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Posted on April 17th, 2009 by Blue Collar Goddess

There’s always so much to jump up and down about.
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Most of you regular folk are aware that I’m a “Spiritual Life Coach”.  At least that’s what I call myself.  It’s a bit more credible than “I work for a psychic hot-line” which seems to translate to something a notch above “900 sex line” based on the response I’ve been getting from the general public.  It’s a good thing I don’t hang with them.  The General Public.

This last month for ten hours a day — approx. seven hours of solid phone time daily — I’ve commiserated with people who usually have serious questions; because they don’t trust their own intuition or more correctly, they don’t want to accept responsibility for their choices and/or they are seeking permission to move forward to pursue some goal.  Most of the time this seems to be about getting laid. 
Incidentally I get paid about twenty cents a minute.  I’m supposed to get a raise in the near future.  That’s beside the point.  I put that info. here because this seems to be the question I get asked most, “How Much You Makin’?” and I really don’t feel like fielding that comment.

I look at this as my internship for my ultimate goal, to become a Certified Life Coach.  I’m prompted to post this in the garden for a few reasons.

This is what I’ve learned in the last month:  People live in fear.  Deep, dark fear.  The vast majority of the questions I get are based in an inability to accept truth about their lives or the truth about the people they associate with or who they want to associate with.

People live in pain.  Deep, dark pain.  They are unwilling to let go of it, because they are afraid (there’s that FEAR again) that if they do there will be a gaping hole that must be filled with something else, probably more pain.  It’s easier to live with the pain you know, than to let go of it and hope that something beautiful will grow.  I’ve had more people tell me that they are perfectly happy being UNhappy.  Not in so many words, you dig?   I’m editing for brevity.

People live with a bizarre sense of entitlement. “I have been through so much, why doesn’t anything good ever happen to me?  Why can’t I just sit here and have God cater to all my whims?  Why did so and so win the lottery and NOT me?!  Why do I have to work so hard to get what I want?  Wah.”  Enter in the sound of Dire Straits — singing about getting a blister on your little finger, a blister on your thumb.

YouTube Preview Image

Here’s the kicker – - People DO create their own realities.  WE create our own reality.
Never in my life, have I witnessed this truth more than I have in the last month.   When I lay out my oracles (I have several decks of Tarot Cards that give me a birds eye view of what is happening with my client of the moment) it’s my job to translate an unhappy ending (if indeed, this is what I am viewing) to it’s “highest possible power”.

Here’s where it becomes difficult.  I have to practice what I preach.  I was one of those people who sat back and wondered why I had to do more than breathe.  I was one of those people who felt that God owed me because of my crappy childhood, etc.   I’m realizing more and more the power of positive thinking.  Not JUST the power of positive thinking but having the faith to push forward when the sky is dark grey and a picnic is planned.

Yeah, it’s a metaphor.  Nine times out of ten, the person I’m talking to is in crisis.
They have reached the end of the rope, they’ve tied a knot and they’re swinging.  The final point in my recent discovery about people, is that most of them just don’t want to HEAR the truth — so they pick up a phone and they call a side kick hot-line, they pay $4.30 a minute to listen to someone who will probably give them pink and fluffy bunnies or convince them that they have some sort of curse to blame for all their woe.

I don’t do that.  I’ve been told on a number of occassions that “the last psychic I talked to said something else!”

And then I remind them that they called again, with the same question, so their gut must have told them they were ready to hear the truth.  “Do you want the truth honey?”

They say “yes …” and I tell them, “You’re going to be okay.  But the trip there is going to be bumpy.  Are you ready?”

Some of them hang up.  The rest?  Usually ready to start creating a better reality.

And I Love Them All, by the way.

So how about you?  What reality have you created?  Are you ready for the truth?  Do you have a bizarre sense of entitlement?  Or have you just convinced yourself that you’re royally screwed and the Universe is out to get you?

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehl_VQuKRTc

    The above link will take you directly to the video on You Tube. Sorry … didn’t realize embedding was disabled. *sheepish grin*

  2. Gareth in Thailand says:

    No rose coloured glasses here, just a large mugaccino of reality.
    I got what I have through work, I’ll get where I want to be by working harder – and not just material or workplace items I also mean my relationship with my wife, family and freinds. If you aren’t honest to yourself then forget it. Its great to day dream, wonder what if but not at the expense of reality.
    Its strange because most of us that post the stark reality here are called thorns at one point or another.

    My favourite life coach in action, take heed everyone then go eat a cookie, smoke a butt or pop your cahunas – all three is fun.


  3. Great post,

    I know that I don’t have a bizzare sense of entitlement. In fact, I run in the opposite where I feel I don’t deserve antything. Despite the stuggles that I’ve had and have in my life, I have never had the sense that life or the universe is “out to get me.” Rather, I am grateful to be here and to have the support to help me through it.

    Ironic…in therapy, we have been focusing on the reality of how bad and painful my childhood was, how my mother will never give me what I needed and want, and the harder reality of how much self-hatred is rooted in everything I do, think and say. Those are the realities that I created to survive, but I’m trying to face the truth which is incredibly painful. But, it is worth the effort..most of the time, I think that and it just sucks.

  4. A/C says:

    Hey mate…

    20 cents minute your geting ripped off…*smile*
    I use The Universal Waite deck, nice and gentle cards anyways off topic

    I did think the Universe was screwing me over in no uncertain terms, serious.
    I was told recently in a spontanious reading that was given not requested, that from time time over many lifetimes you can carry a negative genetic program… where you keep making the same mistakes in many lifetimes until you change you thinking in a total way mind body and spirit.
    So for the past 3 months or so, this is what I have been doing.
    No negative thinking as such but lies either. If some one is being a jerk I decided thats their problem not mine and I told them so. Not my crap to carry.
    Truth compassion and thoughtful caring. Since grabbing hold (and it has been a huge internal battle manifesting itself physically) I now feel better, look and feel younger, my stress levels have fallen, I laugh and enjoy so much more and my family is happier.

    BTW when you get to the of 30 you really cant blame your childhood, because you have been adult longer than you ever were a child.

    • Really? A “negative” genetic program? Okay … see, this is what just yanks my chain. I have marvelous people just like you call me all the time telling me that someone else has said that they have a “curse” or … some issue that you just described. Our souls have a plan! There is NO negative genetic program. There is NO curse. If, in fact, we are making the “same” mistake over and over again we will have the opportunity to learn whatever it is that we need to learn eventually and move on to make OTHER mistakes. In fact, get a book by Rob Schwartz called “Your Soul’s Plan”. It’s stunning. I met him a few weeks ago. Changed my whole life. I think I’ll post a picture.

      • grrrr … I thought we could post peektures somewhere out here. *sighs* Okay … if you’re interested, hit me up on FaceBook and I’ll point you in the direction. ~muah!~

        • A/C says:

          Sounds cool… lol..
          I thought much like you, but did look around me and find alot of negative issues all of my own creating… I think it has been a matter of taking responsiblity for my own actions and look at my intent in everyway…
          Has been a wake up call, when I examined many things… :-) catch you on facebook.. do you twitter?

  5. Lib says:

    Hi BCG,

    I think it’s very much about whether you choose to be a victim or not.

    Ultimately no one is going to help you except for your self. No one else is in charge of your destiny, you are.

    As women we are programmed to always want more and to always be searching, its just how you acknowledge that and deal with it.

    I had no idea that this is what you do. Having not met these people, how do you know what their futures hold for them?

    Do you advise them on how to get to where they want to be?

    And who’s getting the other $4.10?

    • Absolutely. You are spot on with the “victim vs. survivor” mentality. I’d like to see more people dump BOTH mentalities and move to a place where they can choose to ENJOY!
      I have no idea what their futures hold for them. Not a clue. I simply read the oracles and if the outcome doesn’t look pleasent, I guide them to a NEW outcome IF they choose to go that route. That’s the edited version of what I do.
      The company I work for gets the other $4.10 — which is why I am desperately saving for my Life Coaching Certification. It’s one thing to state that I can HELP, it’s entirely another to have the credibility to accompany that statement.

  6. Jim says:

    Hi BCG,

    Welcome back and loving your posts, your ‘brand’ and your observations on people not ‘ hearing’ the truth.

    Is there a social network online for what you do – just a thought? A corner in the garden here at flowers, perhaps??

    Our own realities for sure – have you seen what the bleep do we know, yet? Well worth a look:


    • Oh yeah! I’ve been on that trip for a long time. It was Peter that gave me the heads up about “What The Bleep” some years ago. I’ll start working on that “corner” — but I gotta tell ya, we telephone side kicks are a secretive bunch. http://www.whatthebleep.com/

      • Jim says:

        Loving the telephone side kicks brand…

        Maybe you could feature a case here once a week and the learnings from it or is it all tip-top confidential?

        Down the rabbit hole…

        • I was already thinking that — perhaps posting my hits & misses.
          I have a pretty amazing accuracy rate, if I do say so myself. Although it does seem that when I miss, I miss by a million miles. So either I’m ON or … Not.
          I can post situations and readings anonymously, there’s no need to post actual names, I can make them up — and you know I’m keeping a notebook for my book anyway.

          • Jim says:

            Great idea…

            Names withheld to protect etc….

            I reckon it could be your niche here a GSTF posts…

            Side kick hot line, hot lines! i.e the highlights

  7. uncle cyril says:

    the reason people will have phoned the same number and got two different opinions is because both are made up generalisations to infer a mystical gift that they have built their lives around. without it they are nobody. with it they feel they exist.

    bottom line is this

    i will let anyone give me a tarot card reading and post the findings up on here. lets see how much would be general and what would be specific.

    i’ll see if anyone has the confidence in a test like this. if its a true gift you should be able to give me specifics about my life that the cards tell you. i will bet 100 pounds to the charity of your choice if you get a 50% specific hit rate.

    any takers?

    • This happened to me three times yesterday, in a row! Must be something in the “air” — I’ll have to discuss THAT with an astrologer friend of mine who is more in tune with where the stars are at.

      Lady One is on the line, says, “Hi, this is so and so. I am interested in so and so.” I say, “okay! tell me about the situation.” She refuses, “I ain’t gonna tell you nuthin’ …” (literally, she said that.)

      I pondered her “energy” which was very closed and considered telling her that if she wasn’t so frigid that so and so would like her more, but that wouldn’t be nice now, would it? I explained that in order for me to lay out the cards / oracles, I’d need some kind of feedback — for instance, was so&so a lover? A friend? What? She said, “You tell me!” I intuited that so&so was a lover from what I had quickly laid out, said as much; she hung up. I’ll never know. I … uh … don’t care?

      And that’s how I read. I use energetic feedback and help people find solutions. Without the feedback, I don’t know who the people are in the layout that I’m seeing (actually, sometimes I do but it helps if I have confirmation of “oh yeah! That’s me mum!”) or if I’m going in the “right” direction.

      The goal of the tarot is to use the symbols and move them towards a place of reckoning. ANYONE can use them, and ANYONE can come up with an answer. And you’re right, call five side-kicks and you’ll get five different answers. It truly does depend on the question.

      Here’s the kicker, most people call because they don’t want to own their truth. “Does so and so love me? Is he coming back? Will I win the lottery and will my children be okay? What happens when I die? Is the sky blue? huh? huh?”

      The tough ones aren’t the general readings (which I don’t do anyway, but hey, to each his own) it’s the ones that say, “am I gay?”
      “If I join the Military, will I die?”
      And then the sweet little old lady who called me last week, “Will I get what I want for my birthday?”

      I won’t take you up on your offer, but I think you should go out and donate 100 hours to a community project close to you because the cards say so.

      You can just shrug it off and say, “It’s a bunch of bull, I don’t have to help my community — those cards mean nuthin’. Hack!”

  8. denmarkguy says:

    As I read this, the first thing that came to mind (vis-a-vis “entitlement”) is that people in the US (at least) may just have a reading problem.

    OK, so that’s said with tongue firmly in cheek… but…

    The Declaration of Independence gives us the Right to the PURSUIT of happiness… but many people in the US of A seem to negatively hallucinate the word “pursuit” and believe they have the right to HAPPINESS, itself… and hence are entitled to it. And really bummed, if FedEx doesn’t show up at their door with an overnight package of said happiness.

    As you know, I’m a big believer in Creating our own Reality. And you’ve seen me do it. I’ve also been part of more self-growth workshops and retreats than I care to think about and the sad truth is that even so-called “enlightened” people sit around and teach that “good things” are going to come along and materialize out of thin air. Where I differ with these ostensible gooroos in diapers is in the process of “Creating.” Creating is not a passive word. A painting does not create itself; it comes about as a result of brush and paint touching canvas. Whether the artist creates the image, or their hand is merely an instrument of God’s design, fact remains that paint was moved from tubes and palette to canvas.

    So many people, it seems, want “permission” to feel what they feel, do what they do… and often the permission they seek it to not be personally accountable. They want permission to believe that something *outside* themselves caused a negative outcome… not their OWN poor choices. Personal accountability for a less-than-perfect situation can be a tough place to get to… especially in this world so overloaded with subtle (and not so subtle) imagery that suggests we’re “failing” unless we DO have it ALL.

    Keep telling the Truth, honey. And… Love is the answer.

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