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Go! Hang a Parliament!

Posted on May 3rd, 2010 by irishcoffee

This week it is general election time in the UK. On Thursday 6th May the people will go to the polls and have their say. Or, at least those who still believe they can really achieve anything by voting… And so, a group of political reform campaigners, aptly called Hang ‘em, are encouraging voters to, er, do just that! Indeed, still reeling from the notorious “expenses scandal” which unfolded last year, some Brits might jump at the chance to have their politicians hung…

Hang 'em

Fortunately (for politicians) , the phrase “hung parliament” has a strictly political meaning. Put very simply, it means that whenever no one party wins an “outright majority” of the vote (over 50%), power is “hung” between, or shared among, parties rather than assigned to just one.

At least, that’s the theory. In reality we could actually see the UK’s politicians, as the campaigners wish, effectively suspended, held to ransom until they all see some sense and decide to renew democracy in Britain! …Could we really do this?! Or are these campaigners simply attempting the impossible, trying to put square pegs into round holes? It’s time we stood up to politicians, they urge, and we must do this by going out to vote in such a way that no single party actually “wins.”

YouTube Preview Image

What do YOU think? Should politicians just learn to get on with one another and work together? Rather than waste time justifying their own “superior” policies and past actions, shouldn’t they be devoting time to cooperation and achieving the best for everyone?  You may not be overly interested in politics, but how do you think society in general could be better governed?

This is your parliament!


GO! Give the church a break?

Posted on April 25th, 2010 by Jim

The Pope is due to visit Britain later this year and I wonder what sort of reception he will get.

 The Government has been plunged into a major diplomatic storm after Foreign Office officials circulated an offensive memo mocking the Pope’s forthcoming visit to Britain. In the document, staff who were asked to propose ideas for the ‘ideal’ visit suggested Benedict XVI could launch a new range of ‘Benedict’ condoms, bless a gay marriage or back a Miss Developing World beauty contest.

Sources in Rome said the document also proposed that the Pope might sing a duet with the Queen to raise money for charity. The pair are due to meet during the Pontiff’s visit in September. The memo, which has dismayed Church leaders in Britain, is also understood to suggest that the leader of the world’s one billion Roman Catholics could apologise for the Spanish Armada, reverse his ban on women priests and visit an old people’s home.

Maybe the design of this stained glass window should be re-thought:


Comments welcomed on Brand Benedict and I ask you how would you receive him and if you find the church INSPIRATIONAL or FRIGHTENING? Do tell…..

Go! Save the World!

Posted on April 23rd, 2010 by irishcoffee

Yesterday was Earth Day, and today I offer my first post as a GSTC contributor:

YouTube Preview Image

Each and every time I unplug my Sony Ericsson C905 eight mega pixel camera mobile phone from its charger, a message pops up on its big TFT screen. It tells me to ‘unplug the charger from the socket as well, in order to save energy’. I duly oblige, of course. But I then start wondering if I will soon be getting messages instructing me to ‘have shorter telephone conversations’ or ‘send fewer texts’, or that I must ‘try to take more care of this fragile handset so that it does not need to be replaced so often’..  Well, they want to save the world. Don’t they?

Let’s take some stock here! What is this “Save the World” mania really all about? The story runs something like this. We’ve been very greedy for a long time. But now we’ve caught ourselves red-handed, with egg on our face, so to speak. Basically we’ve been busy consuming more than our fair share of the world’s resources, acting as if the world was a kind of bottomless sack of Christmas gifts. For the sake of ourselves and for our children, it makes sense to be concerned about saving it, along with its gifts.


Political parties, charities – all sorts of organisations and companies – are keen to shape themselves around this one seemingly wholesome, faultless motto: “Save the world!”…And why not? It seems we’re all buying into it. From running our washing machines at 30 degrees to recycling our coke tins, this is an ideology we’re all proud to represent.

“Save the World!”… I mean, who wouldn’t want to be on board such an enlightened and practical ideology? Well, let’s ask a very practical question: How effective will this revolution be in actually helping to preserve our planet? At least some seem to realise that perhaps they don’t really need to be buying so many clothes in the first place, or guzzling down so many soft drinks. On the whole, however, aren’t we flattering ourselves by overestimating how badly the world needs us? As for our grand “Save the World!” idea, has that not now become simply a trendy slogan that we merrily slap onto our consumer lifestyles, so giving us a bunch of “alternative”, guilt-free ways of ravaging our natural environment?


Irish Coffee: A new writer at GO! Smell the coffee

Posted on April 18th, 2010 by Jim

Welcome ‘Irish Coffee’  – our latest writer to get amongst it at GO! Smell the coffee so top o’ the mornin’ to all.

 I’m updating the old coffee badges in an attempt to make this place a worthy site to visit as part of your valuable time online.


Irish Coffee is a 26 year old male from Ireland. Currently writing up four years of research in Systematic Theology, while considering launching a career in life coaching. When it comes to recreation,  he is also drawn to books, but this time to the sort of books that read him. When he’s had his fill of the books, he enjoys playing or watching soccer, running, meditating, and travelling. He relishes all sorts of challenges, physical and mental.  However, the greatest challenge he faces, the one which he just cannot seem to overcome, and yet the one which brings him the most joy – is the challenge of knowing himself!

Welcome to GO! Smell the coffee : Irish coffee! Discuss…..

GO! Smell The Masters hole in one!

Posted on April 10th, 2010 by Jim

I’m enjoying watching the golf Masters although it’s midnight till 4am Doo-bye time and I reckon my bet on Tiger may pay off!  Hoping to see a hole in one – Gary Player is rumoured to have had over 25 in his career!

Here’s a hole in one that happened on the 16th in 2009 as VJ” Singhs ball dam-bustered across the water and into the hole:

YouTube Preview Image

Skill or luck? Comments welcomed…FORE!

The bird is the word people!

Posted on April 7th, 2010 by Jim

This makes me LOL everytime I watch it:

YouTube Preview Image

Random, irrelevant, stupid and I love it – comments welcome and feel free to post your LOL clips here in comments: just put a v after http so it httpv://etc etc


Go! Fear the children

Posted on March 18th, 2010 by Lib


Lib here, in Manchester, wondering, quite simply, whether children are born evil. A question arisen from recent media coverage of ‘child killer’ John Venables. Read the link, a great insight into what happened and why he has been re-born in the media today.

I asked this question to a pyscho-analyst friend this evening, who I honestly thought was going to say, no.

She didn’t, instead it was an emphatic yes and she started talking about ids, super ego’s and the morality principal until she saw my eyes glaze over and heard me ordering a taxi.

I prefer the answer below.

‘To be evil requires an awareness of morality and a self formulated moral code. Ergo young children are not evil until they have such things. Initial survival programming cannot be judged as it is involuntary’. Anon

And here’s what one of my niece’s had to say on the matter. ‘Gaaagggaadadadada’ Poppy, 10mths.

So I’m still none the wiser. So I’m asking you.

Are children born evil? Or are they a product of their environment?

Alice, who the * is Alice – in Wonderland?

Posted on March 16th, 2010 by Jim

Mad hatters tea party anyone?

Seeing as this looks more likely to take even more box office $$ that even Avatar did I’m popping out to see what all the fuss is about:

YouTube Preview Image

Tis in 3D you know and I wonder if that’ll be the trend for more future blockbusters  – IF they can afford it?

Comments welcomed and please turn off your cell phones in here. Ssssshhhh.

GO! Spread Compassion!!

Posted on March 15th, 2010 by Clinically Clueless

YouTube Preview Image

AFFIRM the Charter today:

Video Produced by: Captain & The Fox ( in partnership with WORKSHOP (

Video Music Composed by: Naturalistic (

So, what are some of the things that you  do to demonstrate  compassion to others or events that you have witnessed?

Coffee anyone?

Posted on March 12th, 2010 by Jim

GO! Smell the coffee anyone?

Having taken time out today to read all CC’s hard work and post, plus Angela in Canada dropping back in and the one n only Elton John getting back amongst it I’ll be reconnecting with some of the old regulars via Facebook and see if we can crack on and brighten up people’s time online.

With far less time online (with the exception of my daily facebook status update) I’ve been a bit blind to GO! Smell the coffee carrying on after all the initial hard work and thank all for this involvement to date and in the future.

YouTube Preview Image

Let’s see how we GO! Comments welcomed….tweets optional.

Post comments @ coffee!


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