Go! Sip the cocos…

Posted on December 18th, 2008 by angelastokes

Greetings dear garden-dwellers,
I hope all is flowing well in YOUR part of the picture…
This week I thought I’d share a little about our current whereabouts. My partner Matt and I travel all over the world sharing the message of raw food and right now we are in Baja, Mexico, soaking up the winter sun and enjoying plenty of fresh coconuts – YUMMMMMM :)

So that you can get a direct insight into life here, I’ve embedded a little video below that our friend Kevin Gianni filmed yesterday, during our trip to the coconut stand:

YouTube Preview Image

LOVE coconuts…I hope you make the most of them too whenever you’re in a coconutty area – ENJOY :)

All love,
Angela. xxx

6 Responses to “Go! Sip the cocos…”

  1. Lil'thoughts says:

    Have always drunk or use the milk of our coconuts. :) mmm

  2. Sarah says:

    coconut trees aplenty here and surprisingly every parts of the coconut tree have its usage.. when I have fever I always look for coconut and drinks its juice.. very cooling..

  3. earthmother says:

    Whoa, beware of women wielding machetes!

    Mmmm, LOVE coconut water. Every time I drink it, I’m going to visualize a blood transfusion now. :D

    You look like you’re all bundled up. Where’s the sunshine and warm weather? You’re in Mexico now, not England, right?

    Have FUN with Kevin this week!

    • angelastokes says:

      Hey lovely,
      Thanks for your message,
      Yes, we’re in Mexico – the rain/wind here in N. Baja these last few days has been INTENSE ;) LOL – we’ve all been bundled up – Kevin arrived with shorts and swim trunks in his backpack – we’ve all been wearing abt half our wardrobes the last few days…sunny again today though – YAY :)
      Hope it’s all flowingly yummily with you toooooo,
      All love,
      Angela. xxx

  4. Jim says:

    I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts you know…

    Remember Thailand Ange – the place is littered with them and I did convert to drinking the raw juice from the shell – not as good as malibu though, right ;-)

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