Go! Taste the Yumpots :)

Posted on January 31st, 2009 by angelastokes

Hello lovelies,
Well, the first green shoots of spring are popping up here in the garden in England…hurray :) It’s still rather wintery-feeling though, so today I thought I’d share a yummmmmmy, smooth, rich, filling raw food recipe, to help ease through the hibernation time…
Here is a video of my partner Matt demo-ing the gorgeous ‘Almond Dream Bar’ – one of the simplest and most delicious raw treats I’ve had…

YouTube Preview Image

Mmmmmm, dreamy… You can see the ingredients on my blog HERE. ENJOY :)
Do you have any favourite raw food dessert recipes…?
All love,
Angela. xxx

5 Responses to “Go! Taste the Yumpots :)”

  1. Jim says:

    Thanks for sharing Ange…

    How long does the dream bar keep for, say in the fridge?

    Energy balls have to be my particular raw food fave – quite addictive and pack a real punch!

    Your posts inspire me to include raw food in my diet although I still enjoy cooked…..

  2. Gareth in Thailand says:


    Straight red card for that one, probably a lengthy ban as well.

  3. Emma says:

    They look delicious! Thank you for sharing!

    I have to agree with AC that energy balls are one of my favourites, but will now try the Almond Dream Bar! Can you recommend any particular website for good raw food recipes?

  4. Purple13 says:

    Hi Angela – nice one.

    I must admit, coming from a background of steamed suet puddings, stews and jacket potatoes throughout the winter months – raw food is a bit of an alien concept.

    Doesn’t exactly inspire the phrase “Gizzard sticking good”.

    (Its snowing here i Derbyshire today and +2 degrees feels like -5 in the raw wind. brrrrrr

    Keep warm people. Jonathan

  5. Hey lovelies,
    Mmmmmmm, yummmmmmmmmpots…think I might make some of these today myself actually…
    Jim, they probably keep fine in a fridge for a month or so I would think, in a sealed container (if they don’t all get eaten almost immediately) ;)
    Emma, good raw recipes can be found at goneraw.com, living-foods.com, plus we now have a 30-day raw food plan that was just released – with four weeks’ worth of raw recipes/meal planners, among other things ;) You can see that here:
    Hope that helps ;)
    All love,
    Angela. xxx

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