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Go! Get Juicy!

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by angelastokes

Greeeetings flower,

This weekend (Sat, March 7th) sees the official kick-off of the Global Juice Feast 2009. Yeeeeeee-HAH… :)
Yes, people all over the world will be joining in for up to 92 days of feasting on fresh, raw, nutrient-packed juice. Juice FEASTing is similar to juice fasting, except that with a feast, as the name suggests, one imbibes a large amount of fresh juice daily – preferably at least 4 quarts/litres a day. This gives the body plenty of nutrition and calories whilst at the same time getting a GREAT break from digestion, so the body can focus on ‘spring-cleaning’ instead…
I completed a 92-day Juice Feast back in Feb 2007 and it was one of the most transformative times of my life. Here below is the video from the day I broke the Feast:

YouTube Preview Image

You can connect to a whole community of Juice Feasters at I also wrote a book all about Juice Feasting, which you can see HERE.
What about you, flower, have you ever juice fasted, or feasted? Are you up for some extra juiciness now…? ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

GO! Smell the flowers detox – Our key actions

Posted on May 17th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from Dubai some 36 hours after we returned from our spell at the Koh Chang Spa, Thailand.

We stuck to the ‘getting back into it slowly’ by sticking to light foods since we broke that fast and declined to eat on the flight as everyone else munched around us. Weight wise we’ve both settled at 11 pounds lighter than when we started and time will tell if this is just going without food for 8 days or a weight that we can comfortably maintain. Clothes that were deemed to tight now fight a couple of inches have dropped of our waistline, without breathing in!

Jim’s first cooked meal was a veggie omelet with Em’s being a bowl of pumpkin soup. Taking too much heavy food on too soon can lead to, erm, problems with regularity that even a superhero would struggle to overcome:


So, our key action points now we’re back to reality we will endeavour to:

1) Never eat microwaved food again! We’ve binned our microwave oven. It serves little purpose apart from driving radiation into food and altering the moleuclar structure. We heard a tale at the Spa that a cat used to perch upon it’s owner microwave after food had been cooked – it liked the heat you see. One year later the cat developed a soccer ball sized tumour as a result of kitty soaking up the radiation from the microwave AFTER it had been used. Do you REALLY needs yours? The Microwave, not your cat.

2) Include some raw food in our diet wherever possible or if cooked then lightly, preferably steamed or flash-fried!

3) Eat food slower, chew it thoroughly and graze throughout the day, little and often and upping the amount of water we drink.

4) Erradicate cups of tea with milk and sugar as that was our ticket to open biscuits. Kettle on – biscuits open.

5) Cutting right back on food laced with refined sugars, processed starch, alcohol and wheat.

6) To practice 30 minutes of yoga everyday – got no time? Get up 30 minutes earlier.

7) Eating more nuts, seeds and pulses in between meals.

8. Remembering everything we eat should ideally help regenerate the body and / or be converted into energy to help our body & minds work to their potential.

9) Keep an eye on our bowel activity!


10) Learn to listen to our bodies regarding what food suits us – drains us or revives us. Different strokes for different folks.

We appreciate all the support here at GO! Smell the flowers – all your concerns, thoughts and comments over the last 10 days. On Wednesday we’ll be announcing what we’re giving up for the next 3 weeks and it may come as a bit of a shock to you when we write a post explaining what it is we’re taking time out from next!

So, do tell us your final take on our detox regime, the colonics and our action points. All are welcome.

GO! Smell our final Detox day!

Posted on May 14th, 2008 by Jim

Hi  GO! Smell the flowers from  the Spa Koh Chang. Our final day here having completed the cleansing program and we’ve both lost eleven pounds each in weight, feel clear headed, healthier inside & out and generally more chilled out.

To ‘keep it real’ we’ll report back on our result in 3-4 months time. Before the cleanse Jim had blood pressure, pulse and  blood work done (his biggest fear – needles  :-) ) to measure pre-cleanse lipid profile, (cholesterol & triglycerides), Biochemistry (Blood glucose) , Endocrinology (testosterone) and thyroid.

The immediate step-on-the-scales-whoop-whooop-high-5 results but that could be down to water loss, clearly a lack of carbs and just giving the body a break so time will tell and getting back amongst ‘reality’.

We ‘broke-fast’ with Papaya, mango and bee pollen:


Back for more general abuse with Thai massage:

Smell the flowers, Em:

We’ll reflect on the key things we learned and share them with you here when we return to Dubai  in the next couple of days. It’s been great learning and laughing at the threads here at GO! Smell the flowers, at times when we barely had the energy or the inclination so thanks for all your interest, support and comments.

NOW! Where did we put that hose pipe?  Do share how you’ve found our detox diaries and this whole experience we’ve shared with GO! Smell the flowers and feel free to add a few captions to the photos above just for fun as we leave ourselves wide open as ever, which, after 8 days of colonics could be interesting – Cheers!

GO! Smell the detox Dairies – Day 8: Down the hatch!

Posted on May 13th, 2008 by Jim

Our final day of the cleanse! Energy levels are pretty high considering it’s 7 days since we’ve consumed any solids and drink with the exception of water, coconut water, Wheatgrass:


Cocktails of Carrot juice and slurps of Oolong tea, a herb popular in China we understand.

So, with only 1 final flush to go (pure water first thing tomorrow morning) and a few ‘flora grow’ bacteria tablets we’re done! Then after breaking our fast we can star gradually re-introducing solids back into our day to day lives.

What would you break your fast with? Comments welcomed as we prepare to post how we feel after this intensive cleansing experience. Cheers! (B)

GO! Smell the detox diaries – Day 7 – Yoga!

Posted on May 12th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from the Spa Koh Chang with less than 48 hours to GO! before we break the fast with only 4 more colonics remaining.

To help keep things moving we’ve tried our hand at Yoga, first thing, in the morning to help us stay us on track and our bodies active without food. Whatever your capabilities it can aid relaxation, improve flexibility, help with detox and massage the organs of the body – always a bonus, right?


Pictured above with Yoga instructor Cliff on Day 5 of our fast we declined to bring our feet together like that – maybe another time, after a few ice cold Chang beers perhaps (B) :-) A big thanks to our teacher Cliff who taught us a few stretches that’ll keep tension at bay and exercise our eyes whilst we tip-tap away on the laptop.

So anyone ever tried Yoga? How do you help stay / get in physical and mental shape and as the years catch up with you? Do tell, hold that pose and release!

Detox Diaries – Day 5

Posted on May 10th, 2008 by Jim

We’ve only just realised it’s Saturday so happy weekend to all from us here mid De-tox at the rainy & chilled out Spa Koh Chang, Thailand.


So, getting straight down to the process of our bi-daily flush out we thought we’d share some of the finer highlights of our stay. DON’T try this at home – not even gardeners who KNOW their hosepipes:

Step 1 – Fill a 16 litre bucket full of coffee solution:


Step 2 – Lie down, insert and RELEASE as the next 20 -30 minutes ‘pass’:


We’ll spare you the detail of sharing with you what ends up in the pink plastic sieve after emptying but it’s far from smelling of flowers :-)

We’re feeling far more ‘human’ today and are getting into the early doors exercises, detox drinks and the general way of the spa here. Time for our Midday broth, carrot juice and detox drink – more on that tomorrow.

The key to success in this procedure is to relax and let it GO! on every level so we ask YOU – how do you relax and ‘let it go’ in your day to day life generally? Do tell!

Detox Diaries – Day 4!

Posted on May 9th, 2008 by Jim

Well gang despite having BIG plans to post photos of our progress there’s a photo uploading techy hitch this end plus we’re totally washed out – all part of the process we’re told as we stick with it. With even the local Mosquitoes taking quite a shine to us we feel popular.

‘I find it hard to be compassionate towards Mosquitoes’ – The Dali Lama

Our tongues are turning from white to yellow (metallic toxins coming out apparently) with lighter headaches and dizzy spells (real dizzy spells – not blond moments) and we’re sleeping very deeply amongst the pit-patter of the rain pink sieves are being filled with digested matter of yesteryear as our coffee & garlic buckets are emptied.

On the way over to Bangkok we watched a film called ‘The Bucket List‘. Two terminally ill men make a wish list of the things they’d like to do before they die and then set about doing it.

So we ask you to share with the garden some of the things that would feature on your bucket list! Do tell……

Detox Diaries – Day 3

Posted on May 8th, 2008 by Jim

Captains log ;-) so Day 2 of our 10 day detox Spa Koh Chang style ended with Em having coloured laughs (being sick) as her toxins were released unable to keep even carrot juice down. Jim suffered with  the hangover from hell headache and both our tongues have turned from yellow to white with breath strong enough to take paint of a well treated door frame.

As detox day 3 broke we had next to no appetites,  generally irritable and struggled to report in for our 7a.m detox drink before a morning meditation,  yoga class and deep issue massage Thai style…… 


Our appetites increased  throughout the day with Emma craving fish & chips, a glass of chilled Chardonnay & a large bar of dairy milk chocolate with Jim craving a Sunday roast dinner, a pint of Sam Smiths ale with apple crumble and custard for dinner.  Then it became a case of craving anything remotely edible…..


On the upside we’re getting into the swing of things colonic wise  (Em – coffee, Jim – garlic) and enjoy the steam room and tomorrow will be posting photos of ourselves  in and around the Spa. So it’s time to head off for our evening broth, shot of wheat grass and a lug of carrot juice.Life in the fast lane huh?  Do share your plans for tonight right here and as always we welcome your comments, knowledge and opinions.

Detox Diaries – Day 2

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by Jim

We awoke to the tip-tapping of rain here at Spa Koh Chang as the rainy season gets underway. A far cry from the dry heat of Dubai plus the croaking of frogs reminding us of that Bud advert from the mid 90′s.


Beers aren’t on the menu as detailed on our daily Candida cleansing schedule that we’ll be following over the next 7 days as follows:

7.00am – Detox drink (every 3 hours)

8.30am – Supplements 3 x Intestinal Cleanser capsules & 3 x Herbal Nutrient Capsules

10.00am – Detox drink

10.15am – 11.30a.m Coffee Colema*

11.30am – Supplements

13.00pm – Detox drink

14.30pm – Supplements

16:00pm – Detox drink

16:10pm – 17.30pm – Garlic Colema*

17.30pm – Supplements

18:00pm – Herbal steam room

19:00pm – Detox drink

20:30pm – Supplements

*20-40 minutes of self administered colonic irrigation with 16 litres of purified water and clinically clean equipment. A pink sieve catches all solids that can be inspected with chop sticks as required.

In addition to the above ‘treats’ we can enjoy / squirm during Thai foot, back, shoulder and stomach massages plus access to the pool and stream room with liquid top ups of broth, coconut and carrot juice. Cravings so far include a spicy Thai green curry, fish and chips and a pint of Guinness (Jim) with Em dreaming over a piece of chocolate cake and a cheese board. Yum.

We are curious to know what you’ll be eating / have eaten today. Do tell – what delights are we missing out on here? Comments and questions welcomed right here and save a piece for us!

Detox Diaries Day 1 – Pre colonic irrigation

Posted on May 6th, 2008 by Jim

Sawadee Krup (Jim) Sawaddee Ka (Emma) as GO! Smell the flowers start our detox diaries from the Spa Koh Chang Resort, Thailand. We’ve decided to stick our necks out and share the ups, downs and insides of our Thai ‘ clean-me-out’ Spa experience designed to rejuvenate and lead us on the path towards a healthier and happier life.

Good eh – or is it? Some would argue this is totally unnecessary.


We’ve decided yet again to give our bodies a chance to heal as it is believed they work at their full potential after 24-36 hours without the intake of food as our healing mechanisms works best when we stop eating, ingesting, digesting and metabolising food. Hmmmmm, F-O-O-D – Homer Simpson drool – GO! Homer:

On the flight from Dubai to Bangkok we chose to pass on the ‘we’re entitled to it so we’ll have some’ alcohol, bread, coffee, meat and peanuts. Same for the hop over to Trat, the skip on a boat to Koh Chang and all that remains is the jump but will we have the energy as we start our Pre-cleanse diet.

A bonus start to our trips as we’ve a letter featured today in the Dubai ‘paper of the people’ (lift right clenched fist above your hand) 7 days. We addressed an article on ‘ How has the internet changed your life?’ and this community blog is a case in point. Read it here!

So, welcome to the garden to all new readers and feel free to post a comment in any of the articles below and get amongst it and share your knowledge, experiences and opinions with other as we literally dig deep and share our detox diaries with the world before, during and after our 9 night / 10 day stay.

Group hug anyone? Now where did we put that hose?

Post comments @ coffee!


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