No joke – Women only buses in Dubai!

Posted on April 8th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from sunny Dubai where ‘women only’ buses have just been announced! A far cry from the days of sexist sitcoms such as Britain’s on the buses:

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From the recently installed air conditioned bus shelters, Dubai will also become the first city in the region to introduce buses for female passengers, the Emirates news agency (WAM) reported yesterday.

“The ladies-only bus service will start on April 10 to accommodate the increasing number of female passengers,” said Mohammad Abu Bakr Al Hashimi, director of Planning and Business Development at the Public Transport Agency of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

He said seven buses would operate on one route from Muhaisnah (near Lulu Village) to Satwa via Muraqqabat Road, Deira City Centre, Karama and World Trade Centre Interchange. The bus service will be available from 6.30 to 9am and from 4 to 8pm. Operational times will be increased subsequently.

He said that the buses would be normal RTA buses showing a sign displaying ‘women only’. The ladies-only route has been named ‘L55′. He added that they would start with male drivers but introduce female drivers if the service proved a hit. Whatever would blakey say?

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ALL comments on this initiative are welcomed right hereĀ  – is this REALLY necessary? Do tell.

22 Responses to “No joke – Women only buses in Dubai!”

  1. O'DB says:

    What’s the rationale given by Dubai RTA for women only busses?

    I don’t know: wait ages for one bus load of women then two come at once. Or something.

    • I too would like the rationale? Why not just increase the number of buses on the route. Why specify women? I can see rationale, but it is speculation as I don’t know why they are really doing this? If it makes, sense then I like it. If it is sexist, then I am angry. :-)

  2. Jim says:

    LOL O’Db…

    That’s life…


  3. uncle cyril says:

    I think its because if the bus is full of women only and it crashes it won’t make much of a difference. if its mixed a clever or important man may be injured. i also suggest the women only buses have women only drivers and women only bus lanes- that way the poor little dears will only kill themselves and clog up their own lanes.

    • Jim says:

      Oh dear…

      I think it’s related to givving ladies here their own space. THe new LRT system is rumoured to have a ‘women only’ carriage – plus others for children!

  4. If its women only do they still have to dress up like pepper pots while they’re on board ?

    • Jim says:

      Local dress would remain I imagine….

      Are there any ‘MEN’ on the bus?

      NO disguises allowed!

  5. nursarahanya says:

    testing.. testing once again..

  6. sarah says:

    testing.. testing..

  7. Shane says:

    The rationale is that men only think women are good for one thing (every four days at least) and there is no need to be around women otherwise!

  8. sally says:

    ok i dont really use buses, but if i did especially late at night or in not so great areas id love a women only bus. You see i have that ability to attract nutters. If there is one on the bus they will sit next to me ! without question ! x

  9. sally says:

    dont get me started on hen dos!!!x

  10. Purple13 says:

    I actually drove a bus for a local bus company for nights for about 4 years – the usual p/t job fitting around being a house-husband.

    I was always acutely aware that there were women standing on their own at bus stops in the middle of nowhere or in busy city centers etc and on one occasion as i approached a bus stop, i saw two women being harassed by a gang of lads – the women didn’t wave for me to stop but I did anyway.

    Just to get them out of the situation – I just told them to get on and sit down and i’d drop them further up the street etc as they wished.

    For my trouble, the gang of lads smashed a side window and attempted to throw a lighted firework through the hole they’d made. Luckily for us, they missed. I still have thoughts of what might have happened if it had gone off – visions of flames sweeping through the foam seats and killing us all…..

    So maybe women only buses driven by women is a way of making more women use the bus service? I hope its none of this women can’t be seen inferior malarky they seem to go in for in these countries.

    Sure to each their own but personally I don’t agree with it – not one bit.

  11. Red Dog says:

    Living in the bosom of this delightful oasis I have to ask myself; who will ride these ‘women only’ charabancs?

    Emirati women will be as likely to get on a bus (single sex or not) as they are to protest naked across the Sheikh Zayed Road. Other woman probably couldn’t give two shakes of a lambs tail how it’s configured, as long as it’s on schedule and the a/c is working.

    Can’t beat ‘em for trying but it has shades of the white elephant that is the bus only lane on the M4 from Heathrow to Chiswick. Permanently empty while everyone else stews in the other lanes.

    Like you Jim I also heard of a “1st class” carriage on the MTS. Bout as useful as a chocolate teapot I reckon……

    • Jim says:

      Agreed, chocolate fireguards all round….

      (Red dog your showing anonymously at the moment as we reloaded flowers with new software – all you have to do is start your profile with your name in ‘members’ and it’ll start showing…



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