Our 40th free flowers caption contest!

Posted on April 7th, 2009 by Jim

Easter flowers anyone?

Time for another free flowers caption competition here at GO! Smell the flowers – our 40th since December 2006. The global downturn doesn’t stop us giving away flowers ya know & daisies cost nothing!

Your chance to win $60 of flowers delivered anywhere in the world courtesy of our partners Flora 2000, the International delivery experts. All you need to do to win the flowers is in less than 20 words submit your captions for this image:


You could always send Easter flowers to someone right now, anywhere in the world . Simply click on our flower banner and use promo code GST2K8 and you’ll be entitled to a bit of flower smelling discount!

Contest ends on Friday 10th April 2009 Midnight Dubai time. ALL are welcome & Good luck

31 Responses to “Our 40th free flowers caption contest!”

  1. O'DB says:

    Ever thought about packing in smoking? Your hands are just starting to stain a little.

  2. O'DB says:

    Even under an umbrella I’m getting sooo wet.

  3. sally says:

    Darling? does this umbrellla make me look camp ?

  4. sally says:

    that would be umbrella!

  5. moooooog35 says:

    Hookers in Amsterdam will screw just about anyone.

  6. moooooog35 says:

    William pasted on his best smile, hiding the fact that although the girl was really hot, she was not the Harry Potter’s Collector figurine he had asked the genie for.

  7. moooooog35 says:

    When blind girls date.

  8. cocutzamisca says:

    Can you see the love in my eyes?Its like a flower in the spring…

  9. uncle cyril says:

    A strategically inserted umbrella ensured the siamese nerd twins never got wet

  10. “Nice to think that that umbrella led me to a vow.” from “Bus Stop” by the Hollies from 1966. :-:-)

    One of my very favorite songs of all time.


  11. SufiHeart says:

    Give me a hint of your scent

  12. Brad Clardy says:

    My contest submission:

    “The umbrella of love can only be shared by two people that have the heart of one.”

    By Brad Clardy

  13. kate says:

    My entry:

    Barbie & Ken live happily ever after…xxx

  14. ?You can hide under my umbaaarelllaaa ella ella eh eh under my umbaaarelllaaa ella ella eh eh?

    If you sing that crap song I’d rather peel my testicles with a blunt cheesegrater.

  15. Clark Kent thought “sod it, Lois Lane has never put out in all these years I’m off with blondie”

  16. Impending attack by flying mushrooms from the planet Funguris meant Superman’s alter ego still wouldn’t get laid.

    • O'DB says:

      with these new style avatars I can’t see yours clearly, but presume using my powers of deduction & the famed scouse wit & rivalry, it’s something about rinsing the sh*t out of Liverpool to give Everton.

      I wish I could get some of that magic Ariel to wash the sh*t out of Forest to give a half decent side that at the very least could consolidate in the lowly Championship. Went to Barnsley (A) on Sat: f*ck me talk about time warp. When they do the next ‘Life on Mars’ & want to set it in a S.Yorks hole at the turn of the 19th century, they should make a bee-line for B*rnsley.

      • The caption is “Really does wash the shite out of your shirt”
        Was always a pity Forrest went down. Nottinghaam was a great away day. Did the Barnsley lads still sport streaked hair and printed denims? Last time I went there they were all on display & it was only 4 years ago.

        • O'DB says:

          yep, moonwash, ice-wash denim & Paul Calf bleached mullets are still all the rage.

          All caught in Scargill’s miners’ strike, too. Think by going into their ground we broke some kind of strike-line. Scab, Scab, Scab still rings out – & that’s about as imaginative as it gets. Think the bleach in their quiffed mullets & jean jackets has rotted their minds.

          20k in the ground of which 4k (sold all allocated to us) was Forest & hardly a peep from them. Only got 16 themselves because it was 5er in for home fans.

          Best summary chant of the day directed at the Tykes:
          No noise from the 5pound boys

          • You should have just thrown an Ipod into their stand, it’d have been like the Chimp scene at the start of Kubrick’s 2001 A space odyssey

          • O'DB says:

            ha ha

            But don’t mention chimps round those parts: like the Frenchman chimp that was hung in Darlington (urban myth) you’d get strung up suggesting other life-forms, let alone technology

  17. sarah says:

    What the heck are we doing here with an umbrella when there is no rain?

  18. Purple13 says:

    The live action Simpsons movoie had got off to a bad start – the rain had flatterned ‘marje’s’ hair-do and the guy playing ‘homer’ looked more like Clarke Kent in a bad golf outfit

  19. Purple13 says:

    What happens when you let golf attire models loose….

  20. Red Dog says:

    Japanese scientists mostly successful in creating Brad and Janet clones for Rocky revival

  21. polybore says:

    Is that a bowl of petunias in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me.

  22. Jim says:

    Contest close folks!

    Will announce the winner right now…

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