GO! Smell the arab money…..

Posted on January 17th, 2009 by Jim

Hi from Dubai flower smellers. Jim here, confessing that this Busta rhymes song really appeals to me at the moment and I invite you to proceed with an open mind and your volume up:

YouTube Preview Image

Just added it to the flowers jukebox in forums and invite you to join in there as well or you can add a v after http in comments and throw in a few you tube clips in comments right here.

Comments welcomed here as this tune really does sum Doo-bye up right now or will some find it offensive? Do tell, oil be back later.

7 Responses to “GO! Smell the arab money…..”

  1. Bo Snr says:

    Sorry Jim.
    I still prefer Pink Floyd.
    But try this

  2. RYK says:

    good stuff, bet the brothers are dying to be in Dubai living it up !

  3. mike says:

    Not getting the vid here Jim :-(

    • mike says:

      Arh there we go, thanks Jim.

      Not bad. Would have to agree with Bo Snr on Pink Floyd though, but then I have reached that age when clubbing is not as appealing as having a pint down the pub with my mates.

  4. O'DB says:

    Yea Busta’s still busting out big tunes – love it, & can attest to the success of the track when it drops in Dubai – all boucin’ to it in the clubs.

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