GO! Listen to the Pirates

Posted on March 13th, 2009 by mike

Richard Curtis’ latest film is The Boat That Rocked, due for release in May in the UK and Australia and August in the States. Staring Bill Nighy, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Kenneth Branagh and Nick Frost.

In 1966 Pirate Radio played rock music 24 hours a day from the seas to over 25 million people in Britain. The BBC played just 2 hours a week. The film is about what happens when the authorities challenge the pirates and try to close them down.

So if you’re from the UK did you listen to Radio Caroline and what was your favourite track?

And if your from international waters, then if you could choose 4 famous people to walk the plank, who would they be and why?

(O go on if you’re from the UK, you can answer both!)

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5 Responses to “GO! Listen to the Pirates”

  1. Bo Snr says:

    Radio Caroline brings back some good memories before I met the wife!


  2. Jim says:

    I used to think Radio Luxemb’g was pirate…..an odd what that – is it still going?

    To walk the plank?

    4 Circus clowns just for the entertainment value….

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