Go! Drink Your Greeeeeeens

Posted on January 18th, 2009 by angelastokes

Greetings lovelies…
I’m back in the super-cold UK winter now…time for some extra-potent nutrition, in the form of greeeen vegetable juice. Here’s a recent video of me from TheRawFoodWorld TV show, making green veggie juice for my parents – will they like it? Find out by watching below ;)

YouTube Preview Image

Few of us get anywhere near an optimal amount of fresh green produce going into our bodies daily. Drinking your veggies – in green juice or green smoothies (blend of fruits and leafy greens) – is an ideal way to get your greens in…
Do you like green juice…? Do you have a juicer tucked into a cupboard somewhere that might enjoy an airing? ;)
All love,
Angela. xxx

12 Responses to “Go! Drink Your Greeeeeeens”

  1. Jim says:

    I am a fan of wheatgrass and have been abused on here before as I’m convinced it delayed the aging process of my hair that was starting to turn grey…..!

    Greens all round! Hurrah.

    • Elton John - Drama Queen says:

      See, my David right, he’s got a new obby fer imself he as! Proper dead excited bout it too he is an all!

      He’s only gone an started a cashew nut collection!

      Yeah, cashews! An he’s got 6 ov em already he as! Not bin wastin time see my David, that’s coz like when he sets is sights on somethink, he just like goes for it see he does!

      But like you should see how he is like displayin em an all, an that! He’s like got this candelabra right, an he’s put these dead tall thinnish type candles in em an that, an then he lit the tops ov em to let em like burn down half an inch. Then like he put is cashews in the tops ov the candles an sets em in all that hot wax wot stays on the top, see, right!

      Brilliant it is, brilliant!!!

      Only that Gary Barlow, im from out ov that rubbish pop group, Take That, youz know im, that short fat talentless poofter, yeah, im. Well he came round this mornin like (to try an lend 20 quid off ov me see) an when I said no right, well he starts sayin my David’s cashew candelabra weren’t not no good like, an that he collected Brazil nuts coz theyz woz more expensive an all an that right…..

      An then like he says that the best way to display em right, Brazil nuts, is to like tie em to bits ov string an dangle em from the ceiling wiv drawing pins an that he did……

      An he reckons that that Barry O’Bama as like asked im to go an ang Brazil nuts from the ceiling in the Oval Office when he moves in, coz he knowz he as to do somethink to impress the world’s leaders like after he as bin ordained as Lord Mayor ov Washington, or summat……

      Rubbish that is! Rubbish!!

      See I reckons like, that Barlow woz just makin it up coz he is just jealous see right he is, an everyone knows that Barry’s wife Michelle wouldnst not never allow no alf bit, has been popstar to decorate their new pad right!

      An I should know, coz when she phoned me up last week, she told me all bout er plans to grow a new carpet ov cress in the Oval Office an av lots ov amsters in runnin wheels fixed to the walls.

      Danglin Brazil nuts would just be cruel see, coz them amsters, theyz loves them theyz does!

      Me an my David is off up town now, to see if we can’t find im another cashew nut to add to is collection!!!

      See ya!


  2. Lib says:

    Great timing for me Ange, my bro bought me a juicer for Xmas and I can’t wait to try it out. I used his this morning for a pint of fresh OJ and ice. Absolutely delicious.

    I’ve heard fennel is particularly good for digestive problems and a glass of ‘crapple’ a day certainly keeps the doctor at bay.

  3. earthmother says:

    When I first began this journey into Raw Food Land – six months ago now – I began juicing greens each morning. I just accepted it as my “medicine,” like you said to your parents. If you would’ve told me then that I would end up loving this stuff and actually craving it, I’d have thought you were crazy. Now, I can’t go a day without. It’s really the foundation of my raw foods lifestyle. I start each day with a quart of green juice. Today was kale, spinach, cucumber, sweet pea sprouts, lemon, ginger. My skin definitely has that glow Mr. Monarch spoke of.

    My guess for the BIG announcement: I think someone finally was granted her Fiance Visa and is coming to the U.S. for a wedding! :D

  4. Purple13 says:

    Hi Angela

    I’m on a bit of a Peppermint tea pilgrimage myself – 4 months and counting so far…. feeling pretty good too.

    DOn’t know about juiced greens though….

  5. A/C says:

    Cant bring myself to drink my vegies….. just cant.. :(

    But love fruit juices, Cranberry is great for the kidneys, dandlion tea for all sorts or issues and the list is growing…
    I am a coffee addict, so do try and throw in water, and juice throughout my day….

    Have juicer do you it, but not as much as I should … ;)

  6. I love love love love my green juice (I lovingly call it Plant Blood). And, I love green smoothies!

    Yum to it all!!!


  7. uncle cyril says:

    its so cruel that people feel it acceptable to murder defenceless plants for their own benefit. much better to slaughter an animal than a plant.

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