Are things getting smaller, flower?

Posted on February 22nd, 2009 by Jim

I’m sure they’re smaller than they used to be? Maybe it’s a relative thing to do with the size of your hands from child to adult:

Any snacks you used to enjoy as a kid that you still enjoy now or any that vanisshed without a trace?

YouTube Preview Image

Do tell but don’t eat it all at once and brush your teeth afterwards or they’ll fall out! Cheers.

22 Responses to “Are things getting smaller, flower?”

  1. O'DB says:

    Loved space dust & it’s ugly b&stard cousin, wham bars (basically e-numbered goo, with space dust nuggets peppered throughout).

    However, my tastes have matured & am now a Tangfastics connoisseur.

  2. Lib says:

    I think some are getting bigger!

    Big bags of crisps and big bags of maltesers are available.

    As for snacks of yester-year, they’re still available but no where near as well-thought of, it has to be the breakaway.

    And what were 10p space invaders (15p now!)

  3. A/C says:

    Oh how I want a Scorched peanut bar. The last time I had one they were but a shadow of their former self.
    Then they vanished.
    Then cobbers shrunk, and they changed the caramel, never the same.
    After visiting my Grandmother, I realised her back yard which always seemed to be so big, was in reality quite small, much smaller than I remember. Funny how things distort over time.

  4. mike says:

    That Crunchie is smaller as someone has eaten most of it Jim – I’d ask for your money back

  5. httpv://

    This was/is (?) a pretty good bar. Although not my favorites, they were fun…pixy stixs (not the short ones like now). Waxed bottles, you drink the inside and chew the wax like gum. The flavors were great, but you had to purchase the right brand. Then, there are Pop Rocks, buttons, Bit-O-Honey, Bottle Caps, Charms Squares, Charm pops, Lemon heads, and candy that dispenses out of a lip stick holder that you wear around your neck. All the “wearable candy”…sticky mess. I miss the chocolate cigarettes. They had cornstarch surrounding it so if you blew into it, it was supposed to look like smoke. I have a feeling the chocolate wasn’t great. Not, such a great message now, huh? But, all the stuff was fun.

    Most of the candy I purchased was 5-10 cents at the liquor store across from my elementary school. Yes, the items were larger then.


    Have I ever mentioned that I have a sweet tooth?

  6. Emma says:

    Was only hinking yesterday, while munching on a Curlywurly how small they were getting! I remember they used to take me hours to eat as a child and would glue my jaw together for hours – yes I know, a gift for some. But they are definitely smaller! And Monster Munch – they are tiny now! Not to mention Mars etc!

    As for things getting bigger – that only appears to be my waistline :)

  7. Emma says:

    Great advert . . . and in my mind proof that they were bigger!!! They are at least half the size today and about 50p! Criminal

  8. xin says:

    ya… thgs haf definitely grown smaller… spme marketing strategy… instead of increasing the price… they decrease the size…. little by little………….

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