given him an amazing (if not somewhat understated) understanding of the world and its people.


I give you one of the most enlightened persons I know: Eliezer Sobel.

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Go! Live in the Moment!

Posted on December 9th, 2008 by Melindaville

Greetings from Boston, Massachusetts!

Early in my recovery, I found myself trapped by either living in the pain of my past—or in the fear of the future.  Living in the present allows us to Go! Smell the Flowers! as well as to simply enjoy the great pleasure of being alive.

I have found that if our hearts remain open, we often meet people along our journey who help to teach us the lessons we need.  I have learned some major lessons in life from some unexpected sources!

One lesson happened early in my recovery from heroin addiction, when I was about six months clean.  I had just returned to Bozeman, Montana, where I had begun attending classes at the University.    To support myself, I found a job driving a taxi, which I had experience doing earlier in my life when I was a cabbie in New York City…..

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Go see if Destiny’s Calling

Posted on December 5th, 2008 by A/C

I don’t tend to get caught up in Television Programs, well not much anyways, I have a few which I watch, Bones, Heroes, Ghost Whisper Doctor Who, The Bill and who can miss Top Gear, but after a while it’s the same old same old with so many, excluding Dr Who and Top Gear (Clarkson favourite son of Lorry Drivers everywhere).  You know what I mean, they keep making them, mostly because we still watch even though the story has gotten rather tired, and they should have been retired last season.

Well a new Program hit my TV screen last night Eli Stone. I had seen the Ads for it, it looked like my kind of show, so I watched and although this is not a review, I must say, I was impressed.
One part of the Pilot Episode really got me, although the whole program I found rather inspirational in my sideways view of the world,  this just grabbed me.

Watch this short clip, towards the end is the part, my favourite slice.

YouTube Preview Image

“You might not believe in some guy turning water into wine, but that doesn’t mean you don’t believe in God. You believe in right and wrong. You believe in justice, in fairness… You believe in love. All those things, they’re God, Eli.”

‘Some People have a greater calling in Life! You just have to know it when you hear it.’

Some of us never know what we could be or even what we want to be.  Life takes hold and drags us along, before we know it we reach the point we think is that of no return. A safe comfort zone, which we niether love nor hate, we have grown to fit it or it to fit us, either way it is home and we know it well.

Others it seems are drawn to something, to reach out to some invisible thread on lifes conveyor belt, they take hold and their lives take on a whole new meaning for better or worse they are drawn to it, an adventure.

Destiny, Fate, or Wishful Thinking, which ever it is the results are all around us.
Just when we think we know what we want, what we need, where our lives are heading, just when we have it all planned out, life decided it has other plans for us.

Would you know destiny, your true calling if you saw it, if jumped up and bit you?

Would grab a hold with both hands and hold for the ride of your life?

Or would you turn away continue on your chosen path?

The choice is always ours, which would you choose?

Go ask Is There a Santa?

Posted on December 3rd, 2008 by A/C

I first heard of this letter many years ago. It appeared on September 20, 1897 in the New York Sun. Young Virginia had begun to doubt if there was Santa, her father had suggested she write to the Editor of Sun newspaper stating “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” The answer she recieved from Fancis Church has inspired many ever since. A war correspondent during the American Civil War, he saw great suffering and a corresponding lack of hope and faith in much of society. A truly wonderful letter, a beautiful response just as inspiring today as when it was written over 100 years ago.

Read this, you will have tear in your eye and a song in heart.

Read the rest of this entry »

An Odyssey! 2001 posts at GO! Smell the flowers!

Posted on November 13th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from Dubai folks with 2001 articles now posted since November 2006!

Congratulations & thanks to everyone who has written, commented (over 41,000 of those now) and enjoyed the garden growing through the various times of change.

I ask you is this the best opening to a film ever? Any others are welcomed!

YouTube Preview Image

And what do you see the future like here at GO! Smell the flowers.

Do tell, theme tune optional!

Obama on Flowers – Yes, We Can!

Posted on November 11th, 2008 by god

Arvind here in a wintry London, still on a high after the historic win by Mr Obama last week in the USA Presidential Election race.

YouTube Preview Image

Ever since last Tuesday night, three key words keep coming back to me – Yes, We Can!

Like many people globally, I stayed up till late on Tuesday night as history unfurled. If you haven’t yet seen Mr Obama’s powerful acceptance speech, then where have you been, flower smeller?!

Grab a cup of your favourite brew, settle down and click on the above video clip. It lasts just 18 minutes or so and it is sure to inspire you. This is an incredible experience of oratory power and speaking from the heart.

You can also read the whole transcript of the speech here on the BBC website.

The message from Mr Obama is clear – Yes, We Can!

Wherever we are on our life journey and no matter what challenges we face in our life, it is possible to make things better. When we change our own little world for the better, the whole world gets better.

We can also broaden our horizons and see how we can all contribute to the world and make a difference in our way, small or big. GO! Smell the flowers is on the way to become THE alternative community for health, inspiration, media, food, people & places. Right?

Never give up hope and never lose sight of your dreams – what would have happened if Mr Obama had lost hope whilst he was growing up as a young boy in a trying environment?

You don’t have to aim for world changing things, start in your own back yard and then work from there.

So here are some questions for all of you to look within and answer.

What can I do?

What will I do?

When will I begin?

Please do share :-)

you canif you think you can!

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