Go! Find the Values in Life

Posted on April 27th, 2009 by Emma


We all have good days and bad, in fact, we may have good months or bad or even good years or bad.  Have you ever  stopped to think about what makes it a good day, month or year?  Maybe it is an event that happened or even the people you are with.

Dance in the fire of life

Dance in the fire of life

Sometimes it is deeper than that.

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 We all have values in life that we live by sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously.  If these values are lived to the full in our life, we tend to be happy and fulfilled.

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If something or someone is squashing our values then we tend to be unhappy.

My two top values that I cannot live without are VARIETY and FREEDOM.  In the profile questions, there are two questions that closely reflect our values; What are your passions?  What 5 words describe your personality?

Go! Visit some profile pages and get to know the members.  If you don’t have a profile, why not join today?

What are your top 5 values that are vital for your happiness? What makes you dance in the fire of life?

12 Responses to “Go! Find the Values in Life”

  1. Hmmm…This is tough as I have more than 5 and after I write this I will probably want to change this. Here goes…..


    • Emma says:

      That’s just it CC, our values are an on going list, and they will always be changing. Eventually though we find that there are a few values that we just cannot compromise. Without Variety and Freedom, I get depressed and miserable and so I know I have to have these in my life. My other values are always vying for position too! That’s what makes it fun!

  2. uncle cyril says:

    my own brilliance
    self loving
    laughter (at someone else normally)

    • Emma says:

      Am loving the ‘My own brilliance’ value, too few people recognise or even know what their own brilliance is!

      And what exactly is you own brilliance Uncle Cyril????

  3. Uncle cyril says:

    just everything i do. in any field. ever.

    sometimes people stop me in the street and tell me how I am amazing. i have to agree.

    it is this with the humility i have to accept my own excellence that sets me apart. i am sure that in a former life i would have been Jesus, Newton or Paul Shane.

  4. Lib says:

    Mmmm, things that are essential to my own happiness.

    Well, I’ve recently learned that its definitely not money, I’ve got a distinct lack of it at the moment and I’ve never been happier

    My own sanity

    *Subject to change

  5. Jim says:

    For Happiness I’d like to add ‘fulfillment’ if thats ok as for happy – Simpsons, curry, a crisp golf shot, connecting and belly laughing.

    For fulfillment – a muddy walk, lighting a fire, a starry sky, crashing out as my head hits the pillow and appreciating nature…

    Thought I’d differentiate the two.

    Dancing in the fire of life – for sure, provided there’s plenty of wood to burn! :-)

    • Emma says:

      Interesting differentiation Jim.

      What is the difference for you?

      • I agree with Jim that there is a difference from happiness and fullfillment. No stealing my reply Jim!!! :) For me happiness means things that make life enjoyable, fun and pleasant. More focused on the outside. Verses fullfillment which to me is a matter of the heart and soul. It is what makes you alive, what you commit to, a part of who you are as a person, that which satisfies the soul and is internally satisfying.

  6. uncle cyril says:

    pseudo hippy claptrap jimbo!

    can’t fulfillment make you happy?

    can happiness fulfill you?

    of course they can.

    however once again there is a need to look for hidden depth where there is none.

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