Go! Surprise Yourself

Posted on March 19th, 2009 by A/C

Hi from Oz flower folk.

Regardless of who you are, where you are from, your state of health or your upbringing, every single one of us has a Talent.

It is amazing how many talented people there is out there in the big wide world: kids, parents, office workers, executives, homeless people – all walks of life has something to offer – Talent doesn’t discriminate.

A Talent doesn’t have to be an Opera Singer, Einstein, or even Robyn Williams. It can be as simple as making people smile, a caring personality or a quirk that make people feel good about themselves.

Some have quirky little talents like this guy from last nights’ Australia’s Got Talent.

YouTube Preview Image

Our Talent, Our Personality, Our very Essence is ours alone and a Priceless Treasure.

We all wonder if we are special, even while we stand on a crowded bus with the rest of the herd, when we are cooking dinner for the family and performing those everyday tasks which seem so mundane.

But the truth is each and everyone of us is special, unique, a one of kind Individual.

There has never been another you and there will never will be.

Think of how many generations of Humans went in to make you, all the coincidences which brought your ancestors together to bring about you. Then you will begin to see what I mean. Since humans first stood on this earth, events have conspired to make YOU, a beautiful representation of what it is to be Human.

Your Talent, Your personality, Your very essence is Yours and a priceless Treasure.

What hidden talent have you been blessed with? Do tell!

8 Responses to “Go! Surprise Yourself”

  1. Great post. What has been coming out recently is my ability to remain humourous in the face of adversity. I still can be silly during serious times…not defensively either.


    • A/C says:

      Its great to have you back with is CC. It is funny how our perspective changes after any kind NDE.

      Humour is one the best you can have I think, when you think about the power of laugh and a smile..

  2. mike says:

    Great post Kessa – in the film The Watchmen it is when Dr Manhattan realises that the very existence of Silk Spectre against all odds is a miracle that he turns back to help mankind.

    Each one of us are truly amazing.

    • A/C says:

      This one movie I have yet to see and busting too :-)

      thx mate its one of things pple don’t see, how we are unique :)

  3. Jim says:

    Nice one Kesa – the world needs more of this – a bit of self belief!

    Loved the Oz has talent clip – who is on the panel of judges by the way? Dani Minogue fitted into Cowells plans nicely in the U.k…..bring back rolf harris, right?

    • A/C says:

      hey matey

      Well the judges are

      Dani Minogue
      Red simmons (skyhooks)
      Tom Berlinson

      I don’t normally watch these, but the quality ands diversity has been incredible….

  4. I’m loving this blog! Thanks for this post. I am not only a child abuse survivor, but I am also an identical twin. For many years, I felt like a duplicate, throw-away copy. With lots of therapy I’ve grown to love my uniqueness. It’s so important for every divine being on this planet to know that they are a unique, precious treasure. I make sure I tell my own precious offspring that he is a treasure everyday!

  5. Gareth in Thailand says:

    Hmmm, Well
    I’m an pretty average kitesurfer, an amatuerely average Rugby player, a very average squash player, a fairly average snowboarder, an above average skier, a borderline average football player, a reasonably average scuba diver and an averagely average swimmer.

    I guess my talent is to want to try everything but not have the time to really specialise at anything. Taking part and having a go is certainly enjoable, however this may hardly be the path to excellence. However, it does make for some good memories and photos.

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