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BLOG idol – The Winners Show!

Posted on April 2nd, 2008 by Jim

Well the wait has ended as we announce the winners to the first ever BLOG idol contest!

It all started here with this promo clip:


17 entries where then whittled down to the following 5 finalists:

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade

Which the flowers Founders voted on thick & fast.

So, (drum roll) , we have pleasure in announcing the winning FOUR:

(B) All round to our 4 new flowers founders – Your founders badges are being prepared right as we tip-tap away!

Feel free to head over to youtube and FAVE the clip and post a comment while you’re at it. All you have to do is search for BLOG idol and you’ll see the clip pop up, courtesy of flowers founder and design whiz Mike French!

All comments welcomed here, Simon Cowell & Sharon Ozbourne are optional!

BLOG idol – The final comes to a close!

Posted on March 29th, 2008 by Jim

Well what a week! As BLOG idol draws to a close this weekend we encourage all the finalists, regulars and founders here to review and keep the posts alive here and at the forum before we GO! to the polls on Monday.


On Monday all Founders will email us the 3 they feel should be founders here at GO! Smell the flowers and we’ll announce the winners in a special post on Wednesday 2nd April. BLOG idol has been a great success with the variety of posts, the courage shown by all the finalists¬† and the threads that followed in the spirit of GO! Smell the flowers.

To the finalists, readers and regulars here – how was it for you?

GO! Smell the BLOG idol final!

Posted on March 25th, 2008 by Jim

What have these 5 bloggers got in common?

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade


They are the finalists of BLOG idol and it STARTS TODAY!

They have been issued their username to access flowers to post a one off article of their choice here at GO! Smell the flowers by this Friday. Their posts will be part of the garden with the usual comments, debate and discussion.

You may see them around Forums here as well and we encourage them all to post comments to each other but no biting, scratching or gouging.

So here we GO! Good luck to the five of you and happy flower smelling. Cheers!

BLOG idol – The final 5!

Posted on March 21st, 2008 by Jim

Well folks 10 days, 201 comments and 16 entries later we are pleased to announce the five finalists of BLOG idol as cyberspace buzzed with our youtube video that was faved and high fived beyond our expectations.


So, The five selected to GO! into the final of BLOG idol are:

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade


What next?

On Tuesday 25th March these final five will be issued their username to access flowers to post a one off article of their choice here at GO! Smell the flowers by Friday 28th March 2008. These posts will be part of the garden with the usual comments, debate and discussion.

All existing founders then vote for the 3 they feel would like to see as the final founders which will be announced in early April.

We’d encourage the 5 finalists to really get amongst it here at GO! Smell the flowers at the blog and over at Forums to really make your mark and get to know the gang. You can also post comments on the other finalists entries!

We would also like to award this Flower Smeller badge to the other brave souls who entered and survived who can show this badge off with pride at their blogs:


Here they GO!

Staggo Lee the Gay Bipolar guy, Jennifer Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally,  and Kevin of Kdawg68

Moppet over at kids corner- A blog by kids for kids! Tom Hayes of platinum pearls & Jacqueline Stone of Journey to Happiness

Reasonable Robinson & Dede.I of Avatech

Geology Joe of slingshot thought & James Lee Stanley of data music.

Last but not least Elton John, Drama Queen!

Thanks for entering BLOG idol and you can now post this award at your blog and tag 5 others – the rules are posted here and it’s a great way to acknowledge other flower smellers! We’d love to see you around the garden all contributing and connecting in your unique way.

All BLOG idol comments, high 5′s and commiserations are welcomed here! Do tell – Here comes the final!

GO! Send the BAT BLOG idol signal

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by mike


We could do with some more brave souls to become BLOG idol entrants. Spread the word flowers! And if you’ve seen the signal and want to become one of the Founders here at Flowers then:

Go! enter here.

How can we get more to enter this? Are the thorns here THAT fearsome?

Holy smoke batman!


GO! Smell the kevin James magic!

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by Jim

GO! Smell the flowers has talent and is finding more with BLOG idol!

America DOES have talent ya know – check out this magic from Kevin James who even has the panel wide eyed & open mouthed:

Impressed? Comments please.

GO! Smile the flowers!

Posted on March 12th, 2008 by Jim

Well gang we are back with our fully functioning GO! Smell the flowers with Mike’s blog idol video (feel free to FAVE on youtube) working it’s way around the world as more potential founders pitch up.

So after all the technical madness we’d like to take a second to reflect:


That’s better – big deep breaths and counting to 10!

How do you stay calm during a crisis within your world? Do tell. Valium optional.

GO! Smell the coffee?

Posted on March 11th, 2008 by Jim

So, picture the scene.

We press the GO! button on BLOG idol and shout it all over the world and within minutes our beloved host 1&1 crashed on us! As the emails came in we couldn’t access this site or work out why. Then it got worse – our entire content over the blog (1,380 posts, 28,000 ish comments)vanished as our admin showed 0 comments and 0 posts.

Our heart sank, our inbox buzzed from fellow flowers pointing out that the site was down as our garden suddenly became a secret one.

“It’s OK – assured RYK in Bombay – we’ve backed everything up”

So, as RYK and the gang GO! drink the coffee and rebuild flowers we apologise for any disruption and if you’ve lost comments on recent posts just as it was getting exciting. We’re hoping to recapture everything and we’ll know in the next few hours as BLOG idol continues!


So, when was the last heart sinking moment you had? Do tell, coffee optional.

GO! Take part in BLOG Idol!

Posted on March 11th, 2008 by Jim

Are YOU up for a challenge?

Ready to stand out from the clutter of blogs and be one 3 winners of BLOG idol as Jim becomes Simon and Em becomes Sharon or the other way around perhaps, only at weekends!

Can you take the rough with the smooth here at GO! Smell the flowers and join our 17 founders from 10 countries at the start of something unique? Post the content of your choice here, promote what you do, build a network, inspire others and learn from the other flowers here whilst enjoying it along the way.

As our garden grows & develops we’ve 3 founders to find as our global search begins for lively, thick skinned yet motivational bloggers with a sense of humour / humor and the ability to make people think, inspire them and challenge the norms. It is the thorny issues that we grow and learn from here at GO! Smell the flowers not just the petals and the pretty stuff.

There is room for both here and we’re opening our doors in the hunt for the 3 final founders and it could be YOU!Move over X Factor, Pop idol, Simon & Sharon – welcome to the first ever BLOG idol, courtesy of flowers founder, creative wizard and author Mike French! Here we GO! :-


If you liked what you saw then feel free to fave it over on youtube and get this climbing the ranks of youtube

Interested? What you need to do:

First dig around then post your answers to the following questions right here by Tuesday 18th March 2008:

1) Describe yourself in less than 20 words.
2) Details of your blogs URL and why you bother.
3) Why GO! Smell the flowers appeals to you.
4) What you can bring to the community.
5) What you’d like from the community.

So, post your comments right here to be considered for the final round.The top 5 will be given flowers access to post 1 blog entry of their choice which will then be planted in the garden, commented on, questioned and discussed.

Here is the BLOG idol trailer one more time! You may find clues as to what we’re looking 8-) for here:-


Get through that as one of the best 3 then you’ll be awarded your founders badge and our founders document so you can see where we’re headed with this unique community at GO! Smell the flowers.Any questions? Feel free to contact us here at GO! Smell the flowers about all things BLOG idol and good luck! GO! for it!

GO! Smell the updated founders video!

Posted on March 7th, 2008 by Jim

Well after recent GO!ngs on in the garden design wizard & flower founder Mike French has kindly updated our founders film as 3 flower founders have moved back to their own gardens:

**Do let us know if this is slow to load in comments and we’ll change in to a link – it is fine here in Dubai**

From next Tuesday, we’ll be scouring the blogosphere for 3 more founders with the launch of BLOG IDOL here at GO! Smell the flowers.

Once the 20 founders are bedded in we’re set to launch into a full singing, dancing, hugging and stone throwing community as we grow to full bloom, thorns & all!

Comments & questions on the flowers blog idol are welcomed including any suggestions on our selection criteria! We’re finalising the rules this weekend so feel free to pitch in before we press the blog idol button!

Post comments @ coffee!


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