GO! Snuggle up in Peace!

Posted on December 30th, 2008 by Clinically Clueless

Hello flower people from Southern California!!  I hope you are enjoying your holiday season.  I wanted to share with you one of those just in case gifts that I got to keep.  It is a “PEACE” blanket that is fairly large to wrap up in unless you are our State Governor: Arnold Schwarzenegger.  It is 50″ x 60,” so I am quite comfortable.  I love the idea of snuggling in a blanket of peace…doesn’t it make you want to take a nap?

I love what the blanket states because it has to do with personal responsibility for making peace with yourself and then with others in practical ways.  For me, the phrase, “Peace begins with me” stood out the most.  I believe that you need to have peace within which includes obtaining it by giving to others.  But, it has to start by me taking action, so “peace begins with me.” 

First, GO! Read the blanket.

So, flower people what phrase stands out for you and why?

Peace to All,  CC

5 Responses to “GO! Snuggle up in Peace!”

  1. Great post CC.

    Very timely too with all the stuff going on in Gaza.

    The very last phrase resonated with me the most – “I treat others with respect and reverence”

    The sooner we all learn to treat others with due respect and reverence, the sooner we will start living in peace and harmony.

    • Arvind,

      That is a great statement to. It shouldn’t be us against them instead it should be how can we respect each others differences in reverence even though I don’t agree. You are right it is timely.


  2. Lil'thoughts says:

    CC love your new blanky. Oh to be rapped up in Peace. Great thoughts. :)

  3. Jim says:

    Heres to a peaceful 09 CC…

    That blanket does look rather comforting on many levels! :-)

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