The first line of Obama’s inaugral speach – any guesses?

Posted on January 19th, 2009 by Jim

Can Obama continue to whet the appetites of the masses when he delivers his inaugral speach on Tuesday 20th January?

It will probably be the most widely watched address ever delivered, one that will draw millions of Americans and billions around the globe together – to savor the moment and the message of one man at one memorable turning point in American history.

Hey, even Homer tried to vote for him so this guy must be onto something:

YouTube Preview Image

It’s unlikely there will be a dubious declaration as there was in this George W flashback from 2001:

“We will reduce taxes, to recover the momentum of our economy and reward the effort and enterprise of working Americans. We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness invite challenge. We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new century is spared new horrors.” – George W. Bush, 2001


What would you say to addresses the masses? Any guesses on what his first line might be? Do tell!

8 Responses to “The first line of Obama’s inaugral speach – any guesses?”

  1. Elton John - Drama Queen says:

    See right, when youz considers mathematics versus spinach, youz affs to be dead proper careful an all an that right. It’s true that is, coz that’s the law see!

    Too many 3rd world countries (like Belgium) av like spent years tryin to work out the best way to max out on their spinach arvest by doin all these dead proper difficult ard sums an that, an coz theys speaks this kind ov alf Flemish, alf French, Linguaphone style nonsense right, theyz canst not work nuthink out wivvout confusin each other an that see!!

    An my David says right, that if spinach woz meant to grow in fields like, then it wouldn’t not come in cans down the supermarket, would it? An he is right he is!

    See, wot them Belgiums need is to learn a common language (like Esperanto coz everyone can speak that like see) an then theyz could set about buildin a right fancy new spinach factory, coz all youz need is tin an dandelions, an Belgique as like bowf ov em in abundance an that theyz av, coz theyz av see, my David says so an that, so like it must be true right.

    Then like, wiv 3rd world hunger dealt wiv from the hot seat of Europe, not to mention jobs fer all themz illegal immigrants, no one wouldst not never need to av to learn them cosine an logarithm tables no more!!



    That’s my favourite logarithm that is!

    Wots yourz floros? Do tell…..

    See ya!



  2. moooooog35 says:

    I’ve got $5 that says his first line is:

    “Obama izin da houuuuuse!”

  3. arvind says:

    “Let no one doubt that our wildest dreams can come true……..”

  4. Gareth in Thailand says:

    To be stereotypical,
    Yo yo yo, bros and biatches listen up….

    To be comical,
    Can someone send this toy soldier set on to Georgey boy

    To be Paltrow,
    sob, sob, sob I’d like to thank, blub, blub, my parents, sniff, sniff, the good people of america……. and on and on

    To be Trump,
    I could knock this down and build a great golf course.

    To be Jackson,
    The white house wasn’t always white you know, its got a rare disease.

    But more likely,
    Fellow Americans to be standing here today, etc, honoured, etc, lucky, etc, who would haev thought, etc, Martin Luther King, etc, change, etc, tough times, etc, hard work and spirit, etc, build an America we can be proud of, etc, etc.

  5. uncle cyril says:

    I hope he goes along the lines of

    ‘welcome to the former united states of america- now renamed the umma. The jews have 15 minutes to leave. may thanks. ‘

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