GO! See and Embrace the Garden’s Differences!!!

Posted on December 27th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless

The above diagram is a very small percentage of a PDF file entitled “Xmas for Engineers,” that my husband brought home for me. I thought it was hilarious and it was written as an actual diagram proposal. I floated through his company extremely fast.

To me it shows the differences about how everyone, not just men and women, approach problems, emotions, life etc. differently. For my husband, it needs to make objective, logical sense and be detailed.

Fortunately, he also has another side that can deal with emotions and social interactions well; however, he is an introvert. As am I, which means that social contact is draining for us versus extroverts for whom social contact is energizing.

I love my husband and learning how he thinks. From there, I go to how to we approach this problem taking into account both of our problem solving styles. I don’t try to change him. I love just simply getting to know him better. I’m glad that he has a sense of humour about his own profession as do I. Oh, what I could share…

In the meantime, celebrate each other’s differences. Don’t try to change them. Appreciate that they think differently because it makes us a better person. Work with the differences instead of trying to make them think like you do.

“Okay, dear…you go ahead with the Christmas decorations. I’ve planned to go shopping for a few days is that enough time?” Sorry, if I offended any engineers!! We couldn’t live without you!! :-)

How do you handle the differences in people’s attitudes, thinking, problem-solving, perceptions, and etc…?

8 Responses to “GO! See and Embrace the Garden’s Differences!!!”

  1. A/C says:

    Oh My

    So complicated, Since the kids put ours up they must be budding engineers, all that block playing has begun to pay to dividends….lol….

    As for other beliefs at Christmas, it comes down to Mutual respect….

    I respect their opportunity to celebrate their beliefs and expect no less in return.

    And for anyone who thinks Saying Merry Christmas is offensive,
    I say Sod Off!
    Respect must be both ways and one thing which makes our societies great, is we CAN each celebrate our beliefs.

    • AC,

      I really wasn’t thinking in terms of religion or philosophical beliefs. I guess, I was thinking more about personality traits and how people approach social situations and problems sovle the same thing differently. Like, I don’t suppose you or I would draw an extensive diagram to scale and then put up a Christmas tree? However, my husband might and knowing him now I would say okay dear, but do you think it will be up in a couple of days? I guess, my post wasn’t clear. But, I like your answer anyway.


      • A/C says:

        Nah your post was explainatory just fine….. lol

        In terms of Yes Dear! lol……

        Hubby bought me/us an inflatable Kayake….
        He has informed me that we all three of us are going paddling around the lakes here…
        Yes Dear has been my reply… and thankyou very much… I hate the water.. I am terrified to go in deeper than my ankles… and he is expecting me to go in a Inflatable kayake around a Lake system which inplaces has some of the best White water rapids in the country… ARGHHHHHHH!!!!! I am volunteering to drive the 4wd to the alloted meeting place and pick him up….

  2. Svasti says:

    Hey CC – very funny picture!

    I think that’s the most interesting part of being a human being – in that, we’re all under the delusion that we see things the same way. Or, we wonder why people don’t agree with our perfectly logical (to us) and rational point of view!

    A large group of people might go to see a movie and in principal, they’ve all seen the same thing. After all, they were all in the one cinema, right? But one person hated it, another cried, another fell asleep. One person strongly identified with the main character, another wanted the villain to kill the rest of them! Someone thought the lead actress couldn’t act at all, yet for another person, she is their ‘celebrity crush’ and so can do no wrong…

    Its great to celebrate differences.

    As long as everyone has an intention to try and be pleasant to each other.

    I work in a client service industry (recently swapped to the consulting side of my industry), and we have to please all our clients as much as we can. We don’t always suceed. But the thing that keeps them from going elsewhere is the strength of the personal relations we develop with our clients, and communicating with them when things don’t go to plan.

    However, on occaision our business has chosen to say ‘no thanks’ to some clients – those who have no interest in trying to be polite, considerate or understanding.

    For, understanding is a two-way street.

    And for me, if I can learn a little bit about how someone else ticks, then that’s a good day. :)

  3. Jim says:

    Great left brain / right brain post and as a qualified Civil Engineer (all the civil means is that I smile at people alot) I can empathise with your lol xmas tree image….great post.

    From a Mr Fix it…. ;-)

    • It took my husband and my mother’s husband, both engineers, 12 hours to install an “easy” security screen door. We were gone for 2 1/2 hours and they were still analyzing how to put it together…for most they people it would have been completed. My mother and I just smiled and said we are going to the mall and “have fun.” I wasn’t surprised about their progress. I figured with the two of them, the planning stage would take longer…two engineers does not make things go faster, but will insure it will be the best installation possible!! That it is!!!

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