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What Do You Know About Eating Disorders?

Posted on February 22nd, 2010 by Clinically Clueless


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Most countries have Eating Disorders Week within the month of February.  The U.S. National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is from February 21st to February 26th.

Myths & Realities From Mirror-Mirror:

Only teenage girls suffer from eating disorders. Many eating disorders do begin in the teenage years, but children, men, older women and just about anyone can fall victim to this terrible disorder.

Addiction-CycleYou can never fully recover from an eating disorder. Recovery takes a long time, but with hard work and the proper treatment, you can fully recover from your eating disorder.

Men with eating disorders are always gay. Someone’s sexual preference has nothing to do with them developing an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are solely a problem with food. With all eating disorders, weight is the focus of life. By focusing on food, weight and calories, a person is able to block out or numb painful feelings and emotions. Some use food as a way to comfort themselves. Eating disorders are NOT a problem with food. They are in fact only a symptom of underlying problems.

Bulimics always purge by vomiting. Not all bulimics try to rid themselves of the calories they have consumed by vomiting. Purging can take the form of laxatives, diuretics, exercising, or fasting.

Logo-Ribbon-quer-klein_jpg_1831460390You can always tell someone is anorexic by their appearance. Not all anorexics look like the extreme cases shown on talk shows, etc. Some anorexics may be anywhere from 5 to 15 lbs. underweight. They look thin, but they do not have what society considers to be the “anorexic” look. Just because someone does not look emaciated, does not mean they are not  anorexic or that their health is not in danger.

Anorexics do not eat candy, chocolate, etc. Many anorexics do avoid such foods, but some do eat them on a regular basis. If an anorexic decides to only allow him/herself 300 calories a day, they may very well choose to eat a chocolate bar, candy, etc.

Anorexics do not binge or purge. Many anorexics will go on occasional binges and purge. Some anorexics can become so fearful of any food or drink that they will purge whatever they put into their system, including water.

You cannot die from bulimia. Bulimics are at a high risk for dying, especially if they are purging, using laxatives and doing excessive exercise. Many bulimics have died from cardiac arrest which is usually caused by low potassium or an electrolyte imbalance. Others have died from a ruptured esophagus.

People with eating disorders do this to hurt their family and friends. People with eating disorders are doing this to themselves. They are usually very upset when they know the people around them are worried or hurt by their eating disorder.

Compulsive eating is not an eating disorder. It is very much an eating disorder and is just as serious as anorexia and bulimia. 

Compulsive eaters are just lazy people. Compulsive eating is a way to cope just like anorexia and bulimia are. A person uses food as a way to comfort or numb themselves, block out feelings and emotions, etc. They are not lazy! They are people in emotional pain trying to cope using the only way they know how. Like anorexia and bulimia, they need proper treatment to overcome it. They do not need to be sent to health spas and diet clinics.

People cannot have more than one eating disorder. Many people have more than one eating disorder. It is very common for someone to suffer with more than one eating disorder. That just proves that the eating behaviors are only the symptoms, not the problem. 

EatingDisordersSome risk factors include:

  • Body dissatisfaction
  • Dieting
  • Low self-esteem
  • Perfectionism
  • Childhood sexual abuse
  • Family history of eating disorders
  • Obsssive-compulsive features
  • Need for control
  • Difficulty expressing emotions
  • Media pressure to be thin
  • Being female
  • Mood disorders
  • Overly critical families
  • Athletes, actors, television personalities, dancers, models, ballerinas, gymnasts, runners and wrestlers.

    mainpicMy secret is that I am anorexic, but I have not been “really” discussing it with my therapist as I don’t want to stop. (He does know that I have an eating disorder).  I weigh myself everyday, skip meals or throw them away, I’m preoccupied with my body, count calories, have good and bad food and the list goes on.  It is an addiction and requires help if you are willing.  Right now, I am overweight due to health issues and don’t know other ways of getting the weight off quickly. (No advice please…often those with eating disorders know more about food than professionals.  It is an obsession and addiction.  I feel good when I lose weight or am able to go without eating.  If is a form of self-hatred and control of emotions.

    What have you learned?  Or, share a personal experience (family, friend, self).  All comments and questions welcomed.

    How’s my Jaffa Cake Eating?

    Posted on December 22nd, 2009 by Purple13

    Spotted on a Jaffa Cake delivery lorry the other day – “No Jaffa Cakes are left in this vehicle overnight”

    What does the poor driver do – eat any remaining?

    For those not in the know, Jaffa Cakes are an ancient biscuit – sponge, topped with chocolate and a “smashing orangy bit in the middle” (a kind of sweet orange jelly).

    Sensibly wrapped in a strip of a dozen (otherwise you’d eat the whole packet!), they were heavily advertised in the 70′s by a sombrero wearing person…(who knows why?).

    Anyway, I digress – what I meant to ask was what’s the funniest thing you’ve seen written on the side of a vehicle?

    GO! Get Hyper!!

    Posted on October 25th, 2009 by Clinically Clueless

    YouTube Preview Image

    Now, I think that caffeine is the most socially acceptable drug/substance in the world and isn’t illegal.  I know, I can’t go without it…but I can stop anytime.  I have friends who under no circumstance will they ever be allowed to have coffee as they get so hyper.  I’ve come about 3 dials down from Jack in this clip. 

    Once, I was so unaware of the amount of caffeine that I had consumed and boy was that a big mistake.  I had my usual amount of coffee and as a treat pick up a latte on my way to work.  Then, they did a coffee run, so I requested my usual latte.  Well, by 9:30 am, I was driving everyone crazy including my self.  My secretary asked, “what the h*** is wrong with you today?”  She was laughing at me when I told her what I had done.

    Share a time that you became really hyper by something  (legal).

    Tweet what you eat – Twitter diet

    Posted on October 6th, 2009 by O'DB in the Forest


    A new ‘diet’ has hit Twitter. ‘Tweet what you eat’ is not so  much a diet, more an online food diary with calorie calculator that people can use via Twitter. The combination of accurately recording your food intake coupled with displaying it for chosen friends seems to be sufficient to enable people to lose weight, i.e. ensuring you know what you’ve eaten & recording it on the go via Twitter & even getting encouragement/discouragement from friends & family seems to allow those watching their weight to shed the pounds.

    Twitter-phile Stephen Fry is reported to have lost 6 stone (38kg or 84lbs) in 6 months, whilst the original comedic Little Britain Fat Fighter, Matt Lucas, has lost 1/2 stone in a fortnight.

    Personally not a big fan of fad diets, think it’s far healthier to enjoy what you eat & attempt to burn it off with exercise if able, but using mobile technology like Twitter in this format seems a good way to record your diet & share the process with family & friends.

    Michelle Obama preaches healthy on Sesame Street!

    Posted on October 5th, 2009 by Jim

    tick tockFresh (ish) from my New York trip I unfortunately didn’t get to catch up with the gang from Sesame Street as I was’nt sure if it was set in the Bronx or Queens! The trip was a success as an East Coast publisher requested the manuscript of GO! Smell the flowers so we’ll have to wait & see.

    With the U.S  of A’s hearty food portions (tick tock diner filled me up) I was never short of energy enjoying walking around the east side, meat packing district, MOMA, Bryant Park and the theatre district. 

    Central park by horse, Manhatten island by boat and the subway wherever possible I really got back into the New York way of life (beep, beep)

    Back to the topic in hand – FOOD! I was impressed to find this clip of one of the most powerful women in the world preaching healthy foods on Sesame street, brough to us, of course, by the Childrens Television workshop:

    YouTube Preview Image

    Good old Elmo, taking it in his stride and I wonder if cookie monster is now surplus to requirements?

    Comments welcomed on the state of healthcare situation in super-sized America in conjunction with sharing who your favourite Sesame street character is!  Try and link the two in your answer and let’s see where this one GO’!s

    This post was brought to you by the number 8 and the letters F, Y & I.

    Go! smell the cheese

    Posted on September 25th, 2009 by ethicaleater

    Hi from Chester (Deva) the old Roman fortress in the north west of England.


    Archaeological evidence of cheesemaking from Egyptian tomb murials dates back 2000years and the cheese is thought to be similar to salty feta.

    Basic cheesemaking involves separating milk into curds and whey.  This is done be acidifying the milk (with lemon or vinegar) then adding rennet.  Rennet is used to ‘set’ the cheese, if not used the cheese produced is crumbly.  Bacteria are used to convert milk sugars (lactose) into lactic acid (lactate) and also play a predominant role in flavouring cheese.

    I love mozzarella and ricotta on my pizza and a piece dolcelatte or stilton with a tot of wine or port.

    What are your favourite types of cheese?

    Pineapple! Why’d it have to be Pineapple?

    Posted on September 19th, 2009 by Purple13
    Why'd it have to be pineapple?

    Why'd it have to be pineapple?

    You’ve seen the film, you know the line by heart.

    So I too had an ‘Indy moment’ this morning at breakfast.

    What with my peppermint tea and wholewheat toast (with a slight – oh well – generous spreading of honey), I reached for my yoghurt. A yoghurt I believed to be my other favourite indulgence – black cherry flavour.

    So to say I was a tad disappointed when I tucked in and was greeted with Pineapple is an understatement.

    Creature of habit (nearly spelt that hobbit), my day has not started well. Will it improve? Tune in during the next few days to find out.

    After all, all great adventure stories have a sequel.

    In the meantime, what gets your day off to a bad start and how quickly can you recover or what do you do to recover?

    Go! smell the McDonalds. Or “do you want lies with that?”

    Posted on September 18th, 2009 by ethicaleater

    Hi from sunny Chester, U.K.

    Socialist, George Ritzer wrote of the ‘McDonalization of Society’ by which he uses Weberian ideals to explain how American society, followed by other societies worldwide, became principally like a fast-food restaurant.  The modern, fast-food style society operates under dimensions of efficiency, calculability, predictability and control.  Bureaucratic rationality aims to achieve a ‘means to an end’ with the least amount of effort possible, breaking down operations into logical, calculable steps; efficiency is thus achieved with minimum wastage.

    When considering fast-food outlets, each item of food is processed, weighed and dispensed to a specific measurement, again, predominantly aided by the use of computerised machines.  Every meal served can therefore be accounted for with virtually no waste to the company; making calculability a working criteria. 

    The third dimension of Ritzer’s perspective follows naturally from the other two; if every item is the same, meals are uniform in their limited variety, therefore customers will know what to expect.  Returning to a sense of routine, comfort and pleasure, content in the knowledge that wherever in the world they are, whether ordering from a McDonalds in Dallas, Texas or Chester, they will receive the same sized and the same tasting meal as they would when ordering from a McDonald’s in Dubai. 

    Lastly, control over the whole operation comes as a result of the afore-mentioned principles, plus the addition of non-humanised technology replacing human work load.  This dehumanising enables procedures to be controlled leaving little room for human error, innovation or variation.  Control is maintained throughout all processes; over the portion size, control over the raw vegetables used, over the training of the staff and how they prepare, cook and present the food, and finally over the customer. 

    By rationalizing operation in such a manner; irrationality occurs.  Although there are benefits to efficient systems, Ritzer suggests that fast-food restaurants no longer supply fast-food.  Queues increase at ‘drive-ins’, health problems increase as a result of the high fat, high sodium and sugary ingredients thus increasing health care expenditure plus environmental consequences and mounted concerns as ever more waste produced by fast-food outlets pollutes the planet.




    Do you think ‘McDonaldization’ has well and truly got ‘us’ by the short and curly fries?

    GO! Smell Ramadan part 3: Day 26

    Posted on September 17th, 2009 by Jim

    Day 26 of Ramadan here in Dubai and a three day EID break awaits making for along weekend for most . Whilst I respect the customs behind this event I have a Ramadan fact to share with the coffee community after I’d spend a day with a Muslim friend, Adaan who lives in Muscat, Oman.

    ‘Fasting Muslims are allowed to eat & drink during the daylight hours if they are deemed to be ‘travelling’.


     Allow me to put this into context: Adaan studied Engineering in Wrexham (NEWI college) in 1990 and as a fasting muslim during Ramadan didn’t eat during daylight hours. Other Muslims continued to eat during the day dining out in fine establishments such as the Turf pub near the Racecourse footy ground. They literally scoffed at fasting Adaan,  told him he was wrong and that ‘ those away from home can eat and drink normally’ PROVIDED that they make up the daylight fasting sometime during that year. He didn’t accept what they said and continued to ‘play it safe’ and not break any rules.

    However, it turns out his daylight chomping friends were right – those travelling or sick can eat and drink in daylight. So if the Dubai religious police picked YOU up for eating in daylight during Ramadan you could say you were ‘sick or travelling’  -right?

    I’m not so sure – maybe the law can still apply and you’re encouraged NOT to eat and drink in public no matter what! Comments welcomed, travelling, sick or otherwise.

    Milk in your coffee?

    Posted on September 16th, 2009 by Angela in Canada
    Picture from Photobucket.

    Picture from Photobucket.

    A disturbing report from a researcher in New Zealand suggests that milk may not be as good for you as you have been led to believe.

    Professor Keith Woodward, a professor of farm management and agribusiness at Lincoln University in Christchurch, New Zealand, has published material suggesting that a mutant protein (known as A1 Beta-casein) may have serious health implications.

    “While most dairy companies, trade groups and government agencies consider it harmless, a growing body of research implicates A1 beta-casein in diabetes, heart disease, autism and schizophrenia,” says a report by AlterNet’s Ari LeVaux.

    The book that Woodward has written on the subject is fraught with government and corporate cover-ups and denials about the health risks. Not much wonder in an industry that has built its reputation on the benefits of drinking what to all intents and purposes is one of the most natural, healthy beverages in the world.

    The biggest problem that Woodward has in proving his claims is that human health trials, (a necessary step to prove or disprove any scientific health claim), would be unconscionable on the off-chance that he is right. Although some tests performed on rats found a correlation between A1 and the development of diabetes.

    Interestingly there in an alternative that involves switching production to a different protein content known as A2 beta-casein. The problem is it takes about 10 years to switch the herd, which is not an attractive option to most dairy producers or the industry as a whole.

    The only other option (for those who are concerned) is to switch to goat or sheep milk, neither of which contain the mutant protein.

    Whether or not Dr. Woodward is correct it begs the question: just what is safe to eat, drink and do?

    The answer: Eat only in your imagination; drink only your own saliva and do absolutely nothing at all. Then you should be safe!

    Are you scared to drink milk now?

    Post comments @ coffee!


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