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Two flower founders bloom as we become alternative!

Posted on October 31st, 2008 by Jim

Well flower smellers, like any good garden certain plants take a form of their own and evolve!

Flowers founders Mike French (U.K) & Aussie Cynic (Australia) are focusing on the ‘Alternative’ categories that really interest them. This is perfect timing as on November 10th 500,000 U.S based office workers will GO! Smell the flowers feeds straight into their Remindo inboxes as they enjoy the content here and take a break from the norm. RYK is over in New York for the next few weeks pushing on with this launch. 

From November 1st Mike French will be writing as Mike – Alternative Media, following his passion as follows:

‘It’s the ability of  books, art, films and music to tap straight into peoples hopes and fears, to connect with them and to effect a change that interests me, that makes me tick.  Much of the original material that is fresh, new and provides another way of looking at things comes under an alternative label where people are willing to take risks and are not driven solely by the top dollar. This is what I’ll be bringing to GSTF, both in bringing these things to challenge and inspire and by creating our own distinctive Alternative Media.’ GSTF Founder Mike French.

As Doctor who loving A/C mutates from the much loved Aussie Cynic to GO! Smell the flowers very own ‘Alternative Correspondent’ under her name, Kesa flexing her awesome ‘people skills’ trait and bringing it into the garden:


I have learned over the years that people are very much alike. We all have similar hopes and dreams for ourselves and our families, regardless of where we are or from in the world. This planet and it diverse people have so much to offer, so much to share and so much to teach each and every one of us.

Every person has a story and I hope to bring a little of their Inspiration to you all here at GO! Smell the flowers.  - Kesa, Alternative Correspondent

Feel free to question these two brave souls as they head into unchartered waters here at GO! Smell the flowers as we shape up to become the alternative community that inspires others all over the world.

Thanks to Mike & Kesa for taking their roles one step further here in time for the Remindo launch to half a million office based workers in New York that we hope to inspire to GO! Smell the flowers.

Comments welcomed!

The flowers founders update….

Posted on September 14th, 2008 by Jim

Well flower folk as we prepare to GO! head long into a full blown community we’re pleased to post this founders update. Our aim is to make GSTF a vibrant online community with the core topics of health, travel, inspiration, food and books here at the main blog. Over at forums there’s a wide range of topics as more of a water-cooler feel develops there bit by bit.

During the next 4-6 weeks Deep and the gang will be implementing the new Buddypress software from WordPress, viral techniques, personal profiles (including your own Avatar pictures so we don’t all look the same here) as we prepare to launch the GSTF ezine & magazine in conjunction with Flora2000 and become a true online community.

Ensuring the content here at flowers remains interesting that can spark debate and help us learn from each other whilst attracting new readers are the 16 founders. All have something unique to offer and their % breakdown of content they’ll be posting at flowers is as follows:

  • Mike French (UK) – 60% Books, 20% Inspiration & 20% Fun
  • Aussie Cynic (Australia) – 40% fun, 30% travel, 15% health & 15% food
  • Mighty Morgan (U.S.A) – 50% Inspiration & 50% health
  • Taylor Blue ( Canada) – 40% Inspiration, 20% fun, 20% general, 10% food & 10% travel
  • Funkygirl (U.S.A) – An equal split of Health, Food & Books
  • Lib (U.K) – 30% travel, 30% fun, 20% books, 10% inspiration & 10% food
  • Gareth in Thailand (Thailand) – 50% Inspiration, 40% travel & 10% food
  • Blue Collar Goddess (U.S.A) – 50% Inspiration & 50% books
  • Purple13 (U.K) – 50% Inspiration, 20% food, 10% travel, 10% health & 10% books
  • SimpleZack (U.S.A) – 25% Inspiration, 20% health, 20% travel, 20% books & 15% food
  • Arvind (U.K) – 90% Inspiration & 10% a split of the rest
  • Anges Biz (Australia) – 50% Inspiration, 20% health, 10% food, 10% travel & 10% books
  • AngryfromEllesmerePort (Abu Dhabi) – 25% Fun, 20% Travel, 15% Health, 15% Inspiration, 15% food & 10% books
  • RYK (India) – 40% health, 40% food and 20% the rest.
  • Jim (Dubai) – An equal split of all topics.
  • Em (Dubai) – An equal split of all topics.
16 founders in total contributing to providing the unique content here at GO! Smell the flowers.
  • Founders leaving us
Dubai Guy, Bo and Empress Nightshade are leaving us as founders due to time constraints so we wish them all the very best – you’re always welcome to pop back to GSTF and post comments from time to time.
  • Two new founder badges!
Rather than posting as Jim & Em we’ve decided it’s time to have our own badges and roles to play here at GSTF.


In October we’ll be converting the our experience & our books pages here at the site to community based pages during the coming months so any suggestions of what you’d like to see are most welcomed.


To all our founders in believing in GO! Smell the flowers and how relationships have blossomed here as a result and to all of YOU! We’ve had deaths, marriages, heart ache, hints of babies on the way and everything in between posted here to date with plenty more to follow as we all dig deep and share insights about our lives as a group. This takes courage to do and is becoming the essence of GO! Smell the flowers.

It’s going to be quite a ride over the next 18-24 months and the plan is to publish a GSTF community book about how it all started, the ins and outs, ups and downs, memorable discussion threads and how we’ve formed as a team starting from nothing and developed a deeper bond – planned for release in 2010.

It looks like it’ll be quite a gathering when we invite all the founders and active comment givers to head over to Dubai (we’re working on free flights) in 2010 for a GSTF gathering – watch this space – it’s going to happen!

Comments welcomed from founders, readers and contributors alike on where we could take GO! Smell the flowers. Cheers.

GO! Smell the flowers founders update!

Posted on May 20th, 2008 by Jim

Flower founder and creative genius Mike French has kindly updated the GO! Smell the flowers Founders video as the following 18 founders have confirmed they’re in the garden for the long haul and are featured in this clip:

With founders comes a variety of content from all over the world and we enjoy opening the garden to others! Our founders blogs are listed on the right hand column of this page so be sure to check each others blogs out.

The next stage is for us to bring on more regular readers and during this summer we’ll be introducing profile pages, a closer tie-up with Flora 2000 and their 500,000 strong database of customers that should make the garden buzz!

*Any other readers at GO! Smell the flowers, feel free to let us know if you’d like us to feature your blog over the summer in special posts – something we’d like to start doing again*

Any other features you’d like to see here? Just let us know and a BIG thanks to all the founders and regulars here at GO! Smell the flowers! Cheers!

GO! Enjoy the digital rest BJ!

Posted on April 19th, 2008 by Jim

Well flowers our beloved founder Bridget Jones has decided to GO! offline and leave us here at GO! Smell the flowers and cyberspace as we know it :( We wish her all the very best in all her future endeavours and who knows, she maybe back oneday under another persona! Thanks for all your contributions Bridget :-)


We’ll remove BJ’s badge and we have decided to leave the number of founders open here at the garden – some will stay – some may move on and others may come aboard but we believe flexibility is the key!

Today in our local Dubai rag, Gulf news, front page news is how a new grass roots movement is underway where bloggers & crackberry users have agreed to GO! offline, even if only for a day. By cutting off from technology it is believed people can re engage in ‘reality’.

We recommend breaks from the garden and online to all flower smellers and reckon it is a balance.

So, comments welcomed here folks – let’s wish BJ all the best and what will you do to ensure your online activity is in moderation. Do tell – what is the balance for YOU?

GO! Give them Five!

Posted on March 16th, 2008 by I am insecure -do not read what I say

Yo Flowers founders and regulars! Let’s help BLOG IDOL contestants get to know us better.. How about a fun word game? Describe one (or more) of the regulars/ founders in 5 POSITIVE words! You can’t use a word that has been used three times already! Go! Get creative ha! ;) Feel free to add a one-line anecdote to explain your choice (that’s ONE line Chook! 8) )


That’s it! Bridget took feedback on board. I KISS now! Hey, don’t get excited boys! That’s KISS as in Keep It Short and Sweet! Ha! ;)

Elton, come play more word games with Bridget! I’ll start you off..

GO! Take part in BLOG Idol!

Posted on March 11th, 2008 by Jim

Are YOU up for a challenge?

Ready to stand out from the clutter of blogs and be one 3 winners of BLOG idol as Jim becomes Simon and Em becomes Sharon or the other way around perhaps, only at weekends!

Can you take the rough with the smooth here at GO! Smell the flowers and join our 17 founders from 10 countries at the start of something unique? Post the content of your choice here, promote what you do, build a network, inspire others and learn from the other flowers here whilst enjoying it along the way.

As our garden grows & develops we’ve 3 founders to find as our global search begins for lively, thick skinned yet motivational bloggers with a sense of humour / humor and the ability to make people think, inspire them and challenge the norms. It is the thorny issues that we grow and learn from here at GO! Smell the flowers not just the petals and the pretty stuff.

There is room for both here and we’re opening our doors in the hunt for the 3 final founders and it could be YOU!Move over X Factor, Pop idol, Simon & Sharon – welcome to the first ever BLOG idol, courtesy of flowers founder, creative wizard and author Mike French! Here we GO! :-


If you liked what you saw then feel free to fave it over on youtube and get this climbing the ranks of youtube

Interested? What you need to do:

First dig around then post your answers to the following questions right here by Tuesday 18th March 2008:

1) Describe yourself in less than 20 words.
2) Details of your blogs URL and why you bother.
3) Why GO! Smell the flowers appeals to you.
4) What you can bring to the community.
5) What you’d like from the community.

So, post your comments right here to be considered for the final round.The top 5 will be given flowers access to post 1 blog entry of their choice which will then be planted in the garden, commented on, questioned and discussed.

Here is the BLOG idol trailer one more time! You may find clues as to what we’re looking 8-) for here:-


Get through that as one of the best 3 then you’ll be awarded your founders badge and our founders document so you can see where we’re headed with this unique community at GO! Smell the flowers.Any questions? Feel free to contact us here at GO! Smell the flowers about all things BLOG idol and good luck! GO! for it!

GO! Smell the updated founders video!

Posted on March 7th, 2008 by Jim

Well after recent GO!ngs on in the garden design wizard & flower founder Mike French has kindly updated our founders film as 3 flower founders have moved back to their own gardens:

**Do let us know if this is slow to load in comments and we’ll change in to a link – it is fine here in Dubai**

From next Tuesday, we’ll be scouring the blogosphere for 3 more founders with the launch of BLOG IDOL here at GO! Smell the flowers.

Once the 20 founders are bedded in we’re set to launch into a full singing, dancing, hugging and stone throwing community as we grow to full bloom, thorns & all!

Comments & questions on the flowers blog idol are welcomed including any suggestions on our selection criteria! We’re finalising the rules this weekend so feel free to pitch in before we press the blog idol button!

Post comments @ coffee!


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