Overpaid & often talentless expats in Dubai

Posted on May 8th, 2009 by Sam in Dubai

Sam in Dubai from my first post here at GO! Smell the flowers and I need to get something off my chest immediately!

Jumeirah beach Dubai

Jumeirah beach Dubai

I have nothing against expats coming to Dubai for a better life, earning more money and enjoy their life, but what really annoys me is the way these expat look at Dubai and the locals. Allow me to rant if I may:

First they think that they are doing a favour for Dubai Locals by coming here, they think they are coming here to develop this place from ‘nothing to everything’. Maybe it is the other way around?


Secondly they look at the locals with very upper class stereo type mind that they don’t know anything, they are a bunch of lazy people who don’t want to do anything and we should never give them a chance to do anything otherwise we will be jobless.

Third they think they are above the law, they can drive while they are drunk and kill people, they can have sex on the beach, they can wear anything they want even if that meant walking naked in the public road, they can borrow money from the banks and if they can’t pay for any reason they should be allowed to go home and the bank should write off the loans, they can also¬†ignore traffic law and park infront of other peoples house in the Al Wasl area.

Failing that if they don’t ‘make it’ here¬† they often go squaking to all the international press to say how bad they were treated in Dubai, and there is no law, and so what they killed someone or they had sex on the beach.

This is Dubai and it should be normal, this is not UK or USA where we have to respect the law and not do such things. Go back 10 years to the case of the 2 british nurses who killed their australian colleague and stole her money from the ATM Machine, not only the british embassy in Saudi Arabia did their best to make the King release them, they went back to UK to write a lousy book about how they where mistreated in Saudi Arabia!

I guess they were expecting the integration to take place in 5 star hotel?

I feel better for writing that! Comments welcomed at my first post here in the garden! Thanks.

6 Responses to “Overpaid & often talentless expats in Dubai”

  1. frederica says:

    I agree with you…I have “allergy” to people who parasite the country they moved in for any kind of reasons (work, studies etc.)and start bombing with superficial opinions the people, the way of living instead of having respect and gratitude !
    i have lived in many different countries and travelled around a bit…i am belgo-egyptian…so imagine!and Dubai..i liked it very much, people are people anywhere,they bleed red and cry crystal tears.

  2. arvind says:

    Welcome to Flowers Sam and a great first post.

    Refreshing to read someone say it how it is rather than “flowering” it up. Dubai has a lot of good going for it, but like any other place in the world,I am sure it has it’s downsides too.

    If expats don’t like it in their host country they shouldn’t bother going there. Somehow expats anywhere in the world tend to assume a sense of superiority and of being above the law.

    I was speaking to a friend yesterday in London who has just been on a holiday to Abu Dhabi. He related a story of how his expat friend took him to a hotel bar and the way he really tore into the waiter (Indian origin) when asked to pay a cover charge. My friend was most embarrassed and diplomatically resolved what could have been a sticky situation.

    As my friend said, one should treat others the way we wish to be treated, expat or not!

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      Hi Arvind,
      I agree in the main, you can see terrible behaviour exhibited by some expats, those with “white man’s disease”. However I have to say in the last three places I’ve worked ni Asia they have not lasted long. In China, Thailand and India I have seen guys get sent homw for this sort of thing, most quickly in China, least quickly in India. I guess its also the fact that this sort of thing stands out as well. There are many perfectly fine expats.
      Maybe its worse in Dubai with the huge amounts of cash around bringing out the worst in people.

      I must say though that on a few occassions I noticed really terrible behaviour by some Indian guys towards lower classes. One time I was having lunch and the Bristol Towers in Delhi with a supplier and in the end I left and got a taxi back to the factory as I couldn’t take the way he berated and spoke down to the waiter so much. He tried it on in our plant a little towards a lower caste member of our team, I ended up having to have a word with him later on when we were alone to explain this was not something we could accept.
      In the end we had to desource his company.

      I think you can get twats wherever you are and maybe by the sound of it Dubai brings out the worst in people. That said when I visited there I didn’t see any of it.

      • O'DB says:

        Good point GiT.

        In India, particularly, the intrinsic caste system makes this sort of behaviour the norm.

        Exemplified well by the constant patronising & berating (eventually leading to torture) of the street boy by the TV host in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’: I know, it’s only a movie, but the whole premise is based on an inflexible caste system.

  3. auntie bets garden furniture row says:

    In fairness I think that it is rich of an islamic and therefore backward nation to have a go at advanced western culture. And that is what this post is doing. Shame on you for your racist behaviour

  4. Jim says:

    Hi Sam,
    Welcome to GSTF!

    You’re opened an expat can of worms with your post but I tend to agree with your points regarding the way SOME expats behave.

    Like many people world over you’re 80% ‘normal’ 10% sainly and 10% sinner and this post rings true for that…

    *99% of statistics are made up by the way!

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