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Perfect day part 2, flowers

Posted on January 8th, 2009 by Jim

Following Arvind’s perfect day post asking what would make yours it reminded me of the BBC’s children in need compilation.

YouTube Preview Image

See how many faces you recognise as a wide range of singers came together for children in need.

A pefect day - Why not look at whay you have now, be grateful for it and brand today that perfect day? Is this possibe or just wishful thinking….do tell.

‘Happy’ World Mental Health day!

Posted on October 10th, 2008 by Jim

Hi from Dubai flower smellers! Today is World Mental Health day – I admit I’d never heard of it – have you? It’s been GO!ng since 1992 and this year’s theme is ‘Advocacy for global mental health: scaling up services through citizen advocacy and action

 World Mental Health Day (WMHDAY) aims to provide information, personalised treatment and resources that would help people across the globe in recovering from all forms of mental illness and disorders. 

As I landed back in the U.A.E in the early hours, local rag 7 days (the one featured flowers back in May detailing colonic irrigation in the detox diaries) was being dropped off around the City with the grabbing headline of…….

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Detox Diaries – Day 4!

Posted on May 9th, 2008 by Jim

Well gang despite having BIG plans to post photos of our progress there’s a photo uploading techy hitch this end plus we’re totally washed out – all part of the process we’re told as we stick with it. With even the local Mosquitoes taking quite a shine to us we feel popular.

‘I find it hard to be compassionate towards Mosquitoes’ – The Dali Lama

Our tongues are turning from white to yellow (metallic toxins coming out apparently) with lighter headaches and dizzy spells (real dizzy spells – not blond moments) and we’re sleeping very deeply amongst the pit-patter of the rain pink sieves are being filled with digested matter of yesteryear as our coffee & garlic buckets are emptied.

On the way over to Bangkok we watched a film called ‘The Bucket List‘. Two terminally ill men make a wish list of the things they’d like to do before they die and then set about doing it.

So we ask you to share with the garden some of the things that would feature on your bucket list! Do tell……

Detox Diaries – Day 2

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by Jim

We awoke to the tip-tapping of rain here at Spa Koh Chang as the rainy season gets underway. A far cry from the dry heat of Dubai plus the croaking of frogs reminding us of that Bud advert from the mid 90′s.


Beers aren’t on the menu as detailed on our daily Candida cleansing schedule that we’ll be following over the next 7 days as follows:

7.00am – Detox drink (every 3 hours)

8.30am – Supplements 3 x Intestinal Cleanser capsules & 3 x Herbal Nutrient Capsules

10.00am – Detox drink

10.15am – 11.30a.m Coffee Colema*

11.30am – Supplements

13.00pm – Detox drink

14.30pm – Supplements

16:00pm – Detox drink

16:10pm – 17.30pm – Garlic Colema*

17.30pm – Supplements

18:00pm – Herbal steam room

19:00pm – Detox drink

20:30pm – Supplements

*20-40 minutes of self administered colonic irrigation with 16 litres of purified water and clinically clean equipment. A pink sieve catches all solids that can be inspected with chop sticks as required.

In addition to the above ‘treats’ we can enjoy / squirm during Thai foot, back, shoulder and stomach massages plus access to the pool and stream room with liquid top ups of broth, coconut and carrot juice. Cravings so far include a spicy Thai green curry, fish and chips and a pint of Guinness (Jim) with Em dreaming over a piece of chocolate cake and a cheese board. Yum.

We are curious to know what you’ll be eating / have eaten today. Do tell – what delights are we missing out on here? Comments and questions welcomed right here and save a piece for us!

Go! Run out of excuses to give Mom flowers

Posted on May 4th, 2008 by RYK

With Mom’s appreciation day coming up 11th May in the U.S.A, here is a post from Flora2000′s blog that I thought was appropriate here

Mother’s Day is an occasion that is celebrated all over the world. Every man has a mother, grandmother, wife, or other nurturing woman in his life who deserves recognition, love, and appreciation on this special day. There’s still no better way to show how much you care than by showering the special ladies in your life with flowers.


In fact, according to Ipsos-Insights 2005 Floral Trends Consumer Tracking Study, one-fifth of all floral purchases are made for Mother’s Day. However, when it comes to Mother’s Day floral purchases by gender, 64 percent are made by women, while only 36 percent are made by men.

Following are several common excuses why most men don’t buy flowers for Mother’s Day, along with some flower-buying advice from the experts at, the leading online floral delivery specialists for overseas deliveries.

Excuse #1: I just don’t know what to get

When it comes to giving fresh flowers, mixed bouquets, roses, and carnations are the most popular choices for the Mother’s Day holiday. When buying, make certain the petals are firm and the buds have color, which are good signs that the flowers will eventually bloom. Outdoor garden plants and indoor houseplants such as geraniums, impatiens and azaleas are also great options for gift giving, because they are easy to care for while still providing wonderful color.

Excuse #2: I don’t know where to go to get flowers

Flowers are available everywhere, especially when a holiday is approaching. Bouquets can be bought at local florists, nurseries, grocery stores, farmers’ markets, roadside stands, online, and even in some convenience stores.

Excuse #3: My mother lives out of state or out of the country

Online floral delivery services were made just for this reason. Not only is it convenient to go online and click what is appealing to you, but most sites also offer searches by price, flower, occasion, etc. We at not only deliver the United States but over 150 countries worldwide with premium floral arrangement deliveries.

Excuse #4: Flowers are too “cliché” to give at Mother’s Day, I want to give a unique gift

Throughout history, women have loved to receive flowers…and they still do! Flowers not only symbolize life, beauty, and love, but they also make the recipient feel special. Isn’t that the whole point of Mother’s Day?

Still confused? Well don’t worry visit and chat with our flower experts online and they would be glad to assist anytime.


So, what’s your excuse not to send the woman in your life flowers?

Go! Smell the Freaky Day

Posted on April 11th, 2008 by taylorblue

Today should have been renamed Freaky Friday for me. I had a meeting I had to go to this morning with my daughter’s doctor and I decided to cancel…Why? Take a look!

You Tube Movie Here
(Why can’t I post it like everyone else?)

(And this was only like an hour and a half ago.) I was not walking through all the snow to go to that appointment. Then I go to update my site…And I was HACKED again! I wonder why someone thinks it’s important to do that to someone else. My friend got hacked yesterday too. So I will probably be starting over again for the third time. At least I have a great helper to help my site…without him I would be lost. He knows who he is…and he reads this blog!!!

So how was your day?

GO! Smell the UK Mothers day!

Posted on March 2nd, 2008 by Jim

So happy Mothers day to all you Mothers in the U.K. This U.S clip sums up the pressure it can bring on offsprings to keep Mum / Mom happy:

Thanks to UK Mum Diane in the U.K for sending us flowers this clip. Anyone got anything planned for Mother and do we need to be reminded of these occasions to send family gifts and say thanks?

After all if it wasn’t for Mum none of us would be here, right? Share your first memories of your Mother right here and feel free to include your beloved Mother in Law for those who have them.

Mother in law jokes welcomed right here ;-)

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