Go! Get Juicy!

Posted on March 5th, 2009 by angelastokes

Greeeetings flower,

This weekend (Sat, March 7th) sees the official kick-off of the Global Juice Feast 2009. Yeeeeeee-HAH… :)
Yes, people all over the world will be joining in for up to 92 days of feasting on fresh, raw, nutrient-packed juice. Juice FEASTing is similar to juice fasting, except that with a feast, as the name suggests, one imbibes a large amount of fresh juice daily – preferably at least 4 quarts/litres a day. This gives the body plenty of nutrition and calories whilst at the same time getting a GREAT break from digestion, so the body can focus on ‘spring-cleaning’ instead…
I completed a 92-day Juice Feast back in Feb 2007 and it was one of the most transformative times of my life. Here below is the video from the day I broke the Feast:

YouTube Preview Image

You can connect to a whole community of Juice Feasters at GlobalJuiceFeast.com. I also wrote a book all about Juice Feasting, which you can see HERE.
What about you, flower, have you ever juice fasted, or feasted? Are you up for some extra juiciness now…? ;)

All love,
Angela. xxx

9 Responses to “Go! Get Juicy!”

  1. John G says:

    I did a vegetable juice feast for a week and felt fantastic. Might just do it again very soon! A bit sluggish after the long winter.

  2. Jim says:

    NINETY TWO days ANGE -congrats.

    What’s your favourite juice then?

    Mine has to be carrott – I’m assuming it’s a myth it can turn you orange….!

  3. Emma says:

    Wow! Ange, I take my hat off to you. 92 days of no chewing!

    I would love to be able to do that, but I miss the sensation of eating too much! The ten day fast in Thailand was about my limit. It is not that I feel hungy – just that I mis chewing and tasking the food! Any suggestions on how to get over that? Can we have lumps in the juice :)

  4. uncle cyril says:

    erm a few questions if i may ms stokes

    you say the process gives the body a ‘great break from digestion’.

    Are you claiming that the body ‘needs’ a break from digestion. If so, may i ask why?
    Also are you saying that because the nutrients are in juice form the body does not need to digest them? If so, this is wrong. 100% wrong.

    finally can i ask you how you got any form of complete protein in your diet in terms of the amino acid spectrum?

    what you are essentially doing is consuming boat loads of simple sugars over the course of a day hence the energy you report.

    you mention the body ‘spring cleaning’. i hate to ruin the party but the body has a system of organs that deal with this- in particular the liver and kidneys. they continue to work during a ‘de-tox’ they do not shut down- if they did dialysis would not be needed merely a good ‘de-tox.’

    the entire concept of de-tox is based moreon marketing gain than any form of physiological necessity or proven medicinal gain. so it is ultimately a waste of time. it doesn’t harm anyone but it certainly doesn’t do any more good than a normal nutritionally balanced diet.

    • O'DB says:

      Following on from our avuncular contributor, how healthy is this?

      A few days maybe but 92 days/3 months/quarter of a year seems extreme. Where do you get the 20 amino acids you’d need or the fats (they’re not all bad – essential fats, as the name suggest, are needed for healthy maintenance of the body’s processes)? Apart from these deeper more complex physiological effects, on a superficial level I’m surprised with the volume & constancy of simple sugars & fruit acids (e.g. citric) your teeth don’t erode to pins.

      Apologies for the apparent cynicism, but such fad diets/fasts/feasts need empirical investigation since the health benefits maybe as superficial as the suggested teeth erosion; the deeper bodily function & physiology maybe highly compromised by such extreme diets.

  5. A/C says:

    my total jiuce experience consists of the standard orange, apple or general fruit style. CAnt bring by my self to drink my veges though.

  6. when detoxifying the body, i find it much better to use natural products rather than those synthetic detox products. that is why i always go after the natural detox way. but for convenience. those commercial detox kits are pretty much better..

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