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Go See Australia’s Spine at Work!

Posted on April 10th, 2008 by A/C

spine.jpgThe Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is in China. He is there for four days as part of his 17 day tour…

Just like any good Aussie he is telling them how it is, making the right noises and pulling no punches… but most of all he is being respectful and speaking to the right people.

Shortly Saint Kevin, (as we are calling him) will meet with the President of China and other officials, but he has already causes abit of annoyance with his speech to Chinese Students and prior to his arrival whilst in Washington, where he once again condemned China’s Human Rights abuse and the treatment of Tibet. One thing which appears to be posing the most annoyance isMr Rudd speaks fluent Mandarin and therefore there is no Translators, no way for the Chinese Government to white wash what he is saying…. The people are hearing exactly what is said and they are stunned. Also St Kevin was a diplomate in China for quite some time and has a good understanding of how they work. Yes I am as so many other Aussie’s Proud of our new leader.. the one with a backbone!

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has supported the right of Australians to turn their backs on the Olympic torch relay in Canberra to make a silent protest over China’s crackdown on Tibet.And in a speech in Mandarin yesterday to students at Peking University on the first day of his visit to China, Mr Rudd repeated a blunt warning to China about significant human rights abuses in Tibet.This was despite the Chinese government earlier yesterday delivering diplomatic protests over similar remarks he made in Washington last week calling on China to talk to the Dalai Lama.
Asked about people turning their backs on the Olympic flame in Canberra, Mr Rudd pointedly said Australia was a free country.
“It’s a robust democracy … people can express their point of view in whichever way they want and that’s what’s good,” he said.
Didnt I say that in a recent comment, perhaps he reads flowers

Worst of all He IS NOT Backing down….. YES! A SPINE IN ACTION!

click the link to see the latest.

My Question is not about Tibet, nor is it about the Olympics…
Is he going about this the right way?
Talking face to face with China.. being frank and honest, or should he do what the rest of the world is doing and pointing fingers and telling China how naugthy they have been….
Perhaps we will get a more balanced view of what is going on if the leaders talk to each other in person rather than from the pulpit..!

Go Smell the rains

Posted on March 10th, 2008 by A/C


Bo’s recent post has brought to light the fact that not many folks out there, know here in Oz we have been enduring the longest, hardest drought in our history. In some towns it has not rained for 10 years.

It is being called a once in Thousand Year event. Australia is the driest contenient on Earth. We live with drought and hardship through weather, but this has been something totally different.  There are children who have never seen rain or water running in the creek beds.  Many towns have been without water for several years and water is trucked in at huge costs.

Farmers are shooting livestock and selling all, others are packing up and leaving, just walking out of farms which have been in their families for generations. The Suicide rate has more than doubled and on average one farmer will suicide every four days. Others are ripping their fruit trees and turning their land over to the elements, they just cant keep trying.

The Murray Darling Basin which is the life blood of Eastern Australia and runs from the far North of Queensland through New South Wales, Victoria and into South Australia, fed by smaller river systems has in parts run dry, in others it has turned to acidic ponds of poison and the areas where farmers have a little useable water they are not allowed to access it due to the government cutting their water allocations to nil.

Water restriction in the cities have been in place for years now with watering of gardens, washing of cars etc not allowed, buckets of water to wash your car is all and you can water your garden using waste water from your washing machines etc. Also a user pays on water the more you use the more you pay etc.

Although the land and plants are suited to these extreme conditions they are finding it tough. Gum trees drop there branches to conserve water loss but they are dying, Kangaroos withhold thier feotus’s until conditions improve but they are dying. Although numbers are siad to be in increasing this is beelved to be due to animals gathering in search of water and feed.

All this lack of rain is bringing a new threat to our doorsteps… one of Salinity.

Although many areas are now receiving huge rain falls and some is falling on the catchment areas alot is being lost and taking valuable topsoil with it, and it has not broken the drought.  Even down here in Tasmania much of the state is drought declared. We on the West Coast are receiving a fair bit of rain, however it is down on the averages.

The lack of pastures has forced the price to rise into the area of extreme with farmers needing bank loans to feed there cattle and sheep, the price at the shop has also risen to extreme with a side of lamb costing $45.00 plus, but the farmer is getting no more than he did 8 years ago. The price of fruit and vegetables has jumped sharply and is being contributed to the drought and oil prices, but the farmer still get no more. Some are saying this drought will never break, others say it will eventually, but in the past few year the average temperature in New South Wales has risen by 1.54 degrees which is the equivilant of moving it 150 km closer to the equator.

All things considered it will be along time before the sprinklers can come back on, before the kids can play under the Hose and we can take a long guilt free shower. If you come to Australia remember to turn the tap off, have a short quick shower and if you are driving through the country side and see a farm stall at the side of the road stop and buy something because the farmer needs all the help they can get.

Go Smell the Hero!

Posted on February 28th, 2008 by A/C

Yesterday down here was a monumentous moment…

A fishing trawler sank off the coast of Byron Bay… nothing very amazing about that…true…
However one of the fisherman swam for 12- 14 hours to get help for his two mate… never stopped, didnt rest just swam. Because of his heroism one of his mates was found this morning floating and the search is on for the third man missing…. they had been the water for over 30 hours.. this is what happened.. direct from Yahoo news..


One of two fishermen lost at sea after their fishing trawler sank off the coast of Byron Bay in northern NSW has been found alive. A spokeswoman for the Maritime Safety Authority said the man was found floating about 15km north-east of Ballina, on the NSW north coast, at 8.15am (AEDT) on Thursday. A rescue helicopter airlifted the man to Ballina Hospital in an unknown medical condition but rescue crews are concerned for the man’s wellbeing. “Obviously he’s been in the water for quite some time,” the spokeswoman said. The man survived up to 30 hours at sea after the trawler sank when it likely struck an offshore reef about 4am (AEDT) on Wednesday.

Another fisherman on board the boat swam 12 hours to shore on Wednesday to raise the alarm. The 39-year-old made it to New Brighton Beach where he was found by a passerby about 4pm, suffering from exhaustion and dehydration.
He was not sure which of the two remaining men had been rescued or if he was clinging to an esky, as has been reported.

An amazing story of heroism and mateship… dont you think…. And the fact he swam in the right direction and found a area with people is even more so, so much of the coast is uninhabitated…
Share with us your stories of amazing feats of endurance, true or Urban Myth lets mix it up a bit…

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