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GO! Be Creative

Posted on September 5th, 2008 by angesbiz

Flowers Founders

Uploaded with plasq‘s Skitch!

I came across this exciting new site called Wordle where you can create images out of words and thought to put one together for the founders here at the garden (I’m not sure why Jim & Em didn’t show up together… oops).

I prepared one earlier at my place out of words that make me smile. Something for you to play with and create for your site or other social networking profiles. Use them for inspiration, for telling it like it is or maybe words from a news story that interest you.

What are the subjects or words you would use to make your own? Create and come back with a link so we can see them. Please note that in order to save your comment from going into spam do not include the http:// or www. We can copy and paste and add those in. Most of all, have fun!

Go! Smell The Shopping

Posted on August 14th, 2008 by taylorblue

I love to shop! It’s nothing get to do very often if at all. I don’t have friends that come over to go shopping with, and most of all the money to go shopping with. So now I have found a new addiction…shopping online. It’s kind of amazing what you can buy online if you really look.

So now in the last three days I bought a book on Afganistan, a kids movie, and the first two seasons of Supernatural. This is so much fun!! Who needs a babysitter to actually go out shopping, I don’t!

What is your favorite thing to shop for?

Go! Act Wacky!

Posted on May 13th, 2008 by taylorblue

Bush Baby

I sometimes feel like this poor bushbaby! All I wanna do is show everyone that I am sad…but instead I get all smiley and happy!

What do you do when you are sad?

Photo Courtesy: Cute Overload 

Go! While the Cats Away!The flowers will play

Posted on May 8th, 2008 by A/C

As all Founders and Regulars are no doubt Aware Jim and Emma are in Thailand, having a Colonic Irrigation Detox for around 10 days.


Presently they are on Day 3. This means they are firmly planted in Thailand.
What Jim and Emma did not realise is we have have been gathering in Dubai awaiting them to pass the point of no return.
Its time for The Garden Party. Flower Founders, Flower Smellers and everyone else who wants to let all hang out, it is time… grab your invitation, the door is open…

Mike and I are just around the corner, meet you upstairs…

Bellydancers have arrived, Gary did you bring those CD you promised? Elton the pianos’ set up in the Living Room and the Twister mat is oiled and ready… we have also found Jim and Emma’s Secret Stash of Aloe Vera Baby Oil, Jonathan we agreed to leave the camera at home.
Clothes Optional. Musics on!

We have about 5 days left… lets party…
(that gives us 2 days in which to scarper just before the washing up…heheheh)….

We have for your dining pleasure, some local delights, and a tributes to Jim and Emma including Thai Chicken Curry, Chocolate Cake and a lovely selection of Cheeses. To wash this down there is also a selection of fine white and reds, Guiness and Beers from around the world.

Thanks Mike for the Invitations, Curry and Guiness… your Beers in the Fridge Mate!

We do hope you enjoy the next few days… shhhh before they find out!

Go! Tell about yourself

Posted on April 7th, 2008 by Simple Zack

Zack here,

I’ve gotten to know a few of you here at Flowers fairly well, but I think more can be told. Here’s a little more about me:

I love to play sports (any sport really), especially golf and soccer, but I never watch professional sports. In fact, I never watch television. I’m finishing sophomore year at a university and really like tea. I play guitar, piano, and the ukulele.

I felt like putting this picture here, because Steve Urkel was great. I also love hiking, camping, and volunteering.

So, now that I rambled on about myself, tell me about you and your flower smelling characteristics!

Go! Make Your Own Baby

Posted on April 3rd, 2008 by taylorblue

This is what it would look like if Chace Crawford and Britney Spears had a baby!!! I found this cool site Baby Mamma Baby Maker today. It’s because of the movie coming out soon starting Tina Fey. So go over and make your own babies…these one don’t keep you up all night crying!

Be sure to leave the url to your baby…I can’t wait to see it!!!

Older = serious?

Posted on April 3rd, 2008 by Jim

So as we grow older, possibly wiser and certainly less likely to enjoy our reflection in well-lit department store changing room – does life become more ‘ serious’ than it was back in childhood? More status, more responsibility and more frowns?


We still try and keep the child alive in us, even when it’s not April fools day and love turning frowns upside down.

How do you manage to keep light, smell the flowers and remember life is too short? Do tell or we’ll tickle you.

Go! have some common sense?!?

Posted on March 26th, 2008 by Simple Zack

What your about to read is (based on) a true story! I stumbled across it a few weeks ago:

A couple had decided to go on vacation to Hawaii and hired a travel agent to help with the trip.  As the travel agent was booking the flights, the wife asked him, “Could you give us aisle seats?  I don’t want my hair to get messed up from being by the window.”

Please reassure me that you all have more common sense than this person.  Right? I feel like common sense is decreasing everyday. Is it just me? or does anyone agree?

p.s. Great job on the favicon Deep! and good luck to all other Blog Idols.

GO! Give them Five!

Posted on March 16th, 2008 by I am insecure -do not read what I say

Yo Flowers founders and regulars! Let’s help BLOG IDOL contestants get to know us better.. How about a fun word game? Describe one (or more) of the regulars/ founders in 5 POSITIVE words! You can’t use a word that has been used three times already! Go! Get creative ha! ;) Feel free to add a one-line anecdote to explain your choice (that’s ONE line Chook! 8) )


That’s it! Bridget took feedback on board. I KISS now! Hey, don’t get excited boys! That’s KISS as in Keep It Short and Sweet! Ha! ;)

Elton, come play more word games with Bridget! I’ll start you off..

GO! Smell the TUNE!

Posted on March 5th, 2008 by Jim

We wish all founders, visitors and readers here at GO! Smell the flowers a wonderful day wherever you are in the world. This one is for you and well worth a listen:

Positive thoughts, Damned right! PLEASE play this all the way through and aim high then feel free to email this post to your pals and feel free to post any feel good youtube links here in comments. We are working on enabling all visitors to post youtube clips so thanks for your patience!

Post comments @ coffee!


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