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Clinically Clueless 500 Posts!!!!

Posted on February 4th, 2010 by Clinically Clueless
I cannot believe that on February 2, 2010 that  my Clinically Clueless blog reached its 500th post today.  Happy Birthday to me!!  That is a heck of a lot of writing and sharing.  I started Clinically Clueless  blog on 5/8/08.  And, yes this is shameless self-promotion: 275 posts for Something Just To Start (Virtual Art Gallery) and 125 posts for Go! Smell The Coffee for which I am one of the many contributors here. I began SJTS on 4/3/08 and began with GSTC on 10/13/08. That is a total of approximately 900 post in about a year and a  half.  (I could do the math…this one was easy. LOL

Granted some of the post were duplicated on other blogs, but who cares!!  I beat the average of most blogs lasting six months. I decided to investigate what are the typical characteristics of a blogger.

According to Robin Good BlogBloggers are sexy men. At least according to Technorati’s report this is true. Your typical blogger is male, intelligent, ranks among the high-middle class, and in his primes. Sexy is of course subjective, but having intelligence, wealth, and youth can’t hurt.
Hmm…I don’t really fit that profile.  One, I am not a sexy man, but I have been called a female who is really a ”gay man.” (compliment to me!!).  Okay, I am intelligent. I’m not sure, but we might be upper-middle class and what are the primes?  I definitely don’t have youth going for me.  Do you fit this profile?
According to another blog for which I cannot figure out the name because it is in some Asian characters stated the following:  The Big Five are major personality traits that have been discovered through extensive research: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism. Recently study examined the relationship between the Big Five and blogging.
The Big Five factors and their constituent traits can be summarized as follows:
Openness – appreciation for art, emotion, adventure, unusual ideas, imagination, curiosity, and variety of experience. (I guess that fits except for adventure and a variety of experiences)

Conscientiousness – a tendency to show self-discipline, act dutifully, and aim for achievement; planned rather than spontaneous behavior. (Okay, that is me)

Extraversion – energy, positive emotions, surgency, and the tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others. (Definitely not me, at all!!!)

Agreeableness - a tendency to be compassionate and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic towards others. (Okay, that fits.)

Neuroticism – a tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, or vulnerability; sometimes called emotional instability. (Do I tell the truth?  Yea, that fits.)

Why Blog?
Creative expression, money-making possibilities motivate only 15 percent of bloggers, and most blog on a variety of topics, with 11 percent focusing on politics.They are less likely to be white than the general Internet-using population, and more than half live in suburban areas. “Bloggers in general don’t intend to have a lot of impact,” said Amanda Lenhart, who directed the survey. “The motivation comes from within; it tends to be very personal. They’re not out to change the world.”About 60 percent of bloggers maintain their Web sites to keep in touch with friends and family, and half of them blog to network or meet new people, the survey said.
“Of all the bloggers out there, there are only about 10,000 that have an audience beyond their friends and families,” said B.L. Ochman, a business blogger who tracks online trends.  “It astounds me that people are willing to do this stuff without getting paid,” Ochman said. “I come from a generation that gets paid for our work.”  Although advertisers are slowly shifting dollars into the blogosphere, the majority of bloggers say they maintain their blogs for themselves, not for their audience.  About 33 percent of bloggers see blogging as a form of journalism, the survey showed. Typical bloggers are not ranting about politics or trying to be hard-core journalists, he said. “The survey shows that blogging is really a community-based activity and a way of connecting with people.”  Most bloggers maintain their sites as a hobby. “It’s not just the hard-core geeks and news junkies doing it,” he said. “It’s a good thing for our culture as a whole to have such a wide variety of people writing.”
So, the question is why do I blog.  Just because…just kidding.  Well, my first blog Something Just To Start was named by my therapist as I kept thinking about just starting one and he said, “Do Something Just To Start.”  So, I began with things I like art, jewelry, cooking and inspiration.  Then, I started Clinically Clueless as a therapeutic way of expressing myself with anonymity.  This ended up being a great tool for therapy as I was telling the truth of my life which was very difficult to me and helped me to open up and accept my life.  My therapist also named this because he kept calling me this, as I am very clinical in my thoughts, but sometimes when it comes to me I am Clueless.  GO! Smell the Coffee, I was asked to be a contributor on many which is great fun…I basically get to write what I want and I loved reading and commenting on the site.
I still enjoy blogging, view it as a hobby, making social contacts, as a therapeutic tool and just fun.  However, I do pressure myself and feel badly when I miss a scheduled day, but I am letting go of that neurotisicm.  More blogging to come….
So, why do you blog? Or if you don’t, why do you read them and what types?

Thank you, Flora 2000!

Posted on July 13th, 2009 by Jim

As Flora 2000 leave GSTF after a 2 year affiliation I wanted to thank them for providing a great flower delivery service and providing the flowers for the caption contests and the free flowers for 2008 to one lucky blogger.


So why the split?

The bottom line was the content as GSTF didn’t match up to the Flora 2000 brand and wasn’t  announced to Flora 2000 customers, as originally hoped. As I was responsible for all the content and posts it was my lack of direction, delivery and communication that wasn’t effective enough to keep this strategic alliance going so Flora 2000 understandably withdrew from the project.

Despite the ups & downs of the last 2 years I’ll still use Flora 2000 and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to anyone else.

Al Pacino says it far better than I do with hope that our community will continue:

YouTube Preview Image

Comments welcomed – thank you.

Go smell the Flower People

Posted on November 26th, 2008 by A/C

One question I am asked regularly is: ‘why do I blog?’, ‘What is its attraction?’ With ‘why bother?‘ seeming to be at the core of the questions.
Its ironic, when I started as a blogger, I really had no idea what I was doing.  I was bored, feeling isolated and generally wanted to do something interesting, fun and hopefully pass on some of what I know too the world and look at me now, obsession or hobby I still working on that one.

Recently it dawned on me, how many blogs, bloggers and storytellers there are out in the world. How many great friends I have made, and how similar we are in our hopes and dreams for our families, our children and the world at large.

I have decided to Feature a blogger, and their blog here at flowers.
To show just how diverse, yet similar we are.
Some you may find inspirational, some funny, some interesting and informative and others a little melancholy, but they are and will be the best of their kind (in my opinion), I have found on the web.

So for this months Feature Blogger, Flower Smeller and Blogger with Integrity I bring to you

The Painted Veil

Shinade of The Painted Veil

Read the rest of this entry »

BLOG idol – The Winners Show!

Posted on April 2nd, 2008 by Jim

Well the wait has ended as we announce the winners to the first ever BLOG idol contest!

It all started here with this promo clip:


17 entries where then whittled down to the following 5 finalists:

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade

Which the flowers Founders voted on thick & fast.

So, (drum roll) , we have pleasure in announcing the winning FOUR:

(B) All round to our 4 new flowers founders – Your founders badges are being prepared right as we tip-tap away!

Feel free to head over to youtube and FAVE the clip and post a comment while you’re at it. All you have to do is search for BLOG idol and you’ll see the clip pop up, courtesy of flowers founder and design whiz Mike French!

All comments welcomed here, Simon Cowell & Sharon Ozbourne are optional!

BLOG idol – The final comes to a close!

Posted on March 29th, 2008 by Jim

Well what a week! As BLOG idol draws to a close this weekend we encourage all the finalists, regulars and founders here to review and keep the posts alive here and at the forum before we GO! to the polls on Monday.


On Monday all Founders will email us the 3 they feel should be founders here at GO! Smell the flowers and we’ll announce the winners in a special post on Wednesday 2nd April. BLOG idol has been a great success with the variety of posts, the courage shown by all the finalists  and the threads that followed in the spirit of GO! Smell the flowers.

To the finalists, readers and regulars here – how was it for you?

GOod Vs. Great

Posted on March 26th, 2008 by Empress Nightshade

*Applause and crowd mayhem*

Right here, we are going to witness the most anticipated contest in blogsphere history.  For the Blog Idol Finalist of the world……                                                          

LLLLLet’s Get Ready to Ruuumble!

Fighting out of the green corner with 33 entries in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce to you the word….GOod!

Good Fighter

And out of the yellow, with 1, 860,000,000 entries in the Google search engine.  Put your hands together for the often used adjective of the wooords……Great!

Great Fighter

*Ding, ding ding!*

Not too long ago, I took a mini vacation to Vegas.  I hadn’t been there in over three decades — my last visit being at the age of 12 for a church meeting.  Yeah, I know.  A church meeting in Vegas…what a waste!  Anyway, it was great to see Caesars Palace still standing (I cried), but I wasn’t thrilled to see the strain this vacation was putting on my pocketbook (I panicked!).  $13.00 for a half of glass of cheap wine?!  Oh, heck no!  Where is a flask when you need one?

My dwindling funds forced me to visit the restaurant close to my ‘off the Strip’ hotel.  It’s a name most of us are familiar with — Applebee’s.  While waiting for the hostess to unlock the door for business, I noticed a clingy in their window.  It read, “Great Food.  Good Friends.”  Hm.  That slogan struck me and brought on a barrage of thoughts and feelings.  Great food and Good friends — is that what I’m looking for?  What are the words ‘Good’ and ‘Great’, anyway and do they really make a difference in what I’m getting?

In reference to friendship, Good is defined by as ‘close, intimate and warm.’  For me, all of these are acceptable attributes when seeking a friend.  They are even acceptable in a mate of which I’m an expert at looking for. 8)’s definition of Great is of being ‘wonderful, first-rate and very good.  Wait.  Great is very good?  That means it’s of higher quality — it’s closer, more intimate and warmer than just a goodfriend.  So, is eating at Applebee’s with their Great food, but only Good friends doing myself an injustice? 

All of this, of course, is taking it to the extreme.  To get good friends at any restaurant is a god-send.  Combine that with great food and you’ve got a recipe for a memorable experience.  But, I wrote this to bring up a valuable point…

We often settle for what is brought before us.  Hold on a minute and let me turn that around — I often settle without seeking and reaching for greatness.   It is evident in the men I’ve chosen through my life and in the hoop-tie I call my car.  ‘Settling’ screams at me in the wine I drink (remember the cheap wine in Vegas?) and accepting the half-baked job my teenage son does with the dishes.  Accepting good over great when there was clearly a choice had become habit for me until I saw that clingy in the window.  It changed me.  I will no longer accept good over great.  I will demand first-rate when possible and know that I am worth every effort it took to make it that way.

How about you?  Are you accepting whatever is being handed to you even though you know you deserve better?  If so, then join me in creating a new slogan that reads ‘Great Friends. Great People.’  No longer will we be satisfied with the crumbs of the day…Bring On The Prime Rib!

Sitting there in Applebee’s pondering their slogan, I soon found them to be just as they had stated.  Their food was great and those who worked there would make good friends.  I went back a second time to find their slogan still held true. 

Now that I’m back home, I’m anxious to visit one here to try it out.  I wonder if the same clingy will be in their window.  If not, I’m leaving.

Told ya I’ve changed…..

GO! Smell the BLOG idol final!

Posted on March 25th, 2008 by Jim

What have these 5 bloggers got in common?

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade


They are the finalists of BLOG idol and it STARTS TODAY!

They have been issued their username to access flowers to post a one off article of their choice here at GO! Smell the flowers by this Friday. Their posts will be part of the garden with the usual comments, debate and discussion.

You may see them around Forums here as well and we encourage them all to post comments to each other but no biting, scratching or gouging.

So here we GO! Good luck to the five of you and happy flower smelling. Cheers!

BLOG idol – The final 5!

Posted on March 21st, 2008 by Jim

Well folks 10 days, 201 comments and 16 entries later we are pleased to announce the five finalists of BLOG idol as cyberspace buzzed with our youtube video that was faved and high fived beyond our expectations.


So, The five selected to GO! into the final of BLOG idol are:

1) Rufus 2) Mooooog35 3) Dubai Guy 4) Simple Zack 5) Empress Nightshade


What next?

On Tuesday 25th March these final five will be issued their username to access flowers to post a one off article of their choice here at GO! Smell the flowers by Friday 28th March 2008. These posts will be part of the garden with the usual comments, debate and discussion.

All existing founders then vote for the 3 they feel would like to see as the final founders which will be announced in early April.

We’d encourage the 5 finalists to really get amongst it here at GO! Smell the flowers at the blog and over at Forums to really make your mark and get to know the gang. You can also post comments on the other finalists entries!

We would also like to award this Flower Smeller badge to the other brave souls who entered and survived who can show this badge off with pride at their blogs:


Here they GO!

Staggo Lee the Gay Bipolar guy, Jennifer Mannion of Heal Pain Naturally,  and Kevin of Kdawg68

Moppet over at kids corner- A blog by kids for kids! Tom Hayes of platinum pearls & Jacqueline Stone of Journey to Happiness

Reasonable Robinson & Dede.I of Avatech

Geology Joe of slingshot thought & James Lee Stanley of data music.

Last but not least Elton John, Drama Queen!

Thanks for entering BLOG idol and you can now post this award at your blog and tag 5 others – the rules are posted here and it’s a great way to acknowledge other flower smellers! We’d love to see you around the garden all contributing and connecting in your unique way.

All BLOG idol comments, high 5′s and commiserations are welcomed here! Do tell – Here comes the final!

GO! Smell this site – stuff white people like!

Posted on March 19th, 2008 by Jim

Blogger Manictastic drew our attention to a popular blog with a difference. It is devoted to stuff that white people like, called, wait for it – stuff white people like.

It is, and we quote, ‘ a scientific approach to highlight and explain stuff white people like. They are pretty predictable.’

A simple enough concept but once taking the blogosphere by storm and has enjoyed 13 MILLION views in 2008 alone, more than a popular UK soap opera enjoys on prime time TV when an all round good egg is written out in a freak accident.


Any thoughts on the concept, the humor, the cultural implications and why ‘stuff white people like’ is so popular? Maybe it’s time to laugh at ourselves far more than we do? Life a serious business afterall, right? Frown. Do tell!

GO! Send the BAT BLOG idol signal

Posted on March 14th, 2008 by mike


We could do with some more brave souls to become BLOG idol entrants. Spread the word flowers! And if you’ve seen the signal and want to become one of the Founders here at Flowers then:

Go! enter here.

How can we get more to enter this? Are the thorns here THAT fearsome?

Holy smoke batman!


Post comments @ coffee!


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