Hatred and loathing in Thailand

Posted on February 14th, 2009 by Gareth inThailand

OK, I dislike like them, let me rephrase that I loathe them.

Actually I hate them, I despise them, I abhor their presence. They’re lower than a snakes belly, I detest them. They provoke feelings of extreme repulsion in me, there is no love lost here that’s for sure. The intense animosity I feel towards them is unparalleled, I look down on them with intense contempt. If I could wipe them out I would do it without any forethought. I would never tire of torturing them in the most terrible ways possible, if I could develop a pain amplifier for them I would consider it a crowning achievement in my life. Removing them from existence would indeed make me sit back and laugh out loud. I curse the day I ever came across them. I spit on them and all of their kind, they nauseate me and there is little I won’t do to keep them away from me. You can not gauge the feelings of joy that permeate my soul when I imagine inflicting untold contusions on them. In short I really, really can’t stand them.

Is there anything you hate?

Can you guess what it is I hate?

(No free flowers though)

14 Responses to “Hatred and loathing in Thailand”

  1. Sarah says:

    Err.. bugs as snack or street whores?

  2. Lib says:

    I’m going with tourists

  3. Jim says:

    Mosquitoes or Welsh peolple?

  4. Kathleen says:

    After much thought, I think such hatred could be justifiably directed toward thieves and pedophiles.

  5. whotithi says:

    Fleas? I certainly hope nothing human!

  6. RYK says:

    If you had a teenage daughter it might be boyfriends…. but since you’re in Thailand it has to be American Tourists !

  7. RYK says:

    oh wait, recently married? Inlaws !

  8. Kathleen says:

    Okay, it must be those people who make Enzyte commercials.

  9. O'DB says:

    Liverpool FC

  10. Gareth in Thailand says:

    So nobody else hates anything?
    Blimey what a forgiving happy clappy bunch you are. I’m sure somewhere in the depths of us there is burning hatred of something just half of us don’t like to admit it as we see it as a failing within ourselves.

    O’DB was close with LFC fans but I could not commit to this level of hatred of them as some of my family are red sh!te fans and lets be frank watching them lose the league this year is as funny as.

    Street whores? Nah they stop half the deperados from going mental.

    French fries? As long as they are called chips then no issues, just don’t eat them very often.

    American Tourists? Don’t get too many in Thailand, they struggle to find it on a map as they’ve never had a war with Thailand, plus when you do meet one you can tell them anything and they believe you – plenty of fun to be had instilling strange paranoias in them.

    The Inlaws? They were here for a month over Chinese new year and were a pleasure to have around, great Chinese food each night I got home from work and my 8 month old niece NEVER cries – what a great baby.

    Enzyte commercials? Not a clue what these are and have never seen one.

    Tourists? Its all dirty old men in Pattaya so most have their head in some girls bossom or are pounring beer down themselves, no issues.

    Fleas – never really encoutered them.

    Jimbo got it correct – Mosquitoes.

    Those little b@stards zoomed in on me on Friday night, the only night I forgot to put on some repellent in months and the swines went into a feeding frenzy. These little sods have the ability to really spoil an evening, if someone near you is irritating you simply get up and move, if a bar/restaurant is no good then don’t go again, even if you get some ailment like a cold or headache you know its gone soon – Mozzies are there and are always there and are always trying to leave you with enormous itchy red welts on your skin. I have quite a strong reaction to their bites and no matter what you are doing they are a constant annoyance.

  11. RhynoTude says:

    …Oppressors… and the prize would be, nay! WILL be successful eradication!

  12. mvgklan says:


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