Chief Flower Smeller – My reason to be!

Posted on February 9th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai folks. Recently redundant Jim here proudly presenting to you my reason to be:

It’s all about the title, right? I’m not sure exactly how, where or why money will come into all this to earn a living but GO! Smell the flowers is my reason to be. Maybe naked flower promotions here in Dubai could be the place to start or would that land me in trouble?

“Do what you love and the money will follow” a drunk said to me in a bar once, before toppling over taking a tray of drinks with him. Well I’m giving it a GO! and after a knee jerk reaction of updating my C.V and trying to get another job I’ve decided I’d like to face up to the global recession here in Dubai by talking and writing about it. Time is conspiring against us all not to face up to the reality of economic change – have you seen the price of bread lately?

Should be an interesting ride and I’m lucky to have the moral support of the GSTF community here to help inspire countless people all over the world. Maybe my new circumstances will give me a bit more of this:

YouTube Preview Image

Comments welcomed and THANK YOU for your support. Let’s give it a GO!

40 Responses to “Chief Flower Smeller – My reason to be!”

  1. mike says:

    full speed ahead captain :-)

  2. Go for it Jim! Flowers lost a lot when you began working full time.

    Now all hands on board!

  3. Bo Snr says:

    Hello Jim,
    If Everton can beat Liverpool I now you can do anything.
    My advice as a senior citizen is
    JUST F*cking do it !!

  4. Sarah says:

    You are not alone chief, in fact here, thousands are just like you chief.. I love this anonymous quote “Do what you love and the money will follow”.. perhaps it is true after all..

  5. Purple13 says:

    I was thinking something along the lines of project regent?????

  6. AngryfromEllesmerePort says:

    Why not try writing a book, becoming a raw foodie, new age faith healer, Christian, life coach or any one of a number of other fulfilling and worthy forms of employment…………..alternatively get your clown pants back on, buy a ticket to Thailand and Go! Smell the flowers

  7. WelshMadExpatGirl says:

    I’m with Bo Snr, this is not a dress rehearsal !!!!!!!!

  8. Jane Howitt says:

    Fabulous response. GO! get ‘em. Jim!

    I could say ‘we’re right behind you’. But as Sarah points out, loads of us are there with you in the same boat!

    So it’s great to hear you and see you taking a stand. Positive thinking in action.

    In fact, it gives me some ideas for my own necessary upcoming regeneration…

    @Bo Snr and @ WelshMadExpatGirl– I’m with you both, too!!

    PS: How do I get my pic on here? (Not vanity — it’s branding :-)

    • Jim says:

      Hi Jane – branding is key for sure and welcome to GSTF.

      To get your image / avatar pic just click on the AVATAR instructions in the top right column of this blog – its a site called gravatar and you’ll be recognised on all blogs….

      GO! for it and you’repic will appear in no time!

      Cheers – ‘see’ you later.

  9. vrtulobjeq says:

    Excellent go bring us some great new flowers, all the best chum.

  10. Gareth in Thailand says:

    GO! Smell the flowers is my reason to be – “Do what you love and the money will follow”

    What are you talking about man? I sincerely hope this is just new age tosh being spouted for the massed ranks of lavender smelling, myth peddling, pain scoopers you are trying to attract here.
    May I suggest there will be plenty of jobs out there if you remember that you are in fact a Civil Engineer and not a bead clutching, robe wearing, head shaving, Buddhist wannabee.
    With the Olympics site in London recruiting quite reasonably, the massed governments of the world about to throw billions into infrastructure projects and the down sizing in Dubai most likely to be a knee jerk and temporary reaction I am sure that if you did dust off the CV, remove references to ‘finding myself on voyages of mysticism’ and make sure under ‘interests’ you don’t list ‘wearing sequined covered ethnic pants’ then a nice challenging role would no doubt fall upon you in no time at all and you could crack on.

    • O'DB says:

      Yep, the positive thinking is all very well, & nice to have the pals around you to pass on their support, but none of this will pay the bills. & as GiT points out, you’ve got plenty in the locker [(C) Andy Gray, SkySports] & the skillz to pay them billz.

      The idea of writing your way out of this should be taken with a pinch of salt – great idea in theory but how long have you worked & waited on a publishing deal for your 1st foray? Think you’d be better concentrating on getting a job in your field & have GTSF & writing as a back-up/side-line.

      That said I know a Professor, very well respected & at the top of his game, who jacked it all in to follow his passion (photography). He’s so much more enthused & vibrant about what he’s now doing – just following his passion. Ballsy move but he’s loving it. Another big but: he’d got to a stage where he’s financially secure, with some cut-backs & loss of some luxuries, so although brave was backed up with some sound thinking about finances, etc.

  11. Gareth in Thailand says:

    By the way, Chief Flower Smeller – does this mean you are going all Native American now and you best friends are ‘dances with pigs’, ‘drinks while spilling’ and ‘stalks moose from rear’?

  12. uncle cyril says:

    if I may jim

    I think you would be nuts to put store in writing as it simply won’t pay the bills. get the cv sorted, get back into corporate at the high level you have been or go back to civils and take the corporate cash while doing the other as a hobby.

  13. Jim says:

    @ O’DB, @ uncle Cyril @Gareth in Thailand….

    My Civils Masters & Marketing degree won’t be a waste – I’m going freelance where flowers will be a part of that gig.

    I’ll never work for anyone directly again.


    Free agent nation are us.

  14. uncle cyril says:


    how will you be for

    co. car

    and freelance what?

  15. Jim says:

    @ Cyril, to answer your questions:



    how will you be for

    penion – NOT COVERED
    healthcare – COVERED UNTIL JULY 2009

    and freelance what?


    Granted it’s not the best time to do this but I’m giving it a go.

  16. uncle cyril says:

    but aren’t those areas saturated??

    i just think play to your strengths in these times. its your call but as i see it

    brand- in your own words its on its arse in dubai at the mo
    life coaching- saturated market full of bluffers who barely eke out rent
    writing- saturated and long term commercially not short term
    getting on the radio to talk recession?- why? what do you bring to it someone with economics experience can’t already provide
    building the communty- good hobby I agree
    getting the book published- how old is it now?? 5 years.

    not meaning to rain on your parade but surely the way to face reality is to play to your strengths. areas you can really add demonstrable value- like construcion and materials. i’d like to be a basketball player but its not going to happen. its times like these you should embrace reality and build on that.

    again not being negative being honest.

    • Jim says:

      Fair points O’DB and on there own it would be frightening…

      All the skills above need ot be applied to construction companies in this dead market of Dubai – projects are still going with more chemical manufcaturers fighting to be specified….the winner is normally based on:

      1) Relationship
      2) Price
      3) Performance

      and if I intro these companies into a client I’ve done a piece of brand work / writing / staff coaching / workshop for then that’s how I can still use my construction knowledge…I’m not throwing all that away…just spending each day with people donig the stuff I love to do….that’s the idea…not confined to a corporate office….

      I’m also planning a niche to encourage companies to talk about the recession to staff and what impact it has on them…..

      That’s the idea…all early days yet…..

      Book is only 12 months old, GSTF wide….my fiction one about 2012 is alomst 5 years old and I plan to finish that by 2010….!

      I appreciate these points above,…it all helps.

  17. A/C says:


    my condolescences to you.. but when a door shuts a window always opens….
    and you ‘ll always have the garden to keep you company…

    cheers mate.. chin up… take it easy….

  18. RYK says:

    Here to support you 200%. Will do everything to get BuddyPress live as soon as possible, maybe even this week :)

  19. uncle cyril says:

    fantastic ryk

    well done jim he’s offered you 200% of your current financial package of your last job. good man

  20. Pam says:

    Sometimes a forced change will lead down a better path… especially if you’re smelling the flowers along the way. I had to stop corporate work due to illness, and now I couldn’t be happier.

    best wishes to you!

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