Smell the Reiki at a poker night, flower!

Posted on February 12th, 2009 by Jim

Cool hand Luke Jim in Doo-bye here folks.

At a gentlemen’s card school last night (not for money you understand as gambling is forbidden in these parts) as the wine and cards flowed the table discussion centred (OHM) around Reiki. A topic previously discussed here at flowers with for, againsts and those in the middle (OHM).

All of us had people close to us that had been trained to level 2 Reiki and the conversation and energy around the table completley changed. Four blokes playing cards, dealing our troubles away and talking about alternative therapies -¬†possibly in¬†an ‘alternative Ange’ type way:

YouTube Preview Image

Who says alternative healing can’t be discussed at a Gents cards school AND who says Reiki doesn’t work – maybe it’s what the world needs right now?

All thoughts on Reiki welcomed here as we prepare to play this hand within the comments here. No more bets… tell! Don’t be shy now……

16 Responses to “Smell the Reiki at a poker night, flower!”

  1. uncle cyril says:

    i say Reiki has no proven affect outside any other placebo effect.

    feel free to show me any scientifically validated studies with a decent sized control group where there effects are replicated. I won’t hold my breath.

    also love the irony of gambling – ie attempting to gain material possesion through alternative therapies. what next buddhist dog fighting?

  2. uncle cyril says:

    so just to confirm a group of people who all believe in this nonsense all started talking about a shared interest and the ‘energy’ changed. no it didn’t. the mood may have changed but no moreso than if a group of cricket fans or music fans had got round a table.

  3. uncle cyril says:

    heres an interesting read folks

    can we hear the new age sing??

  4. Bo Snr says:

    All this talk about new age therapies makes me feel….


  5. Bo Snr says:

    Hello James
    I typed Reiki into Utube and came up with this

    I can now understand what all the fuss ia about and I am now CHILLED


  6. Bo Snr says:

    Right thats it I am going to load a lot this into my Ipod for when I rest on the way to the pub

  7. Red Dog says:

    As one of the happy clappers present around the iniquitous den of debauchery I claim right to reply.

    Jim’s comment was that we all knew Reiki practitioners, not that we all suddenly started leaping about stroking crystals. In fact there was a healthy ‘debate’ with dollops of cynicism mixed with personal experiences.

    Personally I am one of life’s agnostics, if you can show me something that I can rationalise then perhaps I’ll believe in it. Having had a couple of Reiki treatments myself in order to help someone studying to gain experience then I can only report that some weird physical things happened that I can’t explain.

    Doesn’t make it real, magic, spiritual or anything else. Remember one man’s meat is another man’s flesh. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs – I take pleasure in wrangling the inconsistencies in the bible, anyone wanna play?

    • Jim says:

      Ah Red Dog…welcome to the GSTF community and last night was most pleasant, if not a touch hazy…..

      Bryn taking the money….Hmmm – the chille was the highlight….

      A real heat – or was that the vibtation of molecular matter thus causing a Reiki type heat?

      Nah – twas the microwave.

      (Everton for the cup by the way)

  8. uncle cyril says:

    the fact you had a weird experience that you can’t explain doesn’t mean reiki is/was responsible though does it?

    reiki is nonsense. plain and simple.

    in my opinion its practiced by and believed in by people who are missing something in their life. where it is dangerous is it claims pseudo scientific validity where there is none. so its fraudulent. and anyone claiming to practice it is a fraud.

    shame on you

  9. Goodness. All sorts healing approaches work to some extent. It is all about the mind, so whatever leads to better health in any individual should be embraced.
    I often think the same holds true of illness – tell the world it’s flu season, and we all get the flu.

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