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GO! Smell the tainted baby milk….

Posted on October 19th, 2008 by Jim

Thanks to blogcatalog regular HelloAnnie for alerting GO! Smell the flowers on the dangers of Chinese milk products. Last month investigators believed dairy farmers added a dangerous chemical to milk that was linked to kidney stones in dozens of babies and 3 deaths in China’s latest product safety problem.

The government vowed ‘serious punishment’ last month after China’s biggest milk powder producer recalled 700 tonnes of baby formula. The official Xinhua News Agency said the power was tainted with melamine, a toxic chemical used in plastics that contaminated pet food in 2007.

Melamine has no nutritional value but is high in Nitrogen, making products with it appear higher in protein. Suppliers trying to cut costs are believed to have added the toxic chemical to watered down milk to cover up the resulting protein deficiency. Latest news is that Chinese milk imports are now under keener scrutiny but is it enough?

Only today I’ve heard of consignments of children’s sweets being held up at the Dubai Port as they ‘May contain traces of milk’ on the back of this recent news.

What can be done to protect consumers and are measured like banning chocolate taking this too far? Comments welcomed.

Dalai Lama – GO! Get well soon!

Posted on October 8th, 2008 by Jim

As my time here in Dharamshala, Northern India comes to an end my chances of another glimpse of H.H Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso by birth) might just be possible as he is due to return from New Delhi after a medical check up. The Tibetan monk, 73, will return home to this northern Indian town where I’ve been for the last week and the Tibetan government-in-exile have been since 1959.

He departed here from Gaggal airport on Tuesday (sounds like a goose sanctuary) locals have told me that it is the pressure of the persistent demands for more autonomy for Chinese controlled Tibet.

Pictured here praying that his medical bill is covered by BUPA. I do wonder if he is on BUPA or similar – seriously?

H.H The Dalai Lama conducted his teaching last week in Dharamshala but trips to Germany and Switzerland this month have been cancelled. The health of the 73 year old aging spiritual leader continues to cause concern despite this being passed off as a ‘check up’. At the end of August he underwent treatment for abdominal pains in Leelavati Hospital, Mumbai.

Whilst we wish him a speedy recovery all is not as rosy as it seems with the local Indian perception of how Tibetans are……….

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OSHO & Flowers hit the Indian Media!

Posted on October 7th, 2008 by Jim

Any OSHO fans still reading? It was a great experience in Pune, India and I’m fond of the place itself – the real world!

Eight blog posts & 17,000 words later and over 400 comments I’d aired my experience as it happened. A meeting with an editor and a flower smelling photograph later GO! Smell the flowers the OSHO experience made it into the Pune Mirror Sunday Magazine that comes with The Times of India.

Targeted at the young readers of Pune it aims to combine racy content with the sophistication and gravitas of a broadsheet - something worth aiming for to ensure debate, right?

For those who missed the posts and the hundreds of ‘make you think’ inspiring comments that accompanied them just scroll down this flowers blog for a taster and hit on ‘previous posts’ at the bottom left for the rest. Thanks to the article we’ve had some great insights in the OSHOpping post from day 7 at the bottom of this page that are still going on.

Why the Ying-Yang sign you may wonder? More on that but first here are PDF’s of the 3 page article that make their way over to the Flowers in the media section found in the right column of this homepage and right here for those interested:




Splashed over the main Sunday mag in Pune as it makes it’s way to other Times groups…..

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Flowers meet the Dalai Lama

Posted on October 4th, 2008 by Jim

Location: Dharamshala, India amongst the Tibetan settlements and the residence of Noble Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai Lama since 1959. He is at his temple – I am staying 15 minutes walk away at the Clouds End Villa.

Altitude: Between 1,250 and 3,000 metres.

Attitude: Open minded.

Temperature: Maximum 38 degree C in June; minimum 0 degree C in January.

Annual Rainfall: Varies between 290 and 380cm. Monsoon season is July to September so it’s dry now and great for treking.

Mission : To find Mona Lisa impersonators & to learn more about the Dalia Lama (I’ll refer to him as H.H in the rest of this article as he often is) , China & Tibet. It’s OK – the Tibetan people here encourage a sense of humour :-) My timing here is more luck than judgement as it happens with H.H giving bi-annual teachings and an open mic Q&A session in front of a public audience. I strolled up to his Main Tibetan temple

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Go! Smell the Escargo

Posted on April 16th, 2008 by Funkygirl012003

There is a man in Dongwan City, China who probably owns one of the oldest living pet snails around.  It’s the size of his hand and is at least 11 years old.   He takes it for walks!

Giant snail

That’s pretty weird, but I could see how a snail would make a good pet.  You don’t have to put a lot of effort into keeping it up and once it gets big enough you can actually pet it.

I once owned a pet rat, and a hermit crab when I was a kid.  Those are the most unusual pets I’ve had.  What’s the most unique pet you’ve ever owned?

Go See Australia’s Spine at Work!

Posted on April 10th, 2008 by A/C

spine.jpgThe Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in China. He is there for four days as part of his 17 day tour…

Just like any good Aussie he is telling them how it is, making the right noises and pulling no punches… but most of all he is being respectful and speaking to the right people.

Shortly Saint Kevin, (as we are calling him) will meet with the President of China and other officials, but he has already causes abit of annoyance with his speech to Chinese Students and prior to his arrival whilst in Washington, where he once again condemned China’s Human Rights abuse and the treatment of Tibet. One thing which appears to be posing the most annoyance isMr Rudd speaks fluent Mandarin and therefore there is no Translators, no way for the Chinese Government to white wash what he is saying…. The people are hearing exactly what is said and they are stunned. Also St Kevin was a diplomate in China for quite some time and has a good understanding of how they work. Yes I am as so many other Aussie’s Proud of our new leader.. the one with a backbone!

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has supported the right of Australians to turn their backs on the Olympic torch relay in Canberra to make a silent protest over China’s crackdown on Tibet.And in a speech in Mandarin yesterday to students at Peking University on the first day of his visit to China, Mr Rudd repeated a blunt warning to China about significant human rights abuses in Tibet.This was despite the Chinese government earlier yesterday delivering diplomatic protests over similar remarks he made in Washington last week calling on China to talk to the Dalai Lama.
Asked about people turning their backs on the Olympic flame in Canberra, Mr Rudd pointedly said Australia was a free country.
“It’s a robust democracy … people can express their point of view in whichever way they want and that’s what’s good,” he said.
Didnt I say that in a recent comment, perhaps he reads flowers

Worst of all He IS NOT Backing down….. YES! A SPINE IN ACTION!

click the link to see the latest.

My Question is not about Tibet, nor is it about the Olympics…
Is he going about this the right way?
Talking face to face with China.. being frank and honest, or should he do what the rest of the world is doing and pointing fingers and telling China how naugthy they have been….
Perhaps we will get a more balanced view of what is going on if the leaders talk to each other in person rather than from the pulpit..!

GO! Smell Gareth in China!

Posted on March 22nd, 2008 by Jim

GO! Smell the flowers is now very difficult to access in China due to a censorship clampdown. ;(


Fellow founder Gareth in China has emailed us explaining his frustration of not be able to post comments or articles here. We suspect it maybe due to the censorship with recent GO!ngs on over Tibet. He sends his best regards and wishes he was involved for BLOG idol and we’ll be sending him periodic highlights of the GO!ngs on here and have decided to preserve his Founders status and hope he gets back with us soon.

Gareth’s wisdom and input here will be missed and we hope he finds a way to sneak under the radar or relocates to another part of the world for the sake of flowers! He has been a (*) to date and really helped shape the garden. We’ve agreed to cut n paste any comments relating to the internet in China right here as we keep him posted!

So, if you have any message for Gareth leave it in comments and tell us where do you think Gareth in China should jump on a plane and relocate to? For the benefit of GO! Smell the flowers, you understand!


Do tell, Gareth in ? We decide as a community – then he relocates! Problem over ;)

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