Go Smell the Anti-Resolutions!

Posted on December 28th, 2008 by A/C

Christmas is done and dusted for another year.

I hope Santa was Generous.

Who forgot Batteries?

Now the build up to New Years is gaining momentum, as preparations for parties, feasting and hangovers are on well underway.

One thing which many people do is make a New Years Resolution or Three, a simple promise of something they will or wont do over the coming year.

Studies have shown most of these promises are broken within the month of January and some don’t even make it to the next morning.


The Top New Years Resolutions goes a bit like this:

  • Lose Weight/Get Fit/Eat Right
  • Manage Debt/Save Money
  • Get a Better Job
  • Get a Better Education
  • Drink Less Alcohol
  • Quit Smoking
  • Reduce Stress
  • Take a Trip
  • Volunteer to Help Others

For those of us in the swings of Green Consciousness, the list tends follow like this:

  • Go Green
  • Enjoy Life
  • Get Organized
  • Learn a Language
  • Spend Time with Family
  • Improve Community
  • Learn Something New

Given that most of us break our resolutions, perhaps we should promise what we dont want to do or be.  For example:

I promise to eat as much processed, fatty, unhealthy things as I possble can every single day.

I promise to be smoking 3 packets of smokes a day by June.

You get the idea.

So what wil your New Years Resolution be?

Will you promise what you hope to Achieve?

Or will you follow the Anti Resolution Movement?

Have some fun before the real world takes hold on January 2!

17 Responses to “Go Smell the Anti-Resolutions!”

  1. I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions as a rule. However, I make goals throughout the year. I love the cartoon. I was looking for something like that for my blog. :-)

    It says “Put this comic on your blog. Click here to find out how.” I can’t tell if there is a web address?

    • A/C says:

      GDay CC

      I’ll send you the link for the pic, lol…

      No Resolutions, ;)

      not even an incy wincey one…
      come on do tell I wont tell anyone we promise… ;)

      • AC

        No, real resolutions except the goals that I’ve been working on. Lose my medication induced weight. Hooray, I’m wearing clothes I couldn’t before the weight gain!!! Continue to work my butt of in therapy, so that I can get better. But, no resolutions…I have stance against them. Everything doesn’t have to happen when most people make goals. I make them when I am ready!!!


        • A/C says:

          You go girl thats the way…..

          Besides nothing will happen until your ready regardless of a resolution or not… ;)

          I must say I love your line ‘Continue to work my butt of in therapy, so that I can get better.’
          Theropy is suppose to make you better.. I must agree I felt so much better when I just said no more.. and went out on my on… :)

          Major hugs

        • I know what that place feels like and I’m looking forward to it, but for now, it is work!!

        • A/C says:

          Hey CC
          What ever works mate….

          Its all good…. ;)

  2. Lil'thoughts says:

    I hear my grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. I’m going to find out this year! and if it’s all true hopefully I’ll be a little more native american by the end of the year. :)

    • A/C says:

      How cool….
      Cherokee Indian…. how incredible to find out…. good luck on your search…
      How did you hear, family rumour or research…
      I love family History… geneology is a hobby of mine…

  3. Svasti says:

    I have two plans for next year already, with a potential third in the offing.

    1. I’m going to start working towards becoming a yoga teacher. I need to do some preliminary training and certificate courses first. That is what I will do.
    2. Do some more travel… to visit some new and old friends overseas.
    3. Commence permaculture studies (this is all about sustainable gardening and farming practices to benefit the food we eat as well as the soil its grown in)

    Other than that, I pretty much want to keep the therapy going, try not to put too much pressure on myself to ‘get better’ too fast.

    Oh, and hopefully meet a hot man. The drought has really gone on for way too long now ;)

    • A/C says:

      GDay Svasti

      Yogo is cool, but those knots they get themselves into well make sure you have someone handy to untangle you…. hehehheh.. I got stuck once (so embarassing)

      Travel to Tassie…. Your just over the Lake arent you (Bass Strait)

      With your Permaculture look into companian Planting, planting Marigolds next to cabbage to keep Cabbage Moth at bay that sort of thing.

      • Svasti says:

        Hey A/C – I’ve been doing yoga in one form or another for around nine years now. Not always seriously in the early years, but long enough to know where the ‘emergency break’ is if I find myself in knots. ;)

        I’m going to look into one of Bill Mollison’s courses on permaculture at some point – he’s the man who started it all in Oz anyways…

        • A/C says:

          let me know how you get on…
          My problem was the showing off look what I can do kind of thing… (the prob was I could do them when I was 10, not 35 :) )

  4. Jim says:

    My resolution is not to make a resolution this year…

    Dammit – does that count? The usual in terms of fitness, smiling, happy, happy, happy but not trying to seek approval from everyone also features for 2009.

    Any particular star sign for this ‘hot man’ Svasti?

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