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Posted on March 22nd, 2009 by Emma

Checking in here in Dubai following on from Angela’s great juicy post on March 5th, I came across some very easy and delicious sounding juices I thought I would share here. They are my kind of recipe – visual and make up the quantities as you go along.

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So this got me thinking: Whether you believe that these remedies really work or not, they are healthy alternatives to your everyday diet. I am trying to cut out cheese, bread, biscuits and all those other delicious high carb, high sugar foods from my diet.

What healthy alternatives are there? Either in your diet or as a metaphor for your life, that you would like to introduce into your daily routine?

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  1. O'DB says:

    Generally trying to maintain & improve fitness. Getting a good sweat on definitely relieves stresses & strifes of life for me.

    Those Romans had a point with the dictum healthy body, healthy mind. & orgies. & vomitoriums (apparently an urban legend, but still like the idea of feasting on rich food & fine wine only to purge the stomach for more).

    • Emma says:

      Ha ha! The thought of vomitoriums . . . eeeugh! And I like the idea of feasting on rich food and wine with no inches on the waist! An urban myth that it is healthy though.

  2. Food: unhealthy snacks
    Exercise: before I became ill, I had started to walk on the treadmill again
    Life: exchange unhealthy relationships for those that are healthier (hint on some posts for next month).

    • Emma says:

      Yes, having healthy relationships in your life is so important. Both keeping them healthy and seeing when they are unhealthy, both easier said than done sometimes – I look forward to your post CC

      How is your recovery coming along? Taking it easy and being kind to yourself I hope?

      • Hi Emma,

        My recovery is slow. My stamina is not there, but I have bursts of energy. Then, I do too much and still have shortness of breath. I’ve had to use my inhaler. Mostly, because I “over do it.” Yesterday, Kathleen wrote for me to go rest! :-) I’m trying to be kinder to myself. However, I do need to slow down. Everyone and everything I’ve read tells me to rest and sleep. I guess, I should sign off now then, huh. Thanks for asking.


  3. Jim says:

    Daily routine….carrot juice if possible and provided that I don’t turn orange!

  4. Rehan says:

    I wonder if the effects of these juices are as specific as people claim and also the whole thing of associating juice colour with health is very naive: beetroot juice good for the blood, surgacane juice good for jaundice, etc.

    In my own personal experience from wide travels and living in several places, I don’t find any one food or diet superior to the other, all seem to be good and provide nutrition. But I do think that there is a law of commonsense when it comes to eating: eat what grows locally and seasonally because that is apt for the climate and environment one lives in. Take the case of rice, Basmati rice in India has gained a lot in fame, but it’s actually a very unsuitable type of rice for most cooking where the climate is warm and it comes from a cool cliamte at the foothills of the himalayas, it can give a lot of gas and other sideeffects if eaten in Bombay; so in Bombay I normally eat rice that grows locally and it seems to go better with me; and when I goto the North, to the Himalayas, Basmati is the best!

    • Emma says:

      Great point Rehan.

      In France only local and seasonal produce is grown at the markets each week – perhaps this is why the food always tastes sooooo good there. I absolutely agree that living life by the seasons is the way to go, after all, that is what nature intended.

  5. Mark in Peru says:

    I recently visited the Optimum Health Institute in San Diego California, a holistic healing centre. They believe that physical healing requires work in all aspects of mind, body and spirit and their programs incorporates that, however the main focus is on a raw food and wheatgrass juice diet.

    When cooked above 118F all enzymes in food are destroyed, and these are essential for a healthy body as we cannot assimilate nutrients in food without them and we produce them less and less as we age. Along with that the wheatgrass juice has a remarkable number of benefits and is an amazing cleanser.

    I met 5 or 6 guests who after completing the program for the first time managed to cure themselves of cancer (some in just a few weeks at the centre, others after keeping up the diet for up to a year at home afterwards) and many other people who were there with cancer but choosing this option over the conventional route.

    For me, after 4 weeks of eating this way I felt absolutely amazing. So full of energy and mentally much calmer and clearer. It made me realise how much I use eating as a way of suppressing emotions. I am a pretty healthy eater, rarely indulging in refined sugar, however I will still go out for that pizza when I start to feel a bit down, the heavy food helping me to avoid confronting whatever is surfacing.

    Maybe it is unrealistic to eat this way all the time, but now I fruit for breakfast and salad for lunch most days and feel the difference. The centre has inspired me to really take a look at my eating habits and I think a healthy diet is essential not just for a healthy body but also for a healthy mind. I am planning on going back there later in the year to complete a 3 month work exchange program and think it has the ability to be life changing. After just a few weeks there my taste buds have changed, and I actually crave the healthy stuff now, and eat meat maybe once a week instead of most days.

    They also suggest doing a vegetable juice fast one day a week, every week, to give the digestive system a time to rest and allow all that spare energy to how into cleansing the body. Normally so much of the body’s energy goes into digestion, that this alone can have tremendous health benefits.

    I also had a pleasure of numerous Colonic treatments while there, but that’s a whole different story!


    • Mark – I agree with the idea of just having vegetable juice one day a week. I occasionally only have green apple juice on Sundays and by Monday morning I am buzzing with energy.

      The body takes up so much energy in digesting heavy food that by just giving it a rest for a day makes a huge difference.

      Try it everyone this Sunday!

      • Uncle cyril says:

        so arvind you spend one day a week loading up your glycogen stores with simple sugars and carbs and o and behold the next day you have more energy its simple science this kids.

        does nobody understand basic nutrition or science here?

  6. Emma says:

    Great to hear your experience Mark. I did manage a ten day colonic fast in Thailand and felt wonderful after that.

    I also have good intentions of eating a mainly raw diet, but then my will power vanishes and bread and chocolate call to me.

    Hats off to you for changing to that lifestyle. Any tips for me? I know I feel amazing when I do manage to eat healthy and yet there is always the excuse not to in the day to day business of life!

    I am going to check out the institute now!

    Perhaps I should get some wheatgrass for breakfast?

    • Mark in Peru says:


      In terms of tips I would say that if you want to permanently make a shift in your diet you have to enjoy it. If it feels like a chore you will not keep it up long term. Make sure there’s lots of variety and maybe get a good raw food recipe book. I find now that a handful of nuts takes away any chocolate cravings and I actually enjoy them.

      Also, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you eat bread or chocolate from time to time it is no big deal. The negative thoughts about it are more harmful than eating the stuff. This is a process and the longer you go eating healthier the more you want to come keep it. These changes are made gradually. It takes a little effort at first, but once it becomes routine it is no big deal.

      As with everything else, one day at a time.

      • Emma says:

        Thanks Mark, I have thought about it all day and I guess a good place to start is to make one meal completely healthy raw food and then gradually increase it with other healthy habits.

        Will certainly try the nuts trick as chocolate and I are really best friends at the moment and that is one unhealthy relationship i want to kick into touch!

      • Uncle Cyril says:

        erm mark

        are you saying that 5 people cured themselves of cancer purely due to a diet. I am calling bs on it straight away. quackery of the lowest order

        • Mark says:

          Fair enough Gary, a couple of years ago I would have said the same, however my own search for physical healing, from what many doctors called an incurable illness has opened my eyes somewhat to other possibilities.

          I am saying that these people healed themselves of cancer without the use of chemotherapy, radiation therapy or any other western medicine. The diet was a large part of this, the body is a self-healing organism and when given the right environment it is possible to restore physical health (look at the way cuts and bruises heal).

          The program also contains other key elements, such as daily wheatgrass enemas and Colonics treatment (a real eye-opener!), as well as emphasising the crucial importance of mental attitude.

          I believe that we create all experiences in our lives. Physical illness is often a call to examine how we are living our lives, what values are important to us, what we put into our bodies. By focusing our energies on all things positive we can connect to a deeper part of ourselves, a deeper part of life and when this happens anything is possible.

          The idea that cancer cannot be healed by natural means is purely a thought, a belief. If this is our belief, this is what we experience.

          Not too long ago I thought the whole idea about positive thinking was bs, a way of avoiding reality and pretending everything is ok when actually it isn’t. In fact positive thinking, especially creative visualisation, can elevate our consciousness and in so doing heal the physical body.

          I am in the midst of this process still, and while I hear the negative voices in my head all the time, telling me this is crap, this is not working, over time I listen to them less and less and as I feel more positive and at peace in my self, so my physical condition improves.

          It is a long and painful process for me, and I still have some way to go. But I would not be alive today had it not been for my desire to find a solution. Desperation can be a very powerful thing. It is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it took something so serious to shake me out of my old beliefs and my self-destructive way of life.


          • Jim says:

            I well remember Mark at Notts university Gary, down to earth (albeit a touch brummies sounding) and that he’s had the courage to dive in here at flowers and share his story….more info in Forums!

            Granted it would be a boring garden if everyone agreed….but living and breathing an experience like Marks – there must be something in it?

  7. A/C says:

    It has a lot to do with mind over matter as well, if you believe the talk then you have more chance of it affecting you, that being said there are so many pollutants in our lives that it must effect us on every level..

    do what you can and let nature do the rest is what I think….

    • Emma says:

      Nature is a powerful force AC! I guess it comes down to our trust in it and working with it rather than against it! Or does it?

      • A/C says:

        You can only work with what you have I guess, nature has done a good job so far I dont see why we have to keep messing with her. we didnt survive 400,000 yrs on air lol…

  8. Lib says:

    Well I have just discovered sparkling red wine which has to have more minerals in it, right?

    For my vices there simply are no healthy alternatives so I guess it is just all in the moderation.

    Saying that, my life’s gone a bit ‘alternative’ at the moment and I’m kind of loving it.

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