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Thankfully not in our Garden!

Posted on May 29th, 2008 by A/C

I am posting this out of outrage. Yes Aussie does get outraged from time to time.

After retrieving digg shouts this morning I came across this youtube clip from last year or so. It needs to be seen to be believed, so please go to Aussie and check it out

The short story i:s 5 year old Girl at Pre-School has a temper tantrum, being as they are defiant, standard 5yr not very happy. The teacher tries to calm her (not very convincingly in my parent eyes).

So what did the Pre-School Do?

They called the police and had the child arrested!

Yes, but that is not the worst of it… oh no it gets worse!

The three Big Tough Police Office where so afraid of the 5 year old Girl, now sitting calmly in an office chair with no weapons, they lifted her up by her upper arms bent her over a table and hand cuffed her and then carried her off the police car by her elbows….

And a Kindergarden teacher who was interviewed agreed with this sort treatment of a young child!

My god! this is jsut crazy

They did call her mother who couldnt get there immediately, but was on her way.

The child was released from the police car when she arrived, but the 5 year old was left handcuffed in the police car. The girl had been identified as having behaviour issues and the mother had had a conflict with the assistant principle prior to this. However this does not excuse the Pre-school or the police for their treatment of the child. There are many many ways to deal with a child having a tantrum and this certainly is not one of them.

Please view and tell me is this treatment of children acceptable or do you feel as I do that they should be strung up and charged?

Go! Bark if you have to.

Posted on April 23rd, 2008 by Blue Collar Goddess

Children sitting in playground by Mark Gibson
Children sitting in playground

Back in the days of running amok on the playground during recess, I was known as “The Dog”.  Debby, The Dog; to be precise.

I was “that kid” that many of you will all remember.  The one who was never picked for kickball, the one who wasn’t invited to the birthday parties and the one with the least Valentines. 
The weird one?  The one who never combed her hair, wore miss matched socks and the same outfit three days in a row?  Yeah, that was me.

In defense of my classmates, I will heartily admit I was nuts.  My mother was clearly out of her mind as well so she didn’t offer up much advice or care or … well, much of anything. 

My “weirdness” followed me through grade school, Jr. High and into my sophomore year of High School.  Something happened to me between 16 & 17 years of age, however; and suddenly I wasn’t on the outside looking in.  My Senior year of High School was the best year of my life.

It wasn’t that I was one of the “popular” girls — but I was well liked.  The torment was over. 
From third to tenth grades, I was “the freak”.  That’s nearly 8 years of dodging insults and worse.  Some of those kids would follow me home when I was in grade school and they’d throw rocks at me! 

Here’s the point, which kid were you?  Were you the one tormented or tormenting?  Why?   Did you witness the horror or did you cause it?  If you could change anything about it at all, now that you’re all *groan* up, wouldya? 

And by the way, I’m not angry or hurt any longer.  I view those years as giving me the strength of character to maintain what sanity I’ve got left.  This isn’t a pity party — I’m 42 and I’ve got grown children of my own — life moves on.  I’m just curious what others have to say about children and how cruel they can be to each other. 

Do tell. 


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