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GO! Smell the real story of the Easter bunny!

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai – any over dosing on Easter chocolate yet or chasing Easter bunnies as another excuse approaches?

Does Easter mean anything more to you than that or does it have a deeper meaning:

YouTube Preview Image

The first recorded celebration of this pagan rabbit and eggs came from German immigrants in Pennsylvania. Here’s an off the wall campaign to try and get people to GO! to church:

YouTube Preview Image

Funny or offensive? Chocolate or the rabbit? Easter comments welcomed and what will you be up to?

Go! Create your Legacy Using the Daffodil Principle!

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by god


Arvind here, having just posted on my blog about a woman who spent 50 years creating a field of Daffodils.

One day at a time, she created something of extraordinary magnificence, beauty, and inspiration.

So if you were to create your own legacy, what would YOU do?

And WHEN will you start?

Happy Easter everyone!


GO! Smell the Easter, flowers!

Posted on March 23rd, 2008 by Jim

Happy Easter flower people!


Why did a fellow rabbit say that the Easter Bunny was self-centered?

Because he was eggo-centric!

While we’re at it click here for some top secret google tricks – give it a GO!

Go to Google Home

More jokes and google tips welcomed here folks and save a bit of that chocolate for us. Cheers!

GO! Smell the easter bunny!

Posted on March 21st, 2008 by Jim

Any plans for the Easter weekend gang?

A high-five for an extended weekend perhaps?


Maybe a bunny rap battle? Well worth a watch…..

Easy on the food though gang. Little and often remember, little and often:


Do share your easter plans here, legal or otherwise.

Go Smell the Easter Celebrations

Posted on March 19th, 2008 by A/C

Are you planning anything Special Over this Easter long Weekend?
Well we are planning to eat loads of Chocolate, and sit around all weekend doing not much… that’s Easter…..
Oh and its my Birthday on Good Friday…. that wont happen again for 200 years.. hope I around to that …lol…
For all those looking for something interesting to do this weekend to celebrate here are few ideas….

You could just for fun have yourself Crucified,
Strip down to your waste men only and whip yourself,
or you could have a lovely sit down meal with the family….

However just out in the Headline news for day came this report…

Philippines warns ‘crucifixion bad for health’


MANILA (AFP) – Philippine health officials Wednesday warned people taking part in Easter crucifixions and self-flagellation rituals to get a tetanus shot first and sterilise the nails to avoid infections.Every Good Friday in this predominately Roman Catholic Southeast Asian nation dozens of men re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ by having themselves nailed to wooden crosses.At the same time hundreds of others, mostly men, strip to the waist and whip themselves until their backs are cut and bloody as a way of atoning for their sins over the past year. The Catholic church frowns upon the crucifixions and self flagellations which have become a tourist attraction in a number of towns around the country.

Well Derrrr! of cause its bad for your health …. didn’t help Jesus any did it….

So what are planning for this Easter Weekend?

A good old fashioned Crucifiction a light whipping anyone or sitting down with the family for a friendly chocolate driven lunch?

do tell

GO! Watch the Dubai Easter warning!

Posted on March 18th, 2008 by Jim

On the run up to Easter the following note just arrived in the GO! Smell the flowers inbox here in Dubai:

Dear Friends,

Please note that effective Friday 14/3/08, all those visiting Jebel Ali / Dubai Churches are not allowed to park the cars near the church. There is a special arrangement close to the churches and from there you can either walk it out to church or there are regular RTA special buses picking you up from the parking area and dropping you to the church and vice-versa.


This arrangement is through the Holy week right up to Easter Sunday. There are police and transport officials directing you to the parking lots. The buses are very convenient and a whole lot of them every 2-5 mins leaving from the parking lot and taking you to church. At the church entrance there is a security screening of each and every person entering the church premises (Male or Female). In view of the huge crowd for the Holy week services, it better to leave a little early to get to church on time on account of the above security arrangements.

Please pass it on to everyone you think will be attending church services at Jebel Ali/Dubai. And let us co-operate with Dubai Police regarding these security arrangements.

Should the church goers of Dubai be concerned as the email spreads throughout the inboxes of the UAE? Do tell!

GO! Win the Easter flowers!

Posted on March 16th, 2008 by Jim

Need another excuse to GO! send flowers? Well Easter Sunday is rapidly approaching so GO! send Easter flowers anywhere in the world and we’ll throw in a free vase to help you Smell the flowers. Click n buy this special easter bunch of flowers


While we’re at it how about entering our free Easter flowers caption contest? All answers in comments, in less than 20 words by close of play Thursday¬† 20th March 2008 Dubai time and the winner will be entitled to send $60 of flowers anywhere in the world. Here GO’s:


Good luck folks and while you’re waiting for the flower smelling winner to be revealed feel free to send your Easter flowers right here, right now!

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