Swine Flu – are you concerned?

Posted on April 30th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai where it appears we’ll be fine if swine flu makes it’s way to these shores?!?

Some statement after the virus has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 150 people in Mexico which has not been detected in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said its Health Minister Humaid Mohamed Al Qutami. He told the media here that the country was ready for any eventuality and advised the people not to panic. The Gulf state, he said, had adequate antiviral medication to cope with the disease.


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Meanwhile a ‘cure laboratory’ in North London is preparing to receive samples of the deadly swine flu virus from the US. Surely if Dubai has the cure then we can spread the antidote?


New cases are revealed in New Zealand &  Germany where victims are taking antiviral drugs and are under self-imposed quarantine. How far will this go and to see the latest map on where swine flu is taking hold just click here.

Do share you comments on this latest outbreak and how it is effecting where you live and while you’re at it here’s 10 key things you need to know.

34 Responses to “Swine Flu – are you concerned?”

  1. I’m very concerned about it as an international health crisis, but personally I am just a little concerned. From what I’ve read, prevention is like with other viruses which I do anyway. I am a little more concerned than I normally would be as my immune system is compromised due to my recovery from pneumonia. But, also due complications with my recovery, I am not able to drive, so I am not out much. However, I will need to be extra vigalent at my father-in-law’s service on Friday.

  2. Din Lubis says:

    Thank you so much for all info.
    What a valuable resource and
    trusted information.
    I shall be pleased to visit again

  3. Fertile Fish says:

    Based on what you wrote there Jim, Dubai did not claim to have the cure for swine flu, they said they had sufficient retroviral drugs for the region, something even good old champion of the people (don’t tell anyone he sold off the family gold years ago when the market was flat) Uncle Gordon Brown and other world leaders have done.

    There’s a big difference there Jim, either clarify with additional quotes or don’t put words in other people’s mouths.

    But a question to all you gullible mystics out there:

    So, you are diagnosed with swine flu, do you

    1) Contact your local shaman for some spiritual guidance and magic potions

    2) Contact your local medical professional organisation and receive clinically trialled and proven retroviral medications.

    • Whoa … is this like the Kobayashi Maru? Why do I have to choose?

      • Fertile Fish says:

        It’s a hypothetical situation, you only have one choice…..

        What’s it to be?

        • uncle cyril says:

          I’d ring a psychic who would accurately have foretold of this exact illness already and told me exactly how to avoid it.

          or not.

          its a fair question

          and you’ll get the standard hippy response- why not do both??

          erm because if you really believed in the validity of new age stuff you’d eschew the medical side and stick with the new age stuff. ……. i wouldn’t hold my breath though.

          this will be another one for the conspiracy theorist nuts no doubt

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      Not being a medical man and not wishing to be guilty of putting words into mouths but didn’t the main governments say they had ANTIretroviral drugs. I believe a retrovirus is a virus containing ribonucleic acid rather than deoxyribonucleic acid such as HIV and influenza, therefore antiretroviral drugs would be a better course of action.
      I guess I’m probably just being a bit picky though aren’t I.

      • Fertile Fish says:

        Copying The Fish’s argument hey Big Fella?

        Is plagiarism a symptom of small-man-syndrome too?

        Snigger snigger snigger

        • Gareth in Thailand says:

          erm read again. I was asking for clarification. You were going on about retroviral drugs rather than anti retroviral. I was confused as to if there was a difference between the two terms as to me, a layman, I would have thought anti-retrovirals would be far better.
          If you took the time to change the record you might have noticed. Still carry on with the same old matey, it really is still funny but not for the reasons you think.

          • Fertile Fish says:

            Always happy to be corrected by the Great One!

            Never you mind about the small-man-syndrome virus also doing the rounds, apparently you can’t catch it twice.

            Snigger snigger snigger arf arf

      • Jim says:

        I’d go with option 1 whilst wearing my tourmaline crystal as this is porbably all a government conspiracy theory to detract us away from the economic crisis anyway….

  4. I just saw this on a Facebook Profile Status:
    It was said that a black man would be president “when pigs fly”… indeed 100 days into Obama’s presidency… Swine Flu

  5. Lib says:


  6. A/C says:

    hmmmmm gone to moderation…..pls rescue

  7. sarahlam says:

    I knew about bird flu but I didn’t know that pig also has a flu epidemic.. Thank God I am not a pig eater.. Still this is a very serious issue.. I am concerned because it is contagious.. For once, I hope that all the pigs could be grouped on an isolated island.. then again, it is not logical.. *sigh*

    • Gareth in Thailand says:

      It has nothign to do with eating Pork or pig products in general. It is now passing human to human. Swine flu is the name given to it due to the origin of the strain of retrovirus.

      Personally I think its probably necessary to take the action they have and to raise awareness. This way it will be quickly contained as SARS was about 10 years ago. Nip it in the bud so to speak.

    • angryfromellesmereport says:

      How about grouping them in a little country called Pakistan (now there’s irony) and incinerating the lot

  8. ethicaleater says:

    Apparantly Sir Alex Fergusson was most perturbed when he heard you could get flu from drinking wine

  9. red dog says:

    I rang the NHS Direct line back in the UK to get some up to date advice for me and mine.

    Couldn’t hear a word from the other person through, just a load of crackling on the line…..

    Red Dog

  10. Lib says:

    Apparently Neil Diamond is going to cash in on this whole situation and re-release Dead, Dead Swine.

    Just ordering one now….

    • Jim says:

      Scary – just posted that on facebook Lib after getting it on a text….the twilight zone, law of attraction and quantum phsyics merge into one – or is it just the viral qualities of humour and technology?

      The UB40 version was far better anyway:


      Another one for the jukebox

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