Go! Play with raw foods…

Posted on December 11th, 2008 by angelastokes

Hello again flowers :)
I hope everyone is feeling perky and well in the garden… After introducing myself last week, I thought perhaps this week I’d give a little more of an intro to the idea of eating raw, for those who might be less familiar with this lifestyle. Let’s start with the common question: What does a raw foodist actually eat?

The majority of raw foodists in the current movement seem to be raw vegans. There are some, however who eat raw dairy, meat and so on. There are many different ways to eat raw; the main point is removing toxic, addictive, unnatural processed and/or cooked ‘foods’ from our intake. There is no ‘requirement’ or ‘necessity’ to eat 100% raw to be healthy – even eating just 50% of your intake as fresh raw food can help tip the balance in your favour…

Raw vegans tend to consume the following kind of foods:

The ‘staples’: fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, sprouts, herbs, spices, natural salt, seaweeds, oils, flowers, fermented foods.

The ‘extras’: raw carob powder, sweeteners like yacon, mesquite or lucuma, green powders and nutritionally dense ‘superfoods’ such as goji berries, maca and cacao….

It’s perfectly possible to enjoy a simple, nutritious, healing raw lifestyle using only foods from the ‘staples’ category. Many choose to eat some ‘extras’ too, however, for various reasons: to get extra nutrients – especially minerals, to ‘join-the-dots’ nutritionally with a variety of foods, for novelty – to try something new, for fun/socially and so on.

I eat almost entirely raw vegan foods – the only current exceptions for me are bee pollen and honey – to encompass this, the term ‘raw bee-gan’ has been suggested instead ;) I’m happy with that…I give gratitude and blessings for all that I ingest, whether it’s plant or animal-based. BTW, if you’re curious to see what I eat as a 100% raw foodist from day-to-day, you can check out my blog HERE, where I give daily food logs of my intake… (You’ll notice it’s not all celery sticks and apple slices, as people often tend to think when they imagine eating raw…lol…)

Mmmmmm, so, I hope that might have helped make things a little clearer for now, for anyone new to the idea of raw living… This lifestyle really is just about simplifying at the core – less packaging, less energy consumption, less dish-scrubbing and so on – replaced with a more direct connection to nature, more room for healing and very frequently…more energy and JOY ;)
All blessings to YOU on your journey, however it is unfolding for you,
Angela. xxx

21 Responses to “Go! Play with raw foods…”

  1. A/C says:

    GDay Angela

    A raw vegan now thats interesting, I was listening to a guy on the radio who is vegan and was discussing the toxins accumulating in cooked meats, cancer agents etc… interesting stuff… but i do like my steak to much to stop eating it… hmmmmm……

    I am curious though as to whether things such as pasta and wheat based produce breads etc are apart of this diet or are they avoided..?

    • Hi A/C,
      thanks for your message and Q. Foods such as wheat pasta, bread, other processed starches, refined sugars, manufactured packaged foods and so on are not considered raw foods. Wheat/gluten-containing foods are typically not eaten by raw foodists…
      Hope that helps ;)

  2. Great post Angela……..I always wanted to experiment with switching over…but alas I am just too damm lazy and also hopelessly addicted to cooked food :) But who knows maybe one day I will incorporate a bit more of the “raw” into my diet.

    Did you just switch to a raw food lifestyle or did you ease into it???????

    • Hi MM :)
      Mmmmmm, well, I went 100% raw overnight at first and lasted a week ;) LOL – it was waaaaaaay too much for this body in terms of detox back then – I was nearly 300lbs at the time and had a LOT to release. So, I took a step back to being around 70-80% raw for the first couple of years and that worked well for me. It gave me more time to adapt to this new lifestyle and I still released 160lbs in those 2 years ;) These days I’m 100% raw again and have been for over 4 years now – I’m very grateful that I took it slowly to get back to that point, as I’m still here today and enjoying my new health and well-being…
      In general, it tends to work out better for people to take it slowly with switching over to eating more raw – start at least 50% and take it from there is a good guideline, if you’re interested to venture that way… ;)
      Hope that helps…
      All love,
      Angela. xxx

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Ange…

    A raw Bee-gan – love that asd a brand and love honey – posted about using Manuka recently to help cure a few cuts after a mole removal…..natures way win me over!

  4. Real Talk says:

    So Jim your honey was the only treatment you used to sort your recovery? really

    • Jim says:

      And a dressing on the skin – I ditched the antibiotic cream, Fucidin – a couple of painkillers where a must on day 1 and 2 but I even went without the antibiotics course…..

  5. Lib says:

    Hi Angela,

    I truly want to try a raw food ‘diet’ in the future but I’m not sure it is something I can sustain forever. Was it hard to make the transition from your past diet to a the raw food diet?

    Another thing that I would struggle with is the cost implication. How much has your food bill risen?

    If it hasn’t and you grow your own then great but I live in the city and that simply isn’t an option.

  6. Real Talk says:

    I am a huge fan of eating raw veal or shark fin- lovely stuff. it makes me laugh when people moan about the way they are killed- the crates the veal are in look quite comfy and the sharks could always swim away- they don’t- too stupid- its natural selection.

    do cold beans and barbecue sausage out of the tin count as ‘raw food’?

    surely eggs are a good raw food?

  7. Purple13 says:

    that reminds me – must hide the safety valve on mums pressure cooker this christmas – khaki sprouts no more!

  8. Kathleen says:

    Just curious – why would any normal human think a comment about eating a raw baby cow is even remotely funny? Does anyone else think that perhaps some humans should be eaten raw after being stuffed in a crate? I do. Sometimes I think our planet needs a good cleansing. So pitiful…

    • Real Talk says:

      so you’ve never had veal carpaccio then?

      oh dear.

    • Jim says:

      Also a shame that some societies encourage delicacies of this nature – what kind of existence is that for any living thing?

      • Real Talk says:

        unless Jim its the existence of vegetable eh? or don’t they count?

        the most cruel killings are performed by animals in nature- like a fox going through a chicken pen and eating one chicken but killing them all. I don’t see many of the right on brigade chastising animals for cruelty.

        now this thing about ‘the energy of animals’ when they are killed being passed on. anyone want to try to explain this nonsense to moi……..

        • Jim says:

          But can’t man treat animals / vegetables better?

          Killing, packing, transporting etc….

        • Real Talk says:


          it just makes me laugh how people forget vegetable and pants are living too. but because they aren’t cuddly or furry they don’t count.

          buddhists for example- don’t kill anything living- unless its a plant. hypocrites

  9. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for the introduction. The idea of cutting down on packaging is motiviating, as is the pure health benefit. I’ve always enjoyed raw vegetables – much better than cooked. Going to check out your own food list. Thanks!

  10. One click later I found this, today I will sleep in peace, thank you for writing this. Kopek mamasi

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