Smell the flowers: quicker & twitter!

Posted on February 8th, 2009 by Jim

Well you know – it works on many levels – this speed thing as it’s what modern day online society DEMANDS. Recently redundant Jim in Dubai here and many of you have rightly tutted at the HUGE amount of time it takes GO! Smell the flowers to load.

Thanks to tech whizz Deep in Mumbai has ramped up our WordPress version and valuable input from Flowers contributor Anges Biz over in Oz and hey presto – a quicker flower smelling experience for you and it’s about to get quicker!

YouTube Preview Image

We’re going full steam ahead (choooo choo) with the Buddypress social network software and are currently making waves on twitter ( now I’ve a bit more time on my hands it’s time to help the flowers bloom.

Anyone else on twitter here? Do tell together with any comments about the loading time of the GO! Smell the flowers website, Cheers, tweet, tweet.

20 Responses to “Smell the flowers: quicker & twitter!”

  1. Purple13 says:

    You can ‘follow’ me on Twitter at

    You’ll be very welcome and ‘ll be sure to ‘Tweet’ a thank you for following me.

    Twiiter isn’t all serious stuff – there’s time for a laugh too.

    Take the other day…….

  2. mike says:

    I’m here

    Twitter seems to making the news here in the UK as the next big trend – maybe facebook is on its way out?

    Nice work Ange and team :-)

  3. Svasti says:

    Welcome to Twitter – much more fun than Facebook. You can find me here:


  4. Gareth in Thailand says:

    surely removing those freely awarded ‘awesome freaking blog man’ badges might help. aAfter all they aren’t worth the bits they occupy nor the bandwidth they consume. Who cares if techno nerd #56 thinks you’re fab?

    • Jim says:

      Bah humbug Gareth….

      THe blog awards tend not to take up any space in terms of loading and in blogging terms gave flowers early days kudos!

      Think cubs – think badges on the arm – no needlework involved…

  5. Kathleen says:

    I just joined Twitter after I read that Demi Moore and Ashton K. are Twitter freaks. lol

  6. O'DB says:

    yea been thinking about getting into Twitter but from what i can make out it’s just the ‘updates’/'what are you doing now’ bit of FaceBook. Not sure my life is all that interesting – went to the toilet, making lunch, doing crossword, reading newspapers, blah, blah

    Think I might set up Twatter – for me & like minded twats.

    • Jim says:

      Wow – there’s a GAP in the market for that O’DB….change the i to an a….!

      You need to get the twitter deck installed -just google it and install it – this is a massive hel with the whole system.

      Plus all twitter tools are listed at: on this while it’s hot…..

      Tried to follow you back ODB but no joy…you’ve ‘locked’ your followers out.


      Dubai are having a twitters meet up this Thursday, I kid you not.

      Tweet tweet 0 dare you to watch this clip for onver 12 seconds:


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