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Posted on March 31st, 2009 by A/C

Hi from Oz!

Over the years, I have observed many, many forms of human behaviour and although I do not possess the necessary degrees which accompany those who claim to have an understand of human behaviours, I do think it has given me an interesting way to understand why people do what it is they do.

elizabeth_taylor_and_richard_burton_in_cleopatraOne of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) emotion within humanity is Love. Yes I hear you ‘oh its a soppy post’, Well not really.

Love can and does influence every day every moment of our lives, awake or asleep, at home at work, our very thoughts are influenced in one way another by love. It influences the very reason we do many of the things we do, if not for our own survival then for the survival of those we love, to make their lives easier, to give them what we can, to make allow them to achieve their full potential. All these things are because of love.

Think about it for a moment, can you find any part of your life which is not affected? There are many types of Love which come under this umbrella.
The love of
Your town

Love can drive you mad, provide comfort, make you feel whole, split your soul, give you a desire to protect and destroy. It will guide you and destroy you, leave and come back to you. It is the one emotion over which we seem to have no control. It can be unconditional as from a child to a parent, of a pet to its owner. It can be passionate or subdued, fill you with a sense of pride or disappointed, joy and anger and all things in between.

Throughout history great sonnets have been written,

Romeo and Juliet live on in memory,

“Is love a tender thing? It is too rough, too rude, too boisterous; and it pricks like thorn.”

YouTube Preview Image

Even the trogan wars where fought for love, Cleopatra and Mark Antony

“Age cannot wither her, nor custom stale, Her infinite variety.”

Religious text are full of passages of love driving the story (love of God).

It seems we live our lives for the most part, whether we acknowledge it or not, in a perpetual search for and desire to have and protect those we love.

Think about it for a moment. Whether we recognise it our not we each touch someones life, even for the briefest moment in time. Even a school yard Crush can be the most intense emotion as we learn to accept and move through the emotional roller coaster.

When love touches each of us, it is unique. It could be that puppy which greets you at the door each day, a friendly smile from a mate, a child excited to share their day or your soul mate waiting for you. What ever it is, it is part of you and your story.

It can be so strong that you would give your life in very act of protecting those you love, drive you destraction, comsume your very essence, or be the catalist for war. What ever the out come it will have its beginnings in Love.

What moments do you hold dearest to you heart?

How has Love touched you?

10 Responses to “Go! Spread the Love”

  1. Mark in Peru says:

    Whether consciously or unconsciously, the desire to love and be loved drives every single human action, even those that end up harming self or others.

    At our deepest level all we want is to be connected to the Source, the Universe, God (or whatever name you want to give it) and our biggest fear is that we are separate from this and have been abandoned.

    We are all on a journey back to that place and while there are an infinite number of life paths there is only one conclusion. Love.

  2. The moments that I hold dearest to my heart are those times spent with family and friends and even strangers making a connection which has its basis in love.

    For, me God’s love through Christ has transformed my life and literally saved it. (No, debate…my own experience.) It has also taught me to love myself and others more. Also, to accept love from others. It is still a struggle that I strive to achieve.

    My husband has taught me more about love than anyone else…not just sexual and romantic, but friendship, unconditional, playful, giving and receiving etc…

  3. mike says:

    Love is a strange and wonderful thing


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