GO! Smell the real story of the Easter bunny!

Posted on April 10th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai – any over dosing on Easter chocolate yet or chasing Easter bunnies as another excuse approaches?

Does Easter mean anything more to you than that or does it have a deeper meaning:

YouTube Preview Image

The first recorded celebration of this pagan rabbit and eggs came from German immigrants in Pennsylvania. Here’s an off the wall campaign to try and get people to GO! to church:

YouTube Preview Image

Funny or offensive? Chocolate or the rabbit? Easter comments welcomed and what will you be up to?

21 Responses to “GO! Smell the real story of the Easter bunny!”

  1. A/C says:

    Hey Jim nice post

    The Easter bunny is actually a fertility symbol from Europe. It was used to celebrate the Spring Festival and to celebrate the coming season with crops, animals, and of cause famiy. Given the expression breed like rabits.

    Chocolate came from Germany and the tradition took on a more commercial aspect. The timing of Easter has more to do with The Pagan festival than anything else, The Christian representation was combined with the pagan festival in order to allow for an easier transition for the common folk as they refused to give up this tradition.

    So most people celebrating have the tradition of the Easter Bunny,Chocolate and the the timing cn thank their Pagan forefathers for it.

    That being said I will be eating chocolate, loads I expect, and sitting down to watch Twilight(vampires go well wih Chocolate) and relaxing nicely at home…

  2. Jim,

    Cartoon: so irreverant, so cleaver, so funny, lol!!!

    2nd video: strange campaign all right.

    For me and other Christians, Easter is the most important day. For myself, if the death and resurrection of Jesus did not occur than I can live my life anyway I want; however, I believe in the resurrection after much research and my own experiences and transformation.

    It is also special for me as I became a Christian on Easter Sunday, I found my favorite cross that I had lost for two years, and most of all my Grandpa called and was very excited to tell me that he had become a Christian. All happening on Easter Sunday.

    It totally changed the meaning and my feelings about Easter because although we didn’t celebrate it growing up, my mother and step-father always had their most violent fights on that day. After becoming a Christian that changed forever.

    Sorry to go on, but the day is very special to me. Plus, I can eat all the chocolate I want…that has to be a good day!!!


  3. in between dodging the ASEAN protesters I’ll be in the pool, SCUBA diving & snorkelling – that and selling rocks to the protesters to lob at the Thai Dibble on duty in abundance right now.

  4. in between dodging the ASEAN protesters I’ll be in the pool, SCUBA diving & snorkelling – that and selling rocks to the protesters to lob at the Thai Dibble on duty in abundance right now.

    • Jim says:

      GO! Well and happy diving!

      • Gareth in Thailand says:

        All got a bit dodgy yesterday, couldn’t get out of the house and there was plenty of kick offs next door at the Royal Cliff Hotel. I watched it with a beer from the balcony, occasionally shouting ‘Charge’ when the police were backing off.

  5. Hilary says:

    Hi .. I should be at Church now .. but I’m not – and again on Sunday I should go, but probably won’t .. however I feel in touch with God – we Brits tend to have a quiet approach to faith. However I’d hate to lost the Church.

    I’ve just been writing about Palm Sunday and Holy Week .. & tomorrow is the Easter bunny day & Sunday will be the Resurrection and chocolate eggs .. it’s a good mix. I did like the Life of Brian snip .. and the fat white rabbit .. perhaps just not today?!

    Enjoy Easter everyone & peaceful memories to those who will be at Church ..

    Hilary Melton-Butcher
    Positive Letters

  6. sarah says:

    I wonder when can I be recognised as ‘not spam’ so I can enjoy commenting. Easter is unfortunately not a holiday here otherwise, I would enjoy decorating the eggs (even if I am not celebrating it).

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