Is Cybersex Really Cheating?

Posted on August 17th, 2007 by Jim

We thought we’d heard everything about online dating and cheating online, er…but now we flower smellers have heard something new and weird.  How many of you have heard about the online virtual world of SecondLife

It’s a place where people can create virtual characters of themselves, get virtual jobs, and spend virtual money…and apparently do everything virtually that you could do in real life, even learn about the birds and the bees.   

The Greensboro Daily Planet Blog turned us on to this brief topic discussion about a man and his wife…and his virtual girlfriend.

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18 Responses to “Is Cybersex Really Cheating?”

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  2. Soul Dancer says:

    Thanks for the comment! Yes………….nose picking is quite the essential childhood habit!

    Take care,

  3. Mel says:

    Yes it is cheating.

    Surely fidelity or faithfulness is about more than just sex? Some argue that even imagining sex with someone else is being unfaithful.

    I am pld fashioned and think that if you are in a relationship then you should be totally immersed in that relationship, not thinking about other kinds of relationships, either in cyberspace, over the phone or in your head.

    If you want a relationship with someone else, then give up the one you have got and start being honest with not only yourself but you partner too.

  4. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Dont agree Mel – tell me you;ve never thought of anyone else during the wild thing, I even get family memebers flashing through my mind – PINK ELEPHANT, PIMK ELEPHANT. Noooooooooooooooooooooo.

  5. dubaidave says:

    Unless there is physical contact then I’d argue its not unfaithful at all. Just a bit of senory pleasure with imagination, no harm in that.

  6. Gary says:

    I don’t know whether I think its cheating or not

    I’ll have to toss.

  7. fab says:

    GARY! Shocking, tissuea at the ready and watch that mouse dang it.

  8. Lisa McGlaun says:

    This is so funny but I’d say it’s the natural progression from chat room cybersex to avatar virtual sex. People will always find ways to live out their fantasys with our without technology.

  9. Steve says:

    Yes, this is cheating. It just a step towards doing it in real life.

  10. Hmm…I’m not sure in this particular case. I think it depends on what the guy is getting from the virtual interaction. I thought the quote from the wife about seeing him have sex with a cartoon was hilarious…ahem, but its still quite traumatic for her I’m sure…

  11. lemmyfrommotorhead says:

    Now that second life is scary, maybe we do lead second lives online anyway? Making up names on blogs, linking, smiling and returning back to debates with people we never meet or sleep with.

    The friends reunited site led to more divorces than if people hadn’t have hooked back up with thier schooly flings or fantasies. Depends on the circumstances but loads are online to find what they lack in their lives.

  12. Vishnu says:

    Cheating is more about intent. If the intent behind having online friends/relationships is the same as the intent behind having a relationship outside of marriage, then its cheating. Otherwise its not.

    Btw, love the cartoons you have used. :)

  13. AussieCynic says:

    Agreed Lemmy….. Second Life is scary, I joined as a free member to see what it is all about…. frigtening that so many people spend so much real money on an imaginary world to satisfy their otherwise dull existance….

    Is cybersex cheating well I don’t know it would depend on your relationship and the reasoning behind it…..
    fantasies only become a problem when you cant tell the difference between between fact and fiction.
    Friends united is a prime example….
    however there is another site America ‘something’ (notsure) which is devoted purely to sex. When you start the game you are a virgin and the goal is to have as much sex as possible to build up your levels and accumilate wealth…however with this one you can make movies of your exploits and on sell them for real money…… some really interesting items can be bought and sold on this one…. there was recently a BBC special on the gaming broadcast here with this site amongst it…
    hmmmm not sure whether that is cheating….it can be argued you are just a playing…..

  14. fab says:

    No harm in a little play, right?

  15. gareth in China says:

    Phone sex?
    Its tossing on the phone. End of.
    In the past we reviled ‘heavy breathers’ when they phoned, realistically we just needed to pair them off together.
    Although the old heavy breathers got not joy out of a girl I knew;

    :What are you wearing?
    :Nipple hugging period pants, double lined gusset with whale bone reinforcement to hold my gut in, lil-lets ultra super max for the heaviest days and 300 denier hold up support socks to help stop my varicose veins from making my legs look like a lump of rank Stilton cheese.

    Always seemed to make them hang up.

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