Go! Check out President Obama’s Video Song From India!

Posted on January 23rd, 2009 by god
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Arvind here with some Friday Fun.

It seems that Obama mania has hit India too!

How has he gone down in your part of the world? Do share any videos!

6 Responses to “Go! Check out President Obama’s Video Song From India!”

  1. Gareth in Thailand says:

    hmmm, not exactly catchy is it, lacks the energy of tunak tunak tun from everyone’s favourite criminal Daler Menhdi (least he was when I was working there in the late 90′s).

    Here in Thailand its hard enough to keep up with who’s ruling here let alone anywhere else. well that and locking up Aussies for writing crap books.

    • Jim says:

      And the book only sold 7 copies….self published I reckon :-)

      Maybe an Obama Bollywood movie could be on the cards Arvind?

      • arvind says:

        Yes, an Obama Bollywood movie will be out soon -played no doubt by a very light skinned Bollywood actor!

        Remember that even in India, colour of the skin counts – the lighter you are, the more “attractive” and box office material.

      • arvind says:

        We are missing something here – who is the Aussie locked up for writing crap books?!

        • Jim says:

          Here you GO! Arvind…

          Imprisoned for his writing for ‘insulting’ the monarchy:


          Just 3 lines did it.

        • Gareth in Thailand says:

          Absolutely spot on. I’m sick of pyjama wearing peodo’s jumping off the plane and thinking they can do what they want in Thailand.
          Long live the King.

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