Go Get Some Rights!

Posted on December 15th, 2008 by A/C

Last week on December 10th, it was International Human Rights Day. Celebrating the day all us Humans became equal, according to the United Nations. Pretty  darn good of them don’t you think.

I could sit here and go through all of them one by one or explain the history and why fores and hither too’s, but quite frankly its boring. Given the current state of play, it really isn’t doing us much good anyway. Between the terrorist picking on anyone whom they don’t think comes up to their standards, to rouge Dictators denying their people are really crook, to Idiots who think they run the world, it seriously feels like Human rights are fast becoming a mute point.

We all have a fair idea of what our basic rights are food, shelter, medical etc. We also have a fairly good idea that if we believe: the World is flat and made out of chocolate Mud Cake, that it is our right to do so and no person, government or official can stop us.

This is the way it is on paper, reality is a far different matter.

Given the recent events here at flowers, the calls by some for moderators, censorship, etc, Jim has stated and quite rightly so that we will Not moderate comments unless they breach the Number 1 rule of no public attacks. To me this is fair. Moderating the comments would stop us being able to say our view, if the moderator did not agree or was offended by a comment, they could simply remove it, therefore stopping our right to free speech. Besides we are all adults here, we can see when something is going to far and generally step in.

Here in the garden we do have great mix coming together. Some lovely flowers, a few well placed shrubs, and some thorny plants, (remember even roses have thorns), a nice balance of pretty, functional and compost building  All in all a good, but growing combination.  We have annuals, perennials, succulents and from time to time a few new species join in. That’s the way every good natural garden should be, no weed killer please, we like the snails.

I thought given the diversity of our ecosystem, the required habitat, climate, and nutrient requirements for each of our inhabitants, perhaps it is time all garden members, writers and readers, should state:

What rights the see for us?

What do you expect?

What would you like to see?

The Declaration of Flowers!

Why not?

The internet is such that you can do, say or show anything you like good, bad or otherwise. Maybe it is time we set the standards on the Web and started our own.

Just what do you expect? What do you see your rights are both here and on the web in general and what rights we should have.

This is not a binding contract of any sort, just out of curiousity.

Point of interest to see what we think, what we can do and get away with, before someone should step in and say Hey!

So get thinking, get typing, soon enough it will be:

International Flowers Rights Day

Get ready we are coming!

17 Responses to “Go Get Some Rights!”

  1. moooooog35 says:

    OOH! OOH!

    Can I be a thorny plant?! Can I?! Can I?!

    I never get picked for the good parts.

  2. AC

    I’d like to see personal attacks and blatant antagonizing remarks not moderated, but unless absolutely necessary. However, I would like to see some strong redirection and an effort on everyone’s part to not respond to such persons after we have made an effort with the person. Or at the beginning, depending on the situation. I’d also, like some to try to follow guidelines in my post on communicating…no I don’t have the link. Sorry.


  3. Lib says:

    One very simple right AC.

    The right to be on here. Whoever you are.

    If everyone remembered that it might be a bit more accommodating to newcomers.

  4. Jim says:

    It’s not an easy ca;; not moderating in case of comment X offending person Y but I’m going to let it all roll.

    Frankly – is its just back slapping [post on post it will die – if its head to head insults it will also die but give us that mass of meat in the middle and we’re about there, which, in the main, is where GSTF is!

    Content is better and yes it maybe challenged and dismissed from time to time but so be it….

    International flowers day it is!

    Lets celebrate how far we’ve come and what we have

    (((Group hugs but no shoe throwing please)))

  5. This seems to be a very friendly place unlike some of the other blogs I visit.

  6. Lib says:


    EJ is back in the room!

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