How High’s the Water Momma? Time for floods…

Posted on April 6th, 2009 by A/C

The start of 2009 has certainly been a wake up call for those of us on the East Coast of Australia. The last 2 months have given us some indication of things to come and if the rest of world has been watching then it should be shaking in its boots:

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Most of the world watched as Victoria burned, 173 (revised) died, thousands homeless and the carnage left in the wake was something akin to a war-zone. Thankfully these towns are in the process of rebuilding, makeshift caravan and tents cities have been erected and the help is for the most part going where it is needed.

2009-flood-042New South Wales was 6 weeks ago under water. Effecting thousands of people, my son and his family included. Leaving several Towns being declared Natural Disaster Zones.

Last week yet again the Township of Bellingen was flooded, in what is being described by Meteorologists as a once in century weather event. The town of Coffs Harbour, Urunga, Thora and several others where literally cut off from the rest of the world for many days. The Bellingen River reached it peak at 8.6 Metres above the the bank. This trapped 1700 people of the township including my son and his family. My Daughter in Law’s father had more than 2 feet of water rushing through his house and lost everything except the photos. Thankfully no lives where lost, and even with the 70-80 people who were either swept away or trapped in their cars everyone is safe and well. Once again a Natural Disaster Area has been Declared.

Now we have awoken to the news of a block Ice the size of Jamaica and half the size of Scotland is about to break free of Antarctica. Wilkins Ice Shelf where it connects to Charcot Island is in the throws of removing itself.

wilkins26nov2008timeline_hWilkins Ice Shelf is connected to Latady Island by an Ice Bridge. During February 2008 this bridge shrank by more than 14%

The European Space Agency made the discovery public

Many changes occurred to the ice shelf in 2008, as witnessed by Envisat. In late February, 425 sq km of ice calved away, narrowing the ice bridge down to a 6-km strip. At the end of May a 160-sq-km chunk of ice broke away and reduced the ice bridge to just 2.7 km, leaving it only 900 m wide at its narrowest location.

Click here for the full report ESA Portal

Many people seem to think this is a natural event something which happens as a part of the earths changing and evolving climate. This may be the case the Earth is warming and has done before, however it is the rate to which the change is happening which no one Lay person or Scientist can argue. Latest news this morning is the Ice Bridge has broken up.

You can see Space Cam. Watch the Ice Shelf here.

As the Earth’s weather changes we can expect many things, from the wild conditions we are experiencing here in Australia to rising sea levels. Climatologists seem to agree that the weather will become more intense, storms, cyclones, hurricanes, drought, floods, tornado’s, extreme temperatures and all manner of weather is set to only become more extreme.

At the present rate of change it is expected the Arctic region will be ice free with in 30 years that is within our lifetimes, the sea levels will rise by up to 2 metres and many Islanders in the pacific are being moved to high ground as their islands are already feeling the effects.

It is true that Australia is responsible for less than 1% of the entire global carbon emissions, but our weather is effected by the rest of the world. What you do in the Northern Hemisphere effects our climate change down here. The entire planet needs to work together, the lesson the effects.

On an individual basis we can all pull our weight, we all have heard it before, however until Governments put people, our children’s future and the planet first the point is mute.

It is time for a change in how we view our future, what good is a bank balance, a job, or even an economy if there is no one around to appreciate it.

Perhaps it is time for the world to stop using excuses and start building solutions.

Is it time to ‘DO‘ rather than Talk?

What is the first thing that should change?

What are you doing?

2 Responses to “How High’s the Water Momma? Time for floods…”

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for this A/C and I had no idea that Oz was still in a state of strife – once media attention stops ‘we’ assume all is well & back to normal…

    Maybe we are re-thinking the whole material model of who owns what – as you say – what good is it all, really?

    THe first thing that should change? Corruption with the rich getting rich.

    What am I doing? Trying to get by whilst keeping it real :-)

    • A/C says:

      thanks mate

      Its been a trying and worrying few weeks…

      the experts tell us it will just get more as the climate shifts so high ground is the place to be..

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