Go! Smell the Raw Yuletide…

Posted on December 27th, 2008 by angelastokes

OooOoooo lala…I hope you’re all enjoying a MARVELLOUS Holiday/end-of-year Celebration time…

Myself and Mr. Monarch are still in Mexico, enjoying the winter sun. I am fasting on coconut water and juices at the moment for a few days, as it feels SO good to me. I passed Winter Solstice on coconut water and felt inspired now to just keep going…(loving the cocos)…onwards into the ever-expanding light with coconuts in hand…

We’re also excited to announce this week that we’ve started our own raw TV show: TheRawFoodWorld.TV :)
We’ve been posting videos daily so far, including interviews with Matt’s family (starting with his mum, who has seen great changes in her health since eating more raw foods and juicing), footage of our current residence in Mexico (complete with rescue dogs we’re rehabilitating on raw) and insights into a raw Christmas…You can see our vids at TheRawFoodWorld.TV, or click the picture below to watch a recent episode. If you have any suggestions for future episodes, please feel free to post them here on GSTF – we’d love to hear your ideas ;)

We hope you’re all feeling perky and bright at Yuletide and we send you all best wishes and blessings for a marvellous, healthy new year…

All love,
Angela (and Mr. Monarch) in Mexico. xxx

4 Responses to “Go! Smell the Raw Yuletide…”

  1. Jim says:

    Seasons greetings you 2 and **applause** on the new TV show!

  2. Jim says:

    Do you miss xmas dinners Ange?

    Not the bloating feeling afterwards of course but the traditional food?

  3. angelastokes says:

    LOL ;)
    Thanks for your comments Jim…mmmmm, nope, don’t miss those foods at all – I guess it’s been so long for me now that I’ve been eating this way – the other things don’t even really look like ‘food’ to me anymore ;) The spectrum of things that I’m willing to consume as fuel has changed dramatically…
    Hope you guys had a GREAT yuletide too,
    All love,
    Angela. xxx

  4. A/C says:

    Congratulations and Yuletide Greetings, Merry Christmas

    Perking up again and almost recovered from a great Chrissy…. Just intime for New Years… lol

    Well Done…

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